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 Sep 2016
For me
It's become
Painfully clear
That today's society
Would not shed a tear for the hungry
The man who lives on the street
Would cry buckets
Cause last night  
Their sports team
Got beat..
 Sep 2016
J Robert Fallon III
Never stay bitter, always maintain your positive mental attitude.

Never proclaim yourself as rude or crude, even when rarely understood.

Evil lurks and stalks at every corner, seeping into every facet of life preparing the perfect storm for a shocked mourner.

Societies new idiocracies somehow grew, and grew, while peace bent and waned beyond its known limit, as the first crunch echoed from the u-shaped bamboo, all greedy intent was now all spent.

Rise above the masses, and lead your own personal thought.

All these years kept in the dark, tons and tons of distraught,
when this pain is the only sensation necessary to uncover the hidden truths, and the malicious blind-spots.
 Sep 2016
I am my own prisoner
from the hidden
thoughts that battling in my mind
and for the opinion
that won't even matter
in people's lives

There is a person inside
screaming; wanting
to get out

But a voice of me whispered
that she has to
stay for awhile

There was silence
as she sat on her own shadow
being careful,
not to make any sound.
How hard can it be to simply be yourself? :(
 Aug 2016
Arlo Disarray
**** is not a joke.
It is something that happens.
Something that changes the way someone looks at everything.
At everyone in their life.
It makes them afraid to be.
Afraid to live, to breathe, to do anything.
It takes over your life, your views of people, your memories.
It taunts you.
Even when you think you've beaten it,
it does its best to beat you.
It finds you in your sleep.
In your dreams,
it conceals itself in different forms.
And even when it isn't direct,
you know it's there.
It slips itself into everything you do and feel.
It makes *** scary for you,
even when it's with someone you love.
And it makes you feel guilty
for not being able to fully please the person
your heart belongs to
because no matter how hard you try to forget,
every time you get intimate with anyone,
you feel all the pain and fear all over again.
And you wish you could express your love
to your other half
the way you should be able to,
but sometimes you get so sick
you can't even see straight.

It might seem crazy to someone who doesn't understand it.
To those who've luckily never experienced the pain and fear or of being taken advantage of, sexually.
And maybe we are a little crazy from what has happened to us.
But it's not our fault.
It's not a joke.
It's very real.
It happens every day.
To strangers.
To friends, family, and neighbors.
Not everyone is strong enough to admit it,
and that's okay.
It took me many years to even admit it to myself.
But it ******* happens.
every woman is a human. Even if you have to think "what if this was my sister, mother, girlfriend, daughter, etc?" think of every woman as a person. We all feel. And not all of what we feel is pleasure. We're not objects. We breathe, bleed, and feel. Our lives are not a joke
 Aug 2016
Little Bear
it's very simple really
if you fill your life
with love
and shake it gently

it then allows the
to settle
 Aug 2016
Little Bear
i always wondered
why i am here
and now
i am certain
i am here
you are

you see
the universe
created in all it's chaos
opened up
a moment
in time
where we could

now isn't that
 Aug 2016
Without Love

Where would we be now?
Right here, perhaps.

There's chaos in the streets and confusion in our hearts and fear, oh so much fear.

Too much fear.
There is far too much fear.

We need to find a way-
let everyone have their say.

Love conquers all.
Love brings down walls.

Hate divides
like a disease multiplies.

Love is the cure.
Extend yourself in kindness,
why not?

What have we got to lose
besides our humanity?
A simple poem, but heartfelt.
 Jul 2016
Little Bear
you run
i run
you stop
i stop
you chase
i run
you hunt
i become prey
you shout
i cower
you fight
i hide
you abuse
i will never come back
but if
you talk
i will listen
you listen
i will talk
you are tender
i will grow
you want
i will give
you smile
i will cherish
you lead
i will follow
you love
i am yours
alternatively titled "don't be a ****, this person has been through a enough already and doesn't need you to shout your mouth off and act like an ****"
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