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 Jan 2017
Dorothy A
Did we run out of words?
Is that why they rhyme so much?
I mean did we just get lazy?
Is the English language only like this?
I don't know're fortunate
Truck...remove the L and add TR...and now you're going places
Use  F instead and now you are being ******

Words can be confusing
Flower - flour
Son - sun
one -won
hour - our
Who was asleep on the job when this stuff happened?

Words are a writer's best friend
I couldn't be one without them
They are food for the eyes and the mind
I love the study of words
I could swallow a dictionary whole

Words can hurt
They can curse or bless
And words can also heal

Don't give up
You can make it
You matter in this world  

Some words I wish I could take back
But good memories don't forget
Some words I wished I would have said
But didn't

I love you
Please forgive me
I forgive you

Long ones
short ones
Their origins borrowed from foreign soils
Some have gone extinct for lack of use
Others were conquered by invading tongues

For words are wonderful
I love words

They connect us, the world over
 Jan 2017
Dorothy A
Humpty Dumpty
was never steady
on his legs
Almost round as a ball
he was a fat, little egg

One day he was struck by the beauty
of a seductive fork
So silvery, shiny, and slim
she desired to whisk him into shape
to make him completely fit and trim

But Humpty Dumpty, in love,
was falling way too hard
I mean he literally fell
in his crazy crush
cracking his delicate shell!

His mother, the hen
was beside herself
"Come to your senses", she begged
"Stay away from that wicked fork
before you become scrambled eggs!"

Humpty Dumpty was fading fast,
fearful that he was mortally wounded
Oozing some white and yolk and
suddenly he was feeling
the pain of being broken!

But the doctor refused
to hand him over to the chef
Patched him up though it was hard.
"Another fall like that", he warned
"And you will end up in shards!"

So Humpty Dumpty was
never ever the same
Everyone was taken aback
They all knew to keep their distance
for Humpty Dumpty was cracked!
 May 2016
Andrew Siegel
The road hissed under balding black
punched staccato rhythms up your back
Wind whining through the window crack
but you knew:
You knew where you were
Felt the dark spaces between
Here and there

You didn't see the car that swerved
in and out of traffic as if threading
The eyes of unseen needles.
But you knew all about needles

The car pitched upward slowly gaining
like a rollercoaster just before the drop
fighting inertia, trying to build momentum
You knew you'd never use, like your body

You didn't see the man outside the waiting room
sitting silent, motionless
Studying the ceiling with an anguished look
A prayer of supplication written on his still lips

The air was still as we suddenly felt heavy
Lifted through a concrete column in a metal box
you felt the ding as much as heard it
The doors slid open, then cool air and a new smell
Somehow more metallic than the elevator

You didn't see me close my eyes the whole way up
Didn't see the expressions I could not hide from me
Or shift my hands in my pockets, uselessly
Or my face when they told you two months, maybe three
My voice you knew all too well when
A month ago I sang in G, but all I could say now
was in a minor key, we both tired of being weary

The corridor was bright, obscenely lit in false light
not unlike the perfume of the week old roses passed
and in a moment they were threading needles in you
a perfect traffic jam of hopes choked and left
to die on the blacktop

You didn't see the church where we held the service
Or your sister and mother who, though she could barely stand
Stood by you one last time.
And I could not think of anything to say.
Had you been there you would have teased
"But you were always so good with words"
And all I could muster? "I wish you'd stay"
 May 2016
This could be a song
Forever I can't sing
Because I'm tired
I can't sing
So I speak
As though I have something to say

This could be a joy
Forever I can't smile
Because I'm tired
I can't smile
Still I try
As though I was made to enjoy the world

This could be a life
Forever I am dying
Because I'm tired
I can't live
But I'm alive
As though these things I touch I feel
Friday night, drunk whatever, can't help but write
 Apr 2016
You were the storm
Raging in my heart
My soul, a lively tree
That you swiftly blew apart
I am left
Completely undone
Your storm clouds linger
Blacking out the sun
I was your volcano
Spewing fire and death
Ash is now your soul
Smoke, your very breath
And like the storms we are,
We've left destruction in our wake
All this damage,
Simply For passions sake
 Feb 2016
Dorothy A
The shortest of months
Warm, red hearts in cold winter
The time of my birth
 Jan 2016
Wandering soul
I wish our words
could be as easily
erased from our hearts
as they are from paper
 Jan 2016
Tiberias Paulk
Walking, she thinks quietly in a voice all her own
of a time when things were simpler the path laid out in stone
whispering, she feels weakening, the bonds she herself cast
back when a cage felt like refuge, but those days have past
smiling, she sees many things to which before she was blind
for once she had been unaware, of this power in her mind
growing, she feels sunlight bathe her, at last she is freed
from time she spent in shadow, when she had only been a seed
 Jan 2016
Dorothy A
Love is more than...

A feeling
An emotion
A romantic notion

Love is often...

Quite a challenge
Painful - like a sore to heal  
Not always the real deal

Love sometimes...

Is lacking
Has no appeal
Is falsely based on how you feel

Love certainly...

Requires risk
Will not always be returned
Is a gift - cannot be earned

For without love...

We would not be human
But merely beasts
Therefore, love must increase

Nobody is...

Hopeless in a desire for its reach
For shattered lives can be made whole
Love can penetrate a broken soul!   

Love is...

Not a tired, worn-out cliche
But not as carefree as it is told
A treasure I'd never trade for money or gold

Love ...

Banishes hatred
A state of being and mind
Truly, of values, sublime
 Dec 2015
Dorothy A
Dear Santa

I know you don't exist
So I've no requests on a list
You see, my parents had me believing
And I never thought they'd be deceiving!
My mom confessed to me, one time
Oh, the shock that blew my mind!

No, I'm not- for good- traumatized
I just don't care much for lies!
Truly, I'm sick of all the attention
Nauseating, and really much to mention
A jolly, fat guy parading through the sky
Has been nothing but a childhood lie!
You're as bad as the tooth fairy
Suit of red and white--AND hairy!

Godlike powers to know who's been bad or good
And reindeer taking you to every neighborhood!
Come on, hey!
I say, "No way!"
Sure, there is a kernel of truth I can pick
A generous man of old - St. Nick!
He really gave gifts to pass around.
For his kindness, he was found.
So get lost, Santa Claus, just go!
I'm cynical, yes, I know!
Kids might hate me!
They might berate me!
But when they grow up, they'll get my drift
That you are nothing but a myth!!!

Okay, it's off my chest
I can give it a rest!
So, really, why do you dominate the Xmas scene?
Makes me wonder what it really means.
Is it really for the children or the child inside?
Who's it truly for, the simple fun it provides?
Yeah, I do get it, your silly charm.
Actually, it's done me no harm.
I long for what Christmas should stand for.
Love for others, the needy and the poor.
But I think you get in the way!
Shopping up a debt isn't right, I say!
Comprehending a love that came here on earth.
Two millennium ago, that wondrous birth.
That gets lost in the hurry
All the frenzy and the scurry!
Cliche-but I've just pinpointed the reason
At least for me, for this season.  

Quite sincerely

P. S. Merry Christmas, everyone!
 Jul 2015
Amy H
If you stray from where you should've,
no bed when comes the night,
don't suspect your compass wasn't right.
If the needle showed a way
and you followed it to erring
the misfortune of wayfaring;
It may not be the instrument in hand.
The heart is at fault here.
You chose the wrong North, it's clear.
Lost because you followed the wrong target.
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