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Joy Jul 23
some are thriving on the porch
  after the black shadow is gone
  move from upstream to downstream

  on the ground which actually cracks
  the moon clings to weeding out the horizon
  with perfect rounded handsome
  being yourself
  half did not exist

  O sleeping gem
  as if I could reach you
  I will fall deeply
  so that at the same time sinking in the bottomless sea
  at the tip of your eyes

Bogor, 2019
Joy Jul 23
be problem crumbs among millions of happiness
is an absolute condition
I was sentenced to death
that happiness belongs to some people who are not me

without a rope to hold on to
my body collapsed and almost melted with the ground
a part of me burned
others were scattered
at a crossroads
in the middle of the city
in the bags of morning scavengers

I got cut
bleeding but not in arteries
I fell down
but not to the bottom of the cliff
is into pretense
Joy Aug 2018
Start something with no desire and without much intention embedded
Like knitting fabric without thread
Collect the strands after the silk from the worm that hangs on the sleeve of the tree
Seek capital and foster determination as much as possible

A moment of consciousness
What I am doing this time is not something easy
Some time to come will feel heavy and not for a moment
Dictate education and learning that must be boring
It is not easy to deepen what I have decided
But in other words
Choosing is a path that must be taken by anyone
Regardless of what and how the choice is made
Of course the greatest consequence is to accept and run everything with the best treatment

Choosing does not mean losing one thing to another
But choosing is the form and attitude in determining the way to achieve something
Although there will be a lot of opposition and even rejection within
It is not the end
Make every difficult thing a whip
And what feels easy
Becomes the power to fulfill the difficult

For what will happen in the future
All attitudes and treatment must be embedded from this moment
Having chosen is courageous
Ready to live and wrestle all the races and obstacles ahead
So far
All new preparations have been collected
While walking slowly
Follow the directions and learn to read nature

What I have started
One day
I have to reap
If you're help. Im a hope.

— The End —