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Mariya Jawed
13/F/Karachi, Pakistan    Writing is my pasion it was never my profession...-mariya jawed
reignier and wren
19/M/♫ in our idle town ♫    poetry has always been a way for me to step back for a moment and put my emotions into the greater scope of things (in ...
Eva Rushton
Nova Scotia    Writing poetry for the everyday people. A lot of people have a hard time understanding poetry so I am writing so they can read and ...
Ryan Nash
27/M/Philadelphia, PA   
24/F    currently chasing happiness while filling the void with words
Jayne E
F/New Zealand    From New Zealand fair shores, originally from the UK, soon to relocate to the U.S.(California).
17/Cisgender Female    I like to draw, write, and compose :)
Madeleine Wolf
25/F    I am a compassionate and passionate person. I feel emotions deeply and love others the same way. Writing poetry is my best hobby, and it ...
Bo Tansky
100/F/Florida    I'm an artist, a poet, a mother, a friend, a visionary, an intuitive empath, and an INFP.
17/F/New delhi    I'm just a little reminder of the magic in the universe.
Erian Rose
18/Non-binary/Based in Wisconsin    Xe/They / HS '23 / Published Poet, Translator, Journalist, Working Editor & Lit Magazine Founder
21/F/Sol III    Probably fucking up my life idk
Mark Tilford
Louisville ky    Thinking - always
The Queen
43/F/Sydney    17 years of marriage with one kid. Trying to find myself
CA    I could be someone's true beauty if only we loved things truly.
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