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D'Shawn Carter Apr 2015
I love the way she walks put me in some sort of daze, it makes other people seem like they are just sitting down, but I've seen her before these days, I don't know why I notice it now.
D'Shawn Carter Jan 2015
When your with me
There's No place I'd rather be.
She makes my day's bright as the sun
Each moment with her I adore
Cuz there is No one like her
I'm just a fool her
There's Nothing I wouldn't do
To put myself closer to her
Everytime I look In her eyes
I see a reflection of me
D'Shawn Carter Jan 2015
I think It's fun to use repetition
Not to mention
It can get annoying
If you really choose to listen
Extra bored
D'Shawn Carter Jan 2015
Sitting In the library
Eating muffins
Throw away straws,coffee cups and
Amused, It's endearing

Boredom sure takes a toll.
D'Shawn Carter Jan 2015
Here I Stand
I walk alone
I was happy,
it wouldn't be shown.
Where to?
Good Question.
but the fact that I'm not lost
is truly a blessin'
This girl's description needs no hyperbole
Because she is perfect, well at least to me
Her smile is as warm as a summers day
and her sweet laughter, it drives out the gray
I could sit here for hours describing my love
But suffice to say if I hear the word perfect it's her I'll think of
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