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paul Aug 13
I love spouting nonsense / like the man down the street / somewhere in the world where / fairies dance in the meadow / jiuweihu, where are you? / I sat down once / and wrote and wrote / until I was writing no more / the willow quivered / suddenly / the little lady by the river waved her little wave / and I sipped tea from tea cups wiser than me / and I wonder whether / the wind swept me here / or if the words became alive / and took me into their arms / suddenly / existentialism unravels / nothing but now / as I twirl / with my nine-tailed companion / sing with the sirens by the sea / farewell to the gray / settling in little stone houses / and / suddenly / the quiet song of the scholar rises / like odorless smoke / curling around the trees / singing to the universe / in sophistication / it begs simplicity / here is loneliness / here is a beautiful lotus / drowning after her lover / in the Qingshui river / here is the Summer monsoon / precious rain of life / here is the harsh winter / suddenly / death / I spoke to the guqin / I asked him if he knew / what it was I needed to do / to escape his claw / he said / shift your perspective / I laughed / what a silly guqin you are! / yet his whisper resounded in my mind / you are as sad as you think you are / and the willow quivered / and I realized in my waking / I am as sad as I think I am.
Aug 13 · 23
and I saw you again
paul Aug 13
I lied to the moon / said that the sun is just around the corner / like an old friend / waiting / for fiery topaz chrysanthemums / or tears like rivers / or even just a glimpse / at the lost grains of sand / coming together in / a strange wind / forming a familiar stranger’s face // I lied to the moon / the silver mirror in the sky / reflecting lovers’ radiance / or unbounded sadness / I was fearful / of the reflection of the night / its personality frightened me / as I stared into my own depthless eyes // I lied to the moon / I promised him / the day had come / many days ago / until time left us faded / time is no friend of ours / and like my reflection / with silver hair / a tired smile / and foggy eyes / my spirit sighed // and I saw you again / my fire topaz / solid lifestone / my vital muse / I see you / in the weakness of my spirit / in the fading moonlight / in the golden sunrise / I see you again // Smiling back and waving farewell / I saw you again.
Jun 4 · 88
Mount Olympus
paul Jun 4
and as pale as death himself,
haggard from his infinitely
long trek amongst the lamplights
in the sandbox of the gods,
he stands.

Up, upon the rock he stands.
the place no other has dared trek or
where flesh had failed the spirit,
above the open blue sky of opportunity,
perhaps heaven?

Eyes of gold befitting lion heart and
rags, damp with blood and mud,
manifest the deepest, darkest
room within mortal hearts.
beautiful greed.

Thunder in hand; the King's throne.
and gazing down from his summit,
a chuckle, or a crooked howl
escapes the cracks of his
deformed face.

The peak is cold, a zephyr cuts
like a blade of ice. The hearth is empty,
the table has withered, the gods
are betrayed by Death.
yes, Death.

and as desperate as life herself,
outstretched his hands, unclean
from Pandora's demons, clutching
at that which he gave up;
human nevermore.
Hi! Sorry I haven’t been posting on hp’s one of my favorites!
Nov 2018 · 189
paul Nov 2018
In a smile,
a hundred jagged
In a smile,
a thousand cold
In a smile,
a drowning

In a smile,
a single

smile, smile, smile
kindle, kindle, kindle
burn, burn, burn,
burn the broken,
the burden,
the bitter.

Oct 2018 · 420
paul Oct 2018
These days,
I feel

comp­are, compare,
compare, compare, compare.
every second,
Mirror, mirror,
on the wall,
who's the greatest
of them all?
Not you, not you.
Not you,
A person,
passing by
blurred faces.
one is two,
two is nine.
they're all
the same.
I guess
we'll be us,
I guess
I'll be me.
Oct 2018 · 154
three sad verses
paul Oct 2018
A vast expanse of
blue and despair,
a grand view,
but a lonely one.
Wind on my skin,
an icy grip,
a hand from the past,
never forgotten.
I wish you were here,
with me.

I didn't do anything today.
I couldn't.
Not with the great blue covering me,
with that arrow through my heart,
shattering it.

I'm scared of many things,
but mostly I'm afraid of nothing.
The nothingness inside my heart,
that void,
that blackness.
That I'll be a hollow man,
empty of love.
Sometimes I reach out,
but mostly I don't,
because that too,
I am scared of.
Sep 2018 · 10.5k
tinges of red
paul Sep 2018
a couple


pools of


Aug 2018 · 211
falling apart
paul Aug 2018
the mightiest of warriors,
fall on their knees,
clutching for something,

the tallest of towers,
hide under brilliant beams.
internal strife,

forcing a smile.
Jul 2018 · 13.7k
paul Jul 2018
"How are you?"

"I’m fine."

fine, fine like mother’s china,
breaking with a touch.
fine, fine like a fair maiden,
for whom only tragedy awaits.
fine, like the thread of life,
flimsy and anxious.
I’m fine,
Jul 2018 · 233
paul Jul 2018
things weren’t always this way.
death, dancing in my head.
just a jump away.

mama told me I could do something,
be someone.
she told me and told me and told me,
until I couldn’t be told no more.

daddy hurt me ‘cause he didn’t understand.
he never did.
he was a raging fire, enveloping and angry,
I was a tree in the wrong forest.

god said he understood,
he knew it all, he felt it all.
he didn’t.
don’t you know?
god is dead.

the world is so

Jul 2018 · 347
paul Jul 2018
A man,
trampled by life.
Not by his own mistakes,
but by the greed of others.
A man who gets back up everytime,
despite the hardship and judgement.
One foot in front of the other, left, right, left.
A staircase of many steps, he quickly ascends.
Some steps are steeper than others, but nonetheless, he climbs.
No longer the same man, not by his greed, but by his resilience.
hills and valleys.
Jul 2018 · 510
paul Jul 2018
I am a paper-thin vase.
As you raise your voice,
the pressure seeps into my bones,
cracking and twisting until
all that's left is a deformed heap.

I writhe, but I writhe in my heart.
I scream, but I scream from my soul.
You don't see, but I have been possessed,
by the agony of your choleric yelling.

I love you,
but today,
I hate you.
Jul 2018 · 138
paul Jul 2018
Imagine if the sky was emerald green
and the trees were a gentle blue.
Leaves withering away to a royal purple,
then to an old, solemn gray.

Imagine the dance of the morning larks,
swirling and twirling as if they were leaves
swept up by a sudden Spring surge.
All the while they sing songs of love and careless joy.

Imagine the stillness of a crystal-pure lake,
the radiance of the sun glinting from the facet.
A diamond, a crown jewel, hidden to bustling lives.
Take a moment and look with true eyes, the treasures of the Earth.

Imagine if all the scary things went away for a day,
and we could get lost in our imagination again.
Jul 2018 · 175
Glass Bird
paul Jul 2018
I am a bird, made of glass.
Light as the pillowy white clouds,
But all the while, ironly steadfast
The shackle of sin, by which I am bound.

Fragile as I am,
and graceful as I come,
you must understand,
my song will remain unsung.

Not by the unspoken daring of a hero
but by the fear of a coward, shrinking into the shadow.
Jun 2018 · 756
paul Jun 2018
Love is a gentle breeze on a Spring day,
Rushing through rows of colorful blossoms.
Soothing and alluring.
Simple and happy.

Love is like an endless maze,
Left and right, which way to go?
Walls all around, disguised as shrubs of flowers.
Lost and lost, fallen into a pit of madness.

Love is a night’s dream,
A prelude to death, a nightmare,
Or a sigil of vitality, a dream of Eden.
Come night, come another roll of the die.

Love is a secret battle,
hidden from the eyes,
fought with a knife in the back,
with nothing but enemies from all around.

Love is a lot of things,
It just isn’t
You and me.
what is love?

— June 19th
Jun 2018 · 234
Midnight Reminiscence
paul Jun 2018
The buzz of the fan

soothes my conscious,

as I drift in and out of thought.

I imagine the night sky

as I stare into the darkness of my room.

The stars are sparkles

and the moon the crown jewel,

joining in unison to create a beautiful masterpiece.

I reminisce the memories last summer.

The nights we laid on the beach,

Listening to the ocean's rhythm.

The waves colliding with land,

Swoosh, swish, and a gentle crash.

The wave dissolves as another takes its place.
– 9/17/2017
Jun 2018 · 318
paul Jun 2018
Let the branches of creativity spring from my mind,
filled with jazzy waves like a settling blanket of darkness.
A new year's night, the time to reflect and remind.
The alluring peace of the shade beckons your weariness.

An escape from the bustling world and pandemonium.
A careful retreat to the secret recesses of the heart.
A time of unfiltered lashing, absent of euphemism.
Tears like cannonballs, raining down on the castle's rampart.

Soon the sun will bloom into flowers of darkness,
the candles of the night drown on the ever-moonless night.
He feasts on the weak, indulging on the sensitive. Loneliness.
A lifeless corpse is all that remains of the one crying out for the sunlight

— The End —