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 Apr 2020
They say chain keeps us captive
prevent us leaking from leaky pipes
but in reality its fear
fear is grabbing our hands
yelling at us
saying you are no one
you are stupid
and I agree
we are stupid for believing fear will stop us from doing good things
we are stupid to believe that chains keep us captive
its fear
fear makes the cold metal chain harder to realese
the key to open those chains
is to let go of fear
There are no promises
      for tomorrow,
   it may never come
say I love you today
to those special ones.

Set goals
       dream your dreams
but, live within today
       for right now
          this moment
             is truly everything.

Stop wasting time
      on what was before
the past,
lessons learned,
      now it’s time
          to close those doors.

Comes a time in life
   when one must grow,
      the saying is true
you reap what you sow….

Give your heart
to the one you love
         make it a point
to show them
          No One Else
   could ever rise above.

Live in the here and now
   give a smile
          to all you meet
walk every day in love
make your
            life complete.
 Jan 2018
Elizabeth Squires
carrying a humongous ego*
is so heavy in weight
it's much like a fifty ton
load of lead freight

who in their right mind wants
to haul around a cargo this big
being encumbered by it
could easily sink the brig

an ego of enormous size
isn't worth the shoulder stress
so don't put yourself under
*such a burden of duress
 Jan 2018
Melissa S
Have you ever wondered if this world is the actual
hell we live in and if we are being tested
by how well we deal?
We are living in a place where pain, suffering,
and then ultimately death are of everyday existence
I understand that perception is everything here
and this world is an illusion generated by our perception
I am not trying to be a downer but the more I live
in this world the more I see it as a nightmare
that some days I just want to wake up from

This is not coming from my religious beliefs and I am
not saying that I am not grateful for everything I do have
Compared to a lot of other people in this world I do not
have it so bad and I know this.  This is coming from
a thought process I have been trying to come to terms with

Is there a bright light at the end of this very dark tunnel?
Of course we all have different journey's to take to get us
to that tunnel but while we are here our paths do cross from
time to time and we all have some of the same pains
sufferings and even death to overcome

My point is this...
We are all living in this hell together
Let's get through this hell together
This thought has become a shining
Ray of light in this dark
Find some comfort in this
Perhaps there is hope for us all
If you got through this long read I thank you :)
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