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  Apr 2017 Andy Mion
Mike Essig
by William Carlos Williams**

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold
  Mar 2017 Andy Mion
When did everyone grow up?
These people act like they know the secrets of the universe,
but my question is...
When did I stop knowing?

Every morning
I pretend that I'm awake,
That everything is okay.

The truth is, I no longer feel alive.

And so I thought everyone felt this way...
But they don't.
They look forward to talking to their friends.
To going on vacation.
To living their everyday.

And I?
I look forward to closing my eyes.
To hoping that today will be different.
That maybe when I wake up in the morning I'll actually be awake.

When will this unnerving sadness end?
When will I feel alive?

Andy Mion Feb 2015
In the city of forging metal
Where lives our perky kin
I went to transfusion station.
Walked into building with number nineteen.

I've always felt extra liters
Could be given away.
They are too much. No pity
I had on that glorious day.

The nurse made peculiar tests
To analyze goodness of blood.
She said: Yours 's pure, within it rest
Molecules of mercy and love.

I saw it ran through the hose
******* away from my hand.
Someone who get this delightful dose
I thought
Will feel that bliss I've felt.
Immersing you into the silence of Universe
Makes you believe you can fly
That wonderful drug of excellent purity
Clean and serene as the sky.

After that quite remarkable visit
Made me feel dizzy and ******
I had some strange feeling
Freezing me down to the bones.
I saw it now simple and clear:
Till the very remaining drop
I contribute my blood for those who'll need it -
No longer I don't.

— The End —