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Mar 2021 · 597
Just Nothing
Gidgette Mar 2021
I can't write anymore. Thats the plain truth. There are no more fairies in my garden. No more cemeteries left to play in. There is no more music left to dance to. I don't know why.
Nov 2020 · 286
Where did you all go?
Gidgette Nov 2020
I slept for just a bit. As I tend to do. Where are all the great poets I knew and loved. Where is Wordvango? Where is Jennie? Where is Mr WCA?
Gidgette Nov 2019
I keep your flowers there,
in the back corner of my
Dark Heart
They wilted long ago
I water them with saline tears
an ever waiting heart
You crept up
from that secret place
Fake Bright
in my black space
May 2019 · 423
The Ache
Gidgette May 2019
We all ache.
For things far out of reach.
Short sentences.
Things pushed and borrowed.
Things plunged upon by heavy, heaving chests.
But I,
believe in fairies.
Insane as my wicked thoughts are,
I ache too.
This was all I had. Lovely words that were shared as food at a lost since past Sunday Dinner at Church. Thank you all any way. And I loved you still as fog upon a spring pond before the Tennessee cows dipped. Really, I did.
Apr 2019 · 768
What The F***?
Gidgette Apr 2019
Yeah. Ive been away awhile.
I prefer the quiet shadows of the ungraced.
I also prefer decent poetry.
Of which, this site is apparently lacking as of late. This mockery,
This "teen angst"
hurts my head to read.
I once drew inspiration from the lovely poets that were once here.
Breathed every beautiful word as oxygen.
my very eyes hurt.
Fix, Pagan Paul, Ghost of Jupiter, Josh, Mary Magnolia, Sidd. Where are you? I didn't mean thus to trend. Matter of fact, I'd rather it not. Well ****.
Dec 2018 · 629
Gidgette Dec 2018
I asked a question,

Can you please give me lead boots
just incase
I float away?
No notes. No anything.
Oct 2018 · 383
Walk The Wild With Me
Gidgette Oct 2018
Walk the wild with me,
just for a bit,
Let the fall coloured leaves,
our bare feet
May we,
for just a while,
exclude all the world?
Can you hold my hand,
let all else
Fall away?
Will you walk the wild with me?
Atleast for a day
search the stars for secrets,
trace ancient paths
maybe hold my pen bent hands
and let us forget what we don't have?
Walk the wild with me,
Gidgette Oct 2018
I seem to think often of the,
whispers of Angel wings
in the devils ear
late at night,
Pitter patter,
of smokey,
wet, rain drops,
upon the late blooming
moon flower vines,
I wonder what secrets,
the wings of Angels
into Satans silver ears?
Secrets the rain drops carry,
to the flower vines perhaps?~agb
Gidgette Oct 2018
I suppose Time
our losses
And I hope,
our fragility
of humanity
for no more
Is it our
we bury deep,
Or is it,
The loss
Of Things,
Never found?
Aug 2018 · 581
Just Fall
Gidgette Aug 2018
I don't dance, I don't write,
not anymore
All the pages,
of beauty and time,
rustle and scream,
as they
just fall,
to the
Gidgette May 2018
She said she had her "Free papers"

Green cards

Let me ask you,
But this one question,
or perhaps a few
When you walk the fields
see the flowers,
Do you say, cut down the yellow ones
save the pink ones?
Pick the purple pansies,
lay waste to the red ones?
When you plant flowers,
Do you say
One is less than the other,
because of differing beauty?
Do you like the rainbow,
given all it's colours?
Are all those colours,
not what makes it so beautiful?

