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She once

Shook me

With eyes

Beautiful as a storm,

Terrible and wild;

With eyes

Widened by innocence,

Tender as a child.
Not by the number of lines,

Not for any adequate rhyme,

Not by the amount of works read,

Simply by the life I've led.
How long now has it been

Since we met up, just to end?

How many months passed

Since last I brought you flowers?

But second chances now belong

To the moments long since gone.

Memories raised up on false hope

Remain bittersweet, and hold no power.
How I long to
Savor a moment with you,
Of crème brûlée and coffee,
On the edge of a waking summer,
Beneath the shimmering stars
Of the final days of spring.

Saint Mary’s water
Is the envy of Glacier:
Icy blue, and
Scattered nearby,
Sunny wildflowers
As firecrackers frozen
Just as they burst.

We stopped our song short
Unable to hear the harmony
Of our notes combined

As a moth
I am drawn to the street lamp.
On a hazy cold night
I see a faint echo
Of ten million celestial lights
So my eyes may endure
Such singular wonder.

It is good to be unknown,
I may sit silent at the corner of the bar
Secretly sipping chilled Lipton’s;
Pay my tab, and
Walk quietly away,
Without a single word.

I never knew the word
Until I discovered
The ways I could kiss her
I never knew the word
Until I learned
My plate was only empty
I never knew the word
Until I was invited
Into the arms of Love

I broke apart last night.

I broke

Over broken promises,
Failed friendships,
Innocence undone.

I broke
Over this last lost year
With all its fear.

I broke
After losing you,
And learning
Where you now are.

I broke.
I simply broke
Sunday night

After dinner and impromptu dancing

My hand strayed over the zipper

At the back of her yellow summer dress.

Her eyes fixed on me

As I gingerly drew it down.

She pressed close to me when

My hand slid onto the small of her back;

Her skin as smooth as butter

As pretty and perilous as whisky.

She laid a tender smile on my cheek

Whispering ‘hurry up and kiss me.’
Spring takes an age to bloom

Summer fades in an afternoon

Autumn lingers in brown and gold

Winter steals in and never grows old
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