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 Dec 2018 Jupiter
colors of you
 Dec 2018 Jupiter
sing me your inspiration,
so that words may blossom
through the rings of the tree
in my paper.

gift me your passions,
so that pathways may carve
through inked rivers
and graphite daydreams.

paint me your love,
so that I may palette
your rainbow
and color my canvas

with my favorite colors of you.

the soft pink
of the inside of your lips,
and the offset grey
haloed through your eyelashes.

tiger lily freckles framed
by sweet peach
and wallflower blushes.

rainfall wrists
and dutch cocoa silk.

all my canvas needs
are the colors of you.
acrylic affirmations and watercolor whispers
 Dec 2018 Jupiter
Colten Sorrells
with a heart, there’s desire

where a want, there’s a need

there may be a tomorrow

it’s not guaranteed

where you don’t take a chance

then I’m sure you have failed

such is our lives

and what they entail

you’re sure to encounter

it’s well understood

but why not try something?

as “can’t” never could
remove "can't" from your vocabulary and you'd really be surprised what you can accomplish

— The End —