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Karijinbba Aug 2018
My compass points to you
You are My True North
Love of my life
King of Prussia PA
Your photo and your Rose touching my lips is daily joy
keeping me company
  a tiny mirror here besides my bed my love giver of life
When I feel lost, I look into it
To know where I am
and who I am
My old True lover of life
you are my orienting point
my fixed point in a spinning world that helps me stay on track as an Aries leader woman.
It is derived from my most deeply held beliefs values and the principles I lead by.
It is my internal compass, unique to me,
representing who I am at my deepest level.
It's the best I can do while you are here with me in spirit
because I lost you in person
so you can't be here in person
To care for me you wrote
dearly beloved rddjpc
I love you so near and far
By: Karijinbba
All rights reserved
Revised 10-28-19
I myself a woman always have an internal compass pointing always north to some Camelot place over the rainbow where dreams that I dears to dream did come true
I failed to bind when the wounds that bleeded my womans heart were too fresh to grab his love at once
a passer by a king a photom of light streaming through space
thats what most all good things of true love in life can become
ALL but a whisper is Love
All but a sigh is life.
Charlie Jul 2015
I think more clearly
than I have in

I can now hold a thought
in between my

I'm just finding my
happiness; it feels

But when I talk, I'm
spewing venom in my

I'm sorry.

— The End —