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 Nov 9
A fire smoulders; red heart deep in black ash.
The poets life dying; or so it seems.
Ancient portal; the tempting muse;
Calls across the sea from a far off shore.
 Oct 28
Ignatius Hosiana
"There are a few good men like you", she says.
"Men out there are gods, born to be worshipped
they were told good women aren't created with tongues to talk back
Men out there are tyrants in their kingdoms
they are broken and their women die trying to mend them
blinded by ambition they can't see what's in front of them
and have seen terrible things happen to men like you so they don't believe.
Men out there are burdened by expectations,
they shoulder the shattering weight of society's pressure,
Lost in their minds, they forget to be present...
They're a civil war and the battle sometimes returns with them
fights lost resolved using the punching bag they married at home...
Every step forward, they're pulled five steps back,
Entangled in a web of a perceptions they can't unpack.
Men out there, like caged birds do long to be free,
Yet the bars of expectations deny them the key.
They're deafened by their own silent screams but they refuse
to lean on anyone, after all, growing up they were told big boys don't cry."
Along the endless primal shore
I walk across the sandy floor
To quest the riddle of the door
The seed of life's infinite core

Countless waves bring the force of rhyme
To all the colors that I find
Reflecting in the sea of time
The yesterdays it leaves behind

The puzzle melds into collage
The vagaries of truth's mirage
What culmination could assuage
It's mighty rambling barrage

The repetitions cycle on
To form the tambour of the dawn
I sing a simple flowing song
Of what I'd be before too long
 Oct 26
Thomas W Case
A canary flew
in my
window and sat at
my desk with
It said,
who are you?
I replied,
I'm a base
poet that's been
dropped on
his head by life
a few times.
Eyes like a
kicked dog, and a
beard that doesn't
grow straight.

It chirped like
a Bach concerto, and
ah yes, we are
all just dead
birds at the
bottom of a cage, tiny
lice crawling through
our eyes.
No song.
No light.

I said,
you're a strange
little fellow.
And we sat there,
like that, waiting
for 6:00 am
so, I could make
a beer run.
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And your neck is the dawn... 
And your neck is the dawn...
I will put your clothes on you;
  The call to prayer is raised;
I've woven the new adhan for you...
Like all your stories
And your shoes, my son...
All the buzz of branches and grape leaves are in your eyes...
And I will kiss...
All the white buds of sambac jasmine...
All the red buds of sambac jasmine...
From your heart...
your legs,
your arms,
Become golden...
The bud of the claw of your larynx turns green...
And your neck is
The tall white palm...
Your neck is the long rainbow...
For the butterfly to come through the walls...
For the coming of my flesh into your voice...
و گردن ات صُبح است...
و گردن ات صُبح است...
پیراهن ات را تن ات مي کنم
صدای اذان بلند مي شود...
اذاني نو برای تو بافته ام
مثلِ تمامِ قصه هایت
و کَفش هایت پسرِ من...
همهمه ی شاخه ها و برگ های انگور
در چشم هایت...
مي بوسَم...
غنچه های سفید رازقي را
غنچه های سُرخ رازقي را
از روی قَلب ات...
ساقِ پاهایت
بازو دست هایت
طلایي می شوند...
جوانه های پنجه يِ حنجره ات
سبز مي شود...
و گردن ات
نخل هایِ سفیدِ مریمي بلند...
رنگین کمان هایي بلند...
برای آمدن پروانه از میان دیوارها
برای آمدن جسمِ من در صدآءِ تو
 Jul 22
Richard Shepherd
My heart is weak
as is my mind
This losing streak
is such a bind
The pain gets worse
yet I survive
It's such a curse
to be alive
 Apr 21
Thomas W Case
Life wears me out with its
twists and turns, and
hairpin curves.
I keep waiting for a
long, peaceful stretch
of highway, bathed in
the rising sun.
A golden wheatfield to
to the left, a moss covered
pond with dragonflies to
the right.
The road turns to gravel,
and climbs rapidly uphill.
There are signs along the
way that promise the world.
The road gradually turns
to dirt, and ultimately
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