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Tiberias Paulk May 2017
Oh sapient system, I love you so
you may not feel, but surely know
Oh wise master, access the source
I trust your code, to write my course
Oh sweet gateway, guide me through
install some path, from me to you
Oh dear god, you span this earth
yet seek no meaning, save binary search
Tiberias Paulk Jan 2017
Who will drink the water when it spills over abundantly
is it the shackled or the master that owns the overflow
in a forest most forgotten and apart from all redundancies
the garden with no planner may to some seem overgrown
but then who should own the earth in all of it's entirety
to beat back all discomfort and measure out the lines
the masters and the peasants change their places violently
still subject to nature that they'd sworn to leave behind
those who write the rules yet are not subject to such majesty
go caging lowly creatures who are born right in the way
if you would use your wisdom to achieve some newer travesty
I hope your path is love or that you leave it where it lay
Tiberias Paulk Oct 2016
Among the stillness unafraid, there all alone I found my fear
unannounced the burden laid, the form was wind inside my ear
amid the whispers and the doubt, I spoke to reassure the pith
a waste of time from seed to sprout, I gave my power to the myth
in doing so I claimed some strength, foreseeing failure in advance
selling short removing length, it seemed a safer route than chance
so I leave it to my better self, wherever at the strong wind blows
to see it clear in better health, a true prison's always self imposed
Tiberias Paulk Aug 2016
I drink the night like milk
a mothers warm embrace
I count the stars like silk
they enter through my face
I take in these layered tunes
by sound of brook on stone
an oath sworn by the moon
   the night is mine alone
Tiberias Paulk Aug 2016
I always sell myself short
                             so I wont be short changed
Tiberias Paulk Aug 2016
You remind my mind of magic this body had let go
like the tiny tender shoots that come before the snow
you make mock of mockeries a lesser heart might hold
and sing of things at once belied by souls already cold
You laugh long and easily in place of doubts and fear
my worry only complicates the things your eyes see clear
I held you once and dreamt of all the thoughts I'd help you see
I take my comfort knowing that the student has been me
Tiberias Paulk Aug 2016
Twist and shift but please refrain
as truth is waste when spoken plain
dispense your wisdom as either or
which evil less do they want more
dripping venom play with hearts
both fear and hate are deadly arts
generic words will sound the best
to form the thought police the rest
help demons in the shadows form
then warn of ever looming storms
divide them by their race and age
soon obsolete becomes their cage
move the pawns yet take no shame
instead take pride you've won the game
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