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open the eyes hidden in you!
external beauty is blown away
by the wind of time!
later in life outside eyes
only capture its shadow!
real beauty is stashed away
flash a torch inside your heart!
real beauty must be searched inside your heart
some hearts
hideouts for liars

i open my deepest chambers
my presence is darkness in her

another owns her mind!
but swallows the truth
doesn't love me not reveal it
places where justice is dispensed
all detest being within the guilty boundary!
an air of silence blows!
only law speaks!
places where justice is dispensed
I can't see where i am going!
i am in strong chains
eyes tightly blindfolded
in faint whispers love is smelling!
any hope of getting spectacles?
love is blind
The mighty internet!
huge round electronic platter
rotating nonstop
fully loaded with
highly nutritious food on one half
and delicious but poisoned food on another half!
guide and protect the underage
serve yourself wisely!
protect the children from harmful information
days  before
plans flowing in many directions normally
billions chasing deals
businesses bulging in happiness
office doors widely open in routine

warning hidden under the bed!
officers sweating in tonnes of authority
order total halt!

who shoulders the confusion?
losses chocking billions!
patients stranded and passing on!

do i know what is happening?
am i sober?
the current situation, stay home
using measures of their own
friends of mine
tell me who i am!

do i know the real self residing in me?
searching for self-knowledge
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