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Eva Rushton Oct 5
In all I know for certain, uncertainties reside, while looking for something never to be known.

Written by E.M.Rushton
October 5 , 2019
Eva Rushton Oct 4
Your actions of love and kindness is that of tree bark , protecting my core , allowing the seed of which I came from to grow for which it is meant to be .

Written by E. M. . Rushton
October 2019
Eva Rushton Sep 11
In many of our daily aspects of life , humans loose , before their internal vision is turned on .  Internal vision is Compassion for other , Understanding for all around us , Hope ,  Love, and just how much we do need each other.
Let’s make today , the day , where we can have this vision without having to loose first .
Have a good day .
Eva Rushton Sep 11
I’m sorry I haven’t had time to read your beautiful writes but I am very busy cleaning up our community after the hurricane ripped through with so much destruction.  We are in a state of emergency here and will be sometime before all is cleaned up.  I have not forgotten any of you.  I will be back.  Stay safe
  Sep 1 Eva Rushton
'i'm tired,'
i say,
and my mother asks me how, and why;
tells me i haven't been doing that much today.
i don't know how to tell her
that the exhaustion goes deeper than bone,
how the weariness takes my heart in its hold,
seeps into my skull
and settles there.

my art is slow, sluggish;
my writing is a dying fire.
my body is a sunken ship upon my bed
half the time.
my lungs do not breathe, only rattle;
and i?
i am simply tired,
this is a horribly sad poem and i'm sorry for it. i'll post a better one soon, promise.
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