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 May 2019 bob
Edmund black
I lived a large
part of my youth
carrying things
that didn’t
belong to me
Indeed I’ve carried
their loads for
too **** long
The load of how
they felt about me
the load of what
they’ve said about me
the load of how
They’ve perceived me
for far too long
These load was never
mine to carry
to begin with
Today I am free
free at last
from criticism
fears , insecurities
and other people’s
These loads
are no longer mine
to carry
how desperate
and foolish
they may seem
Set yourself FREE .... This load ain’t yours to carry!
 Apr 2019 bob
Blue lips
 Apr 2019 bob
Love can turn
your lips blue
kissing you
with cold silence
from her dark
room 3 doors
down the hall.
It’s easy to be the biggest wheel,
Passing out the lollipops
Stolen from the little kids.

It’s not difficult to save the world,
When the whole thing fits
Atop your breakfast table.

It’s not so hard to be a hero
When your uncle runs the war
And stations you in Malibu.

It’s a cinch to win the prize
When daddy buys up all the tickets
And mom will draw the numbers.

What’s really hard is to grow up
And be a man of principle
A man who does the thing that’s good
Even though no one will see
And crowds will not shout out his name.

To be a man who does the work
To see his vision through
Without expecting miracles
To make his dreams come true.

The world is waiting for this man
It may not even be a male
But someone with a Hero’s heart
Who isn’t bought with promised gold
And only cares to do what’s right.

Hopefully that person will be found
Before the final trumpets sounds
Of course it is.  You know it is.
 Apr 2019 bob
Ciel Noir
I took          a trip
I took                a look
That tree could read me
Like                      a book
And                 open me
Like a             library
Cipher      in the
Still deeper
Inside the place
Where           secret
Knowledge         hides
The twin snakes ladder
Necklace              chain
Make life        by any
Other           name
 Mar 2019 bob
Jim Davis
How to poet
 Mar 2019 bob
Jim Davis
How to poet a life away

Toss the trite learned

Skip grammar mostly too

Rhyme or not is all yours

Step to drummer unheard

Believe in life yet untold

Read a thousand times

More than you write

Live, so you will know

What you are talking about

Take wild leaps in mind

Without losing it too far

Write not only about love

Although that’s all there

Really is or really is not

Fall in some love also

More than simply once

With not only your words

But others in thought

Wishing to poet too

©  2017 Jim Davis
 Mar 2019 bob
A Mess of Words
I remember

her voice would quiver

like paper lanterns
dancing in some
foreign nighttime glow

I fancy

I knew that sweet tremble

at a tea ceremony table
beneath Chinese skies
many years before

it first caressed my ear
 Mar 2019 bob
Don Bouchard
 Mar 2019 bob
Don Bouchard
I remember 35
Like it was 25 years ago.

I had hair then.
Was in my eighth year of teaching.
Had four children at home,
A dog.
A cat.

Unbounded energy,

Stress fed my bones,
Canceled my fears,
"Work harder
Before the night falls!"

Night is falling.
Sixty is nearly here.
I am nearly gone,
And yet you linger,
A soul standing in periphery.

What is the point of living
If the past cannot be left,
And the present stand still
To let us dress each other's wounds,
Forgive our others' sins,
Let us, limping as we are,
Move toward the center,
Again to begin?
Seven years upon us....
 Mar 2019 bob
Sometimes I drink by myself
like too many do, maybe you, too
when the wind blows like it does
here on the coast when it’s clear
and the light of dead stars come
down to swim in your circle of blood
while thinking back about the sisters
of boys I used to run with, oh, you know
we’d give our trigger fingers just to
touch them again, but the war keeps
seeping back into us like the poison
that pours into our rivers and creeks
from long gone cotton fields now paved
where the clouds of those days
are all that gets weighed in at the gin
I swear, there’s a pattern to all of this
like the weave of a tight skirt on a girl
who I once fell in love with in school
I went all crazy from watching her twist.
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