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Mariya Jawed Jun 18
في زمنٍ ضاقت به النفوس ذرعاً بعلو الكفر وأتباعه
وزاد فيه الظلم والقهر حتى بلغ مداه ...
يأذن الله للمسلمين بالفرج والنصر والعلو والرفعة
ويوم إذنٍ يفرح المسلمون بنصر الله
ويقولون متى هو ؟ ... قل عسى أن يكون قريبا
عند إذن يتجلى " البرق الملتهب "
نصرُ من الله وفتح قريب

Translation :
At the time when the souls should depart at death when seeing the disbelief and its followers to be superior and seeing the injustice and oppression increased until they come to an end, then Allah will grant to the Muslims His relief, victory, and will upgrade and elevate their status...

And that day the Muslims will rejoice ..
Then they will say, "When is that?" Say, "Perhaps it will be soon"
Victory from Allah and an imminent conquest .
Mariya Jawed Jun 18
i wish , i wish , i wish
if everything remained same,

if the time remained still,
and nobody was killed,

if the sky remained blue,
and everything remained new,

if the disasters never befalled upon us,
if there was no fuss,

if the fate never took turns,
if the love was never burned,

if my words would become true
# my wish# become true
Mariya Jawed Jun 18
The pain the people gave,
After sometime they would fade,
The words they say,
Will forever remain,
if they are you relatives,
They were your natives,
But now are enemy,
Your heart will be empty,
But for sometime,
endure the pain,
All the things will start to faint,
Like an antique picture,
An evil scripture,
But patience will lead to you to....
#world#is #traitor#wicked
Mariya Jawed Jun 18
The way of tears,
  Is the way to comfort,

Sigh my friend so you can rest,
  and make emotional supplications in private,
The Universe will encompass your voice,

The way of tears,
  Is the way to comfort,

And By the will of Allah all wounds heal,
  And the broken and wounded hearts recover,
And the sick and ill become full of strength again,
   While before they layed there sick,
Grand sins become pardoned by ALLAH,
    Man whims and desires become like a slaughtered offer,

With remembering Allah,
   life becomes pleasant,
The Glance of a bright face will shine again,

The way of tears,
  Is the way to comfort,

Step aside O' grief And leave my heart,
    Rely with determination,
And honesty upon the lord,
    For i know that you whisper in private,
And that you are evil and misleading cover,
     Incite whoever you can with your voice,
And Assault with your horse,
     For you have no straight path upon this EARTH,
TO ALLAH we have returned,
     And under HIS refuge we shelter,
To end a scarce and a harsh ERA,
      [and to start a new life]
#the way of tears
#is the way to comfort
Mariya Jawed Jun 12
A person who i  didn't knew,
    But as the days flew,
to a kind , gentle , lovable
    personality i met,
To me he was the eldest part
   of my sibling set,
His personality was an extraordinary,
   As i understood him he was
as sweet as honey,

My little eyes are watching you,
    All you say and do,
and when i grow up big and tall,
    I want to be like you,
    to everything you say,
I am learning how to grow,
    To be like you someday,
So be careful how you teach me,
    To be the person you are,
You're a knight in shinning armor,
    You're my brightest star,
this piece of poem contains my good thoughts about my brother if somber... call on your brother:)
Mariya Jawed May 27
His eyes sparkling
      with fear,
Because infront of him
       was a spear,
As he moved back,
        his neck,
Touched the door,
   He couldn't move back more,
He tried the handle,
And the swish of air blowed the candle,
All went in vain,
  He screamed with pain,
BC spear went straight into his chest,
  Oh! What , i can't do rest,
Further he thought,
   It was a nightmare i ought,
Mariya Jawed May 26
Someday you would find your way lost,
The friends you loved the most,
Would leave you alone,
You would be a lost sun,
Who don't know
From where to head the way
To shine in the world,
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