Two hundred years ago,
We called them "Free Papers"
We call it a green card

Flesh and Flesh
Is what we are.
Last month here, in Tennessee, in Monroe County, ICE raided a church.  That church was hiding immigrants. Those immigrants were loaded up and are being held in Alabama. Some of those church people are still in jail. It made the news here. I don't believe that God, or whomever created us intended this. There is only one race, the human race. And this country that I live in, was founded on the belief that all could come here and seek refuge. I'm sickened.
May 2018 · 632
The Forgetfulness of Time
Gidgette May 2018
refuses to be forgotten
Whether in still frames on tintypes,
from a century long since past,
or on paper photographs from this "modern age",
To digitalysed scenes
from the 21st century
stamped upon eternity
Unforgotten memories,
The Forgetfulness of Time
But may I implore,
being the time seeker that I am,
Did I make the mistake,
of measuring love by time,
or my time by love?
Should it,
that I measure time by heartbeats,
or heartbeats by time?
Either, Or
All lies within  
The Forgetfulness of Time~A
Apr 2018 · 754
Gidgette Apr 2018
I watched,
as the water tried to kiss the shore
As every wave upon the lake,
for the lands adornment,
And so selfishly,
the red clay
Pushed the waves away~AGB
Gidgette Mar 2018
To love another soul,
never met
yet to kiss
My Pan
Where art thou?
I flew
But for a bit
and wouldst thou leavest mine heart upon
the dine
For The Feast Of All Saints?
Knowing such self called ones,
you, my Pan,
would be the cruel amongst the cruel!!
What heart have I?
For your poetry, my heart
not to pick upon it
forbidden piece by peice,
longful bit
And what doest givest unto me,
but a small thing
Except thine heart?
I long for naught
But words
your words
That they adorn my shoulder,
as I've,
adorned thine.~A
Where are you?
Mar 2018 · 733
Popcorn Ceiling Caskets
Gidgette Mar 2018
I've lain on this horrid couch for days,
vintage in hand
ever staring
at this hideous popcorn ceiling.
A cheap white, low lying coffin lid.
You can never rehabilitate the dead
We are dead.
Yet, more alive than any of the sane people.
How I pity the sane.
****** to a life of hell they are.
In these popcorn ceiling caskets.
And routine,
is hell~A
Hey. I've missed you.
Sep 2017 · 1.0k
All The Nothingness
Gidgette Sep 2017
Looking into the still,
black waters
that is your
imagined soul,
My withering prince,
everything held within,
a mere reflection of the
nothingness of time
And did it hurt,
My withering prince?
When I fell through
all the nothingness
that is you?

My empty memories,
of your stone hands
bleed the spaces
between seconds,
between dry tears
And I likened my soul,
to the yellowing pages
of an aged book,
with every touch

