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 Feb 2016 Chiny
Mishael Ward
Dear Society,
You have created...

A state of mind
Say you love someone,
But show no actions.
Say you Want to be successful,
But sleeping is enjoyable and work is a dissatisfaction.

A state of mind
Where people are powerful in the physical,
But are puny mentally.
Where Parents don't want their kids to follow their path,
Yet their actions make them watch their kids pay the same penalty.

We can still change and create...

A state of mind
Where we don't find problems,
But we create solutions.
Where is laziness is not an option,
Because winning is the only resolution.

A state of mind
That stands strong in trouble,
By conforming the body to its will.
That helps people in time of need,
And refuses to lead them downhill.

A state of mind
That loves to give to others.
One that hates to damage and pollute.
A society that is truly genuine,
And only speaks the truth.

A youth concerned about his generation
By: Mishael Ward ©
 Feb 2016 Chiny
 Feb 2016 Chiny
I wish upon wishes
I wish all the

If wishes were horses
than beggars would ride
This is something we've known
for a
long long

But still I put
wishes on stars
go along
for the ride
whispering out to the great unknown
listening and wishing
another story untold

of all the wishes
I could bestow
I wish for that peace
we all
to know.
If wishes were horses is a 16th Century English nursery rhyme
 Jan 2016 Chiny
 Jan 2016 Chiny
The only heart
That can be shown
Is the one
That is your own

The only life
That you can give
Is the one
That you live

Yet, the only gift
Of any worth
That you can give
While on this earth

Is not possessions
Or your wealth
But what you gift  
Of yourself
 Jan 2016 Chiny
Vanessa Gatley
I want to use my knuckles
To tear away the pain
That is compressed in
My heart
 Sep 2015 Chiny
 Sep 2015 Chiny
I want to write a poem
And dedicate it to you
'Cause when I'm down and want to cry
You're the one that I turn to

You've been here for it all
Through all life's highs and lows
I've slowly opened my heart to you
And told you things that no one knows

My life is greatly improved
Because of your constant support
I am so grateful for all the praise you give
Even when I feel I've fallen short

I have never seen your face
Nor do I even know your name
But with every single note we share
I feel our hearts are just the same

Thank you so much for everything
Every comment, message, and heart
Words can't express how much it means to me
That you all appreciate my art <3
Today I realized that I am only 5 away from 300 followers. To me, that is absolutely incredible, so I wanted to write this poem as a thank you to you all. So this poem is dedicated to all of you lovely people here an Hello Poetry, but especially to my amazingly sweet and loyal followers. I've been posting my poems here for almost three years now; some of you have been following me since the beginning, and some of you started following me today and I appreciate ALL OF YOU so much! Every notification I have gotten over the past three years, every heart, comment, follow, and message, has warmed touched my heart so much. You are all such wonderful people and I am so grateful that I get to be a part of this community. Thank you all for everything, and thank you for (almost) 300 followers. <3
 Aug 2015 Chiny
Nidhi Manchanda
Poetry isn't about rhyming words....
Its all about rhyming emotions
 Jul 2015 Chiny
Rae Johnston
"You're too beautiful to be Aboriginal"

These words are meant to make me blush

Meant to make me smile and act coy

Meant to make me ignore the seething anger that rages beneath
the socially acceptable facade of
a woman that passes as white.
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