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4d · 87
just breathe.
the first time i saw you
i took my first breath
and when you said goodbye
I took my last
and since you left
I hold it in
going blue
going numb
5d · 84
Like a sculptor
You rub your hands on my skin
Holding all the pieces of me
Moulding my soul with my sin
Seamless art you create
As if,
loving me
Jul 2018 · 71
don't forget to pray.
Angela K Jul 2018
In the arms of Morpheus I lay
down, all my worry finally at bay
Til the earth shakes and I find my self on the floor besides my bed
The world bringing me to my knees
So I have nothing else to do
But pray.
Jul 2018 · 65
Angela K Jul 2018
If I don't make it to heaven
Will you stand by the gate
Will you call out my name
Will my sins be our burden?
Will you argue my case
Or would you try to erase,
who I am?
who we were?
Enjoy what you've been given?
You do deserve
all that is heaven
Or will you build a ladder
Come sit with me here
So we could burn together
Jul 2018 · 2
Angela K Jul 2018
My re(treat)
Apr 2018 · 87
Angela K Apr 2018
Go ahead
Look for her
Search far and wide.
Through jungles
through seas,
skies if you must...
and when you're tired and aching,
I'll kiss all your bruises,
dress all your wounds
and pat you on the back
for trying to
find even a little bit of me, in someone else
Apr 2018 · 73
Angela K Apr 2018
If I ever said "I love you"
I'm sorry
Selfish me
Only deseperate to feel.
Apr 2018 · 60
Angela K Apr 2018
I am God
as I am the Universe;
I am the Creator
as I am the Creation
Apr 2018 · 284
distant lover.
Angela K Apr 2018
I hope this isn't creepy
But I make love to you everyday
In my head
I prefer falling inlove
From a distance
To look into eyes with wander
And ponder
What lies beneath those seas of brown
Cause really I'm scared to reach in
And have my hand hit the hard surface right under,
To find that those seas are just
shallow puddles
Apr 2018 · 61
thank you.
Angela K Apr 2018
Being with you
was more learn than love
Thank you for that
Angela K Apr 2018
Like a cigarette
You give substance
To the air I breathe
Mar 2018 · 76
Angela K Mar 2018
It's past 3am
It should be over now
Mar 2018 · 81
Angela K Mar 2018
The scariest turn out
             of dying
                 Is waking up right after
In the same place you left off
Mar 2018 · 219
Angela K Mar 2018
I wallow and watch
The sallow sun
As it gets swallowed
By the waves of gushing blue -
A quick reminder that we were just
More or less

Just Parts and Pieces
Of a grand scheme
With lost blueprints

Is unrequited love
not love

Has "we" lost meaning?
Has "we" lost you?

Cause I still carry with me
Burdensome flowers
And wasted kisses
"What if"s
"What could have been"s
I love her still
Dec 2017 · 114
Angela K Dec 2017
I keep
figuring out
Nov 2017 · 910
Angela K Nov 2017
don't use me
as your broom
to sweep up your feelings for her
under rugs
cause every time we kiss
every time we touch
i can feel her coarse dust
rubbing through my skin
Nov 2017 · 197
Angela K Nov 2017
Feelings cling to the air
Like unsaid words
As our ghosts slowly fade away
Like the sun set by the coast
An ending of fire
That once burnt bright
Not off
Just hidden
In our mantle
Our egos - our pride
Sep 2017 · 97
Angela K Sep 2017
oh sad poet
laying in the ***** hands of tragedy
goggling its lines
its dust filled nails
its bruised knuckles
Scared skin
Trembling finger tips
Wondering - "How are you so beautiful?"
Sep 2017 · 317
Angela K Sep 2017
I've been stopping hurricanes
The words that build up and rise to the verge of my lips
Right at the edge are my feet
With its winds making my feelings topple over
Break like twigs

I've been stopping hurricanes
Everytime I see your silhouette
Slowly walking away
The words want to follow
I feel them knocking on my white bars
Harder each time
Fighting to escape

"I love you"
But no, it's selfish of me
To flood your house
And uproot your daisy filled gardens
So yes,
I've learnt how to stop hurricanes
Sep 2017 · 108
Angela K Sep 2017
we took "human race"
out of context
and  now our existence
is an internal contest
with ourselves
with each other
and the religious
say it's God's test
survival of the fittest
so run human run
wait, wrong direction
the sun with red eyes
and the stars with blue
run human run
run The Earth to its finish line
Aug 2017 · 145
Angela K Aug 2017
I need you
Just for today
I need your
"you'll be okay"
"we'll be okay"
Even though "we" won't sound the same
It won't have the same ring to it
You know,
the lake house and 3 kids to it
But I need you to say it to me
Aug 2017 · 319
Angela K Aug 2017
It must be the prettiest lilies
that grow out of mud
to float above
That spread
In the tender hands
Of Mother Earth

Or is their beauty
only noticed
because of the dirt
that surrounds them
the endless dark waters
the dead that feeds them
the tragedy that attempted to bury them
but they use to carry them

Or maybe, their beauty
Is only noticed
because despite their strength
they're touch is still soft
amongst the sweet reeds.

Or maybe their beauty comes from lack of definition
Just simply yet in so much complexity
Breathing, quietly
Letter to my ex's ex
Jul 2017 · 76
Angela K Jul 2017
Love hides behing
Dusty chests
                   And cracked walls
By the dark corner,
Where squeevy feelings crawl
yet living
In the night of day
the sun's rays
Like the moon
that cries glossy tears
Like the moon that can feel the warmth  of her touch
But can't give it in return
Angela K Jul 2017
Since i left,
Have your lips turned sour?
Has your voice turned to dust?
Your fingers that once
Had a tender touch
So supple
Turned to daggers
carving through the innocent's chests
In search of even an ounce
Of love?
Tell me baby -
Has your hair gone gray?
Your eyes, a deep red?
Your blood pale and blue?
Has your mind lost control?
Who runs it now?
Who is it that runs through it
Clumsily dropping everything
You treasured?
Everything now scattered?
Jul 2017 · 56
Angela K Jul 2017
a typhoon of feelings
dilapidate my thought
and uproot my feet
that once stood in the concrete
I spent years trying to break though
and now
i fall
trying to hold on to any valid meanings
Jul 2017 · 311
Angela K Jul 2017
I want to sit cross legged on your rib cage
And write poetry
whilst I listen to your heart beat
echo hope
sing life

I want to walk through your soul's halls
- A museum of things you keep dear -
And hope to find my heart pinned on one of the walls.

I want to lie on my back
On the sands of your mind
Where I have a clear view of your sunset
And hope to see your ghost
right next to mine.
Jul 2017 · 102
Angela K Jul 2017
Her heart was a reflection of all my insecurities
intertwined with hope and gold
and I still found a way to break it

It's my first year without her,
6 more of ill luck to go.
Jul 2017 · 42
Angela K Jul 2017
And yet
here I am
with no intent
with no content
with no relent
in a world
I didn't choose.
#melancholy #love #sad #life
Jul 2017 · 200
Angela K Jul 2017
I drained my heart of blood
To paint you a picture
And pulled myself
To show it to you
And once I finally did,
You gave it a glance and said
"uh..." (scratching your head lightly)
"It's cute...but I'm just not a fan of red"
Jul 2017 · 1.0k
Angela K Jul 2017
She bumped into me.
And everything I thought was together
Each paper, book, pen
                                                             Even I
Fell ridiculously.

She picked them all up.
Gave them to me

And continued on walking.
Jul 2017 · 242
Angela K Jul 2017
She watched
My leaves
as they fell


And whispered

"I love autumn"
Jul 2017 · 244
Angela K Jul 2017
Love my bark just as my flowers

Cause it gets cold sometimes and I need you to still look at the dead me and believe there's some sort of life within

Be patient.
See that strength lies not in my leaves and petals
But in my cracks

Be kind.

When I open parts of me unseen
And exposed are my rings
That have survived fire and storm
Run your fingers through them
Bare the splinters i don't mean to hurt with

Be understanding.

Whisper louder than the wind that shook away parts of me
And make me feel whole as I am

Be love.
Jul 2017 · 457
Angela K Jul 2017
How can a ruin look so beautiful?

So articulate in its confusion?

Broken, but not lost?
Or at least the parts that didn't wonder off with the wind

Memories laying bare

How can something so broken look so fragile?
Jul 2017 · 150
tragic love.
Angela K Jul 2017
Freedom feels
a lot like being lost.

Happiness feels
a lot like being lonely.

And that is why
your love will always feel
a lot like being home.

— The End —