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Beth Baum Nov 2018
A canyon between us
A thousand miles wide
I wish I could change this
To be by your side

A valley that’s so deep
And keeps us apart
I wish I fill it
And rebuild our hearts

But the bridge was broken
And all the pieces were lost
I wish we could save it
But at what cost

Our words seem to fail
They’re taken by the wind
Carried far away
Stripped away and thinned

You’re too far out of sight
Just a shadow to a cloud
I want to get to you
I want to make you proud

I throw rocks at you
It’s my way to talk
My message is hidden
Like the works of a clock

I hide what I mean
Because I am scared
That if you knew me
You’d think I’m impaired

But I’ll keep tossing my rocks
Hoping you’ll throw back
So we can fix this bridge
***** by *****
Sometimes you have a really bad relationship with someone and you try really hard to fix it and you talk things out and it seems like the bridge between you it fix but there's always these cracks in it so that it can never go back to the way it was.
Beth Baum Nov 2018
The mask that we wear,
That covers our lies.
It changes the air,
And view from our eyes.

Now we don’t bleed,
And now we can’t cry.
Never again need,
Or fear the goodbye.

We won’t feel pain,
Or regret the past.
And never again,
Be the outcast.

It’s our friend,
Loosely fabricated.
Our own mend,
To a life hated.

A show we put on,
That covers the wound.
That makes the ****,
No longer doomed.
Beth Baum Nov 2018
Play along my sweet, sweet horn
For all the hearts are torn
Carry on a note so long
In your sad forgotten song

Now play along my sweet, sweet string
And let them hear you sing
Move your bows ever so gently
And watch them listen intently

Now play along my sweet sweet flute
And watch them all salute
Your lovely voice soft as rain
Deprives them of their pain

Now play along my sweet, sweet bell
For you always play so well
Show the world your soft tone
Because you’re all alone

Now play along my sweet, sweet bass
Just to give them a taste
Of your low mellow chord
And get them all on board

Now play along my sweet, sweet sax
But be mindful of those flats
Play it jazzy and so smooth
And take away the ruth

Now play along my sweet, sweet drum
And make the crowd go numb
You careful steady beat
Will lift them off their feet

Now play along my sweet, sweet chime
And freeze us all in time
The hollowness of your sound
Always in the background

Now play along my sweet trumpet
And match up with the cornet
Now join all the rest of you
And along to this merry tune
Beth Baum Nov 2018
It’s okay, to cry yourself to sleep.
To accept your own defeat,
To always slam the door,
And lie upon the floor,
To shut out all the light,
Because you know you’re not alright,
To hate everyone your around,
And never make a sound,
To never speak your mind,
To always feel confined.

It’s okay, to think the end is now,
To admit you don’t know how.
To walk alone at night,
To loose at every fight,
To feel so insecure,
To believe in any cure,
To feel pushed around,
To be lost but never found,
To wish for the worst,
And feel like you’ve been cursed.

It’s okay, to admit that you were wrong,
To be weak, but never strong,
To want to dress in black,
And to always watch your back,
To feel so small,
Because no one cares at all,
To feel meaningless,
Because of the stress,
To know nothing makes sense,
And lose your self-defense.

It’s okay, to wish that you were numb,
From all that you’ve become,
To wish away the pain,
And all you can’t contain,
To forgive but not forget,
To shudder at every threat,
To get down on your knees,
To wish for some disease,
To crave a little love,
Rather than a shove.

It’s okay to bleed,
To give into to greed,
To stay in the dark,
And never make a mark,
To always be alone,
Rather than a clone,
To never trust someone,
And always want to run,
To long for the rain,
And for the humane.

It’s okay, to hate everyday,
To leave but never stay,
To be the outcast,
Never being asked,
To break all of the rules,
To say they’re just fools,
To hold onto to your dreams,
But hold in all your screams,
To have a little doubt,
To let it all come out.

It’s okay, to think outside the box,
To tell the world your thoughts,
To break out of the mold,
To forget what you were told,
To make your own path,
And let out a laugh,
To go where no one's been,
To believe that you can win,
To forget yesterday
And believe, you’ll be, okay.

— The End —