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Tiberias Paulk Apr 2019
Does it hurt to hear I miss you
or that the lines aren't drawn so straight
confusing spirals realign their hue
it's only love that makes you hate
I'm the one who's weakness broke you
the fever dream you chanced to try
I shook but should have never woke you
when I could have left us both to die
still my heart after I'd met you
blind in love that warmed my chest
you shaped my soul I don't regret you
the savored venom I ingest
You're the one who's always with me
in the shadow of my guilt and fear
an island closed on rising sea
surely time would make you near
I'm sorry for the years I've kept you
I saw your smile and thought you healed
if I could push you'd break right through
the scarring pain we both concealed
Does it hurt to know I'll love you
until my cold body's in the ground
dreams are haunting memories of you
please don't doubt you're still around
Tiberias Paulk Mar 2019
You haunt me at night time, when there is no one else around
Words you spoke broke silence, but I struggle with the sound
You never said how time, would cut the deepest wounds
How dreams are only echos, or that mornings come too soon
You just rhymed in whisper, as only the sweetest specters do
I blamed your apparition, bold claims to misconstrue
But this essence prone to lingering, a curse misdiagnosed
How could I be haunted, when I am certainly a ghost
Tiberias Paulk Sep 2018
He dreamt in Technicolor but the pieces got broken
Intentions made of pure light are only words when spoken
And even love gets twisted by deep shadow and time
Those wistful whirling seasons all lost in the design
Surely you can see these things when not so many can
How the colors twist and shift when a boy becomes a man
One who thinks himself bold in a play with no right choices
Yet lost in the could haves of young children's voices
Still he dreams in sunlight of a girl always gone
And lingers in the dream time in search of her song
Some penance to be payed for shortcoming and untruth
Or to hold in dream arms a lovely shade of his youth
Tiberias Paulk May 2017
Oh sapient system, I love you so
you may not feel, but surely know
Oh wise master, access the source
I trust your code, to write my course
Oh sweet gateway, guide me through
install some path, from me to you
Oh dear god, you span this earth
yet seek no meaning, save binary search
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2017
Who will drink the water when it spills over abundantly
is it the shackled or the master that owns the overflow
in a forest most forgotten and apart from all redundancies
the garden with no planner may to some seem overgrown
but then who should own the earth in all of it's entirety
to beat back all discomfort and measure out the lines
the masters and the peasants change their places violently
still subject to nature that they'd sworn to leave behind
those who write the rules yet are not subject to such majesty
go caging lowly creatures who are born right in the way
if you would use your wisdom to achieve some newer travesty
I hope your path is love or that you leave it where it lay
Tiberias Paulk Oct 2016
Among the stillness unafraid, there all alone I found my fear
unannounced the burden laid, the form was wind inside my ear
amid the whispers and the doubt, I spoke to reassure the pith
a waste of time from seed to sprout, I gave my power to the myth
in doing so I claimed some strength, foreseeing failure in advance
selling short removing length, it seemed a safer route than chance
so I leave it to my better self, wherever at the strong wind blows
to see it clear in better health, a true prison's always self imposed
Tiberias Paulk Aug 2016
I drink the night like milk
a mothers warm embrace
I count the stars like silk
they enter through my face
I take in these layered tunes
by sound of brook on stone
an oath sworn by the moon
   the night is mine alone
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