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bluedays Aug 29
the mightiest of warriors,
fall on their knees,
clutching for something,

the tallest of towers,
hide under brilliant beams.
internal strife,

forcing a smile.
  Aug 10 bluedays
Who would think a rose so sweet
Would dry and crumble at the feet
And blooms that scent the night and day
Would steal a heart, then fade away

With petals soft and fondly red
Sweet essence fills an addled head
Then turns to dust before the eyes
Leaving naught, but sad surprise

Who would think such thorny vine
Could lift a blossom as divine
And by the stem on which it stands
Could so wrong an offered hand

Such strength and beauty is rarely true
A blessing owned by very few
As 'neath the soil, in winters keep
There sleeps a rose to tear a cheek

Who would think that perfect bloom
Could be a bane, a curse of doom
So fine a sight, yet in disguise
A rose to prick and blind the eyes
bluedays Aug 4
My dear,

Years ago, we would lie together in our bed of grass, staring at the sky.
A gentle blue, calming and free.
It was a blue that we cherished, a blue we could dive deep in.
We drowned our troubles in that blue, we smiled as we forgot.

That was when we were young and scared.
We knew we were naïve, but we were naïve together.
We descended carelessly, sharing our precious oxygen.
Now we lie here, at the bottom of the blue, staring into darkness.

We died in our dreams, and when we awoke, it was a colorless world.
A newspaper life, black shadows and white lights.
It was then I heard it.
A voice of great sadness, of melancholy and regret.

From the same sky we reached for, I heard it.
It was blue.
bluedays Jul 30
"How are you?"

"I’m fine."

fine, fine like mother’s china,
breaking with a touch.
fine, fine like a fair maiden,
for whom only tragedy awaits.
fine, like the thread of life,
flimsy and anxious.
I’m fine,
bluedays Jul 27
things weren’t always this way.
death, dancing in my head.
just a jump away.

mama told me I could do something,
be someone.
she told me and told me and told me,
until I couldn’t be told no more.

daddy hurt me ‘cause he didn’t understand.
he never did.
he was a raging fire, enveloping and angry,
I was a tree in the wrong forest.

god said he understood,
he knew it all, he felt it all.
he didn’t.
don’t you know?
god is dead.

the world is so

bluedays Jul 7
A man,
trampled by life.
Not by his own mistakes,
but by the greed of others.
A man who gets back up everytime,
despite the hardship and judgement.
One foot in front of the other, left, right, left.
A staircase of many steps, he quickly ascends.
Some steps are steeper than others, but nonetheless, he climbs.
No longer the same man, not by his greed, but by his resilience.
hills and valleys.
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