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Ashari Ty Aug 2019
pick me up
so you can toss me in the bin

go green
go green
Ashari Ty Aug 2019
all these vices to destroy my organs
and i chose you to break my heart.
Ashari Ty Aug 2019
i see my empty cup of soda
it's meant to be trash anyway.
i'm tired.
Ashari Ty Aug 2019
sana all
may kamomol
hoy crush
saan ka ulol
Ashari Ty Aug 2019
existing is exhausting
still wonder
why i haven't stopped.
Ashari Ty Jun 2019
i remember the day
when i was considered

the urban lights at night
were as bright
as my wake.

i'd wake up noon yet
you'd greet good morning
then my day was made.

you were a gift from
the heavens that i
believe do not exist.

you were my every poem
yes you are poetry
and still my poetry.

you filled my heart
so much that
when you left me
my chest felt heavier.

you, i wish i could
say your name.

but i can't.
i'm a coward.

i chose to stay
silent in the corner.

forced my self to not
get in your way.

but you are happy
without me.

maybe i made the
right decision.

i just hope you made
the right decision too
with the man you
barely met
yet you really loved
more than you could
ever to me.
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