My withering prince,
did it hurt,
when I fell through,
all the nothingness,
that is you?~A
Sep 2017 · 123
Flower Mill, Wanna Dance?
Gidgette Sep 2017
There is no peace,
no soul at ease
We **** the dead
with the words we've said
And the deeds we've done
we've bled the sun
There's a reason it rhymes
we all bleed bad times
And my daughter and I,
We know about "suffer"
wanna join us for supper?
And we cry
We cry,
We do
For you
What of it?
Its ****
And we've done it
We feel
we ****
We are
The "flower mill"
Lock us in the basement
Be our replacement
We'll scratch
and we'll scream
As before
you better believe
And we'll make it
just fine
Cause you better believe,
I'm hers and
She's mine
Taking our time
We're on a rope
No hope
Her mamma,
cries like crazy
But she knows
her mommas baby
My Stella,
And there ain't no fella
Gonna ever take the place
of my baby
Because we
And that's the way it
And we?
We are
The flower mill
We ****
We chance
Wanna Dance?
Sep 2017 · 2.5k
Silver Blades
Gidgette Sep 2017
The devil resides on a fence post,
covered in honeysuckle and black berry vines
Across the dirt road in front of my house
He squats there,
atop that post
With his beautiful grin and blue eyes
He has demples when he smiles,
and hair the colour of hay
His voice,
is that of silken sin
Offering up a drunkenness that the finest of whiskys can't give
He drowns me in satin,
posing promises never kept
He bruises peaches,
and feeds on flames
Beckoning my flesh,
with the sharpest of silver blades~A
I speak of this hell of addiction. It seems I've sold my soul to it. But we all have our vices.
Sep 2017 · 859
In The Dark of Dawn
Gidgette Sep 2017
May I drink of thine unguilded mortality, and dine,
upon thine ivory flesh
my love?
Thou art, the essence of light,
and perfection
May I kiss those full blooming lips,
in the shadow of the moon?
Wilt thou hold me close,
and quicken my withered heart,
once more?
I wish to make love,
'neath the willows,
letting midnight's dew,
kiss our skin
Let us be
Let All who will,
bare as witness,
to our immortal sin
May we dance together,
in The Dark of Dawn~A
I don't usually write love poems.
Sep 2017 · 376
A Poet's Plight and Gold
Gidgette Sep 2017
Aren't we lovely?
Aren't we odd?
Do we not feel too much?
And create our own gods?
We just float
"Peers" upon rough seas
We bare a poet's plight
All we who write
and me
But in the end there's nothing
yet to behold
We feel too much,
see to far,
And we know
all that shimmers
Isn't gold.~Amanda
A simple know nothing woman.
Sep 2017 · 776
The Black Madonna
Gidgette Sep 2017
She wanders in stillness,
Stricken from lips of men
The ancient mother
And how I love her
The secret bride
Black Madonna
She is erased
And stars
are the dust upon her feet
The ultimate outcast
Voice of Lillith
Silent as dew drops
kissing roses in spring
For every living thing, there is an equal. Research The Black Madonna. And as always, I love you all.
Aug 2017 · 416
Gidgette Aug 2017
I watch the grass bend to
The winds heed,
golden waves, over the acre "lies"
There is no thunder without lightening,
it breaks the skies
Darkness calls
the moon hides
False mothers
into eternity
sing us to sleep
with lulla-lies~A
Aug 2017 · 683
Gidgette Aug 2017
They found an old man dead,
down the road
the other day,
He cut grass for a living
died **** eater in hand
Up by the church
Where did he go?
Are we all just
still lifes?
Stolen thoughts
Glimpses caught by the
eye of God?
Pieces of some clock
never put together
Seconds, of memories not accurate....
My friend Scott found him. I'd seen him a thousand times mowing the church yard and cemetery. He was old. I didn't know he had a wife and sons. All grown of course. And as awful as it sounds, I don't know why it bothers me so. They say he had a heart attack. He was nearing 80. Lying on the side of the road for all the Yankees and passer-bys to see. But one poor Trailor boy, stopped in his old jeep. Every time, I think I've seen or heard it all, I'm taught once again how ignorant and primitive we are. Scott cried for him. And he didn't even know him.

Be well my friends. I love you.
Jul 2017 · 743
Crazy Lady
Gidgette Jul 2017
I'm the "crazy lady" here in town
My long skirts and big hats seem to frighten
My eyes are too big for my face,
I'm well aware
But, I paint them anyway
I can't leave
I drink too much
Think too much
I lie about caring what these people think
I care
It hurts
The things they say
They say
"What? She knows no other colour than black is in existance."
"Her family have their money from shine."
"Her nans is Cherokee. Red skinned. And she dyes Her hair, I've heard."
I'm the crazy lady
I look away.....
Gidgette Jul 2017
Please, read this with the thickest southern accent you've ever heard. It's my language. It's my home...

Hee Haws on the TV
Chicken's fryin' in cast iron skillets
Taters and maters scent mama's clothes
no AC
Papaws in the bacca field
Granny's sippin' on sweet tea
The law stopped comin' here they say,
Back in '23
The fruit's ripe for pickin
daddy did that last week
He said the Apple brandy
Tasted perfect,
bitter sweet
The moonshine makers meet
When the crickets sing at night
they pass around mason jars
'neath the moon
and southern stars
The wine stays burried till fall
other than strawberry
the very best kind
The yanks
buy it up
Its funny to watch 'em
they can't handle their stuff
The Demory Mart stays busy
oh Lord it's so much fun!
When the moonshiners play pool,
till the rising of the sun
Momma don't like it,
Lord she gets so mad!
But she puts my church shoes on me
