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Is competed for
in office
even while praying
in church
and other attractive places
when you're not
in company!

change home
to a paradise
will perish naturally!
Love is overall in a relationship
I am searching
and thinking
does the world own
an all-embracing
and unifying
The world is full of intellectuals and others. Have they ever had a unifying philosophy?
I was the best employee
Always committed and reliable
Until a new male staff joined
And we share office

John is very handsome
Endowed with a deep voice
The smartest guy at work
Has a muscular body

From deep inside me
Feelings for him developed
Keep piling every day
I am about to burst!

I struggle for his attention
Wearing revealing dresses
Wearing expensive perfumes
He ignores all!

Concentration at my desk declined
My performance goes down
My reports are full of errors
Won't I lose my dear job?

In my culture ladies
Don't propose to men
You appear desperate
Can be categorised as a *******
Can be labelled cheap!

Need rescue from confusion
I can't reason anymore
I am a prisoner to my feelings
John must wake up to reality!
Love can be painful!
May the Almighty
always inspire me

talk language
of the heart!

and hate

talking the language
of the lips!
flashes his/her pen
on an idea hidden
far away in the dark
and all see it clearly
in black n white!
Writing is important in society.
If the unthinkable
occurs to me
and the Almighty
appears to me
one request
i would put across
a gift
of a special brain
for sieving
the good from the bad!

my decision
i appoint the good
my best buddies
share with them
my deepest
sweet n sour
**** n smelling

close my doors
with key and lock
guarding secrets!
Secrets must be guarded.
When man leaves nature untouched
development turns an illusion
yet harvests long life span!

On the contrary,
should man annihilate nature
development climbs Everest
but carries unbearable consequences
including being wiped out early!

Which way to run?
To develop or not to develop?
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