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Muluuta Mugagga Oct 2021
the ink is dressed in its best attire
doors to understanding it are invisible!
what is the destination in its eyes?
difficult to understand
Muluuta Mugagga Jun 2021
Proudly treks the globe!
scatters total misery on its tracks
******* the life out of the living!
avoid its stinking face
stay far away from covid 19!
covid is disaster
Muluuta Mugagga Jun 2021
the biggest enemy of the good
easily blown away by forgetting winds
the stinking stuff sticks hardest
driving threats and squeezing tears!
finds a permanent house in the brain!
good easily forgotten the ugly never forgotten
Muluuta Mugagga May 2021
The biggest enemy of the good
Easily blown by forgetting winds
The stinking stuff  sticks hardest
Finds permanent home in the brain!
good is forgotten, bad remembered
Muluuta Mugagga Apr 2021
Foolishness climbed my brain
Nearby was a liquid ladder
Weaved in materials of strong water
Overusing the ladder polluted peace!

My brain somersaulted many times
Like a possessed mind i breathed pain and agony
My  lady was abused and battered
Disfiguring her body is an understatement

World is  deeply weeping and bleeding
Attacks on bodies and minds are soaring
Excess drug consumption is chocking humans
Onus of reversing the situation stares at me and you!
drugs are sweet but highly toxic
Muluuta Mugagga Apr 2021
Far sweeter than honey
A net dipped in the strongest adhesive
No victim survives the trap
Passion letter written in lies ink
Time blows and erases it slowly
******* the hidden truth
Stares in your face in embarrassment!
lies deceit uncovered over time
Muluuta Mugagga Apr 2021
Invisible to the urban authority
Drowning in stinking service delivery!
Promises must see where action hides!
urban authority must act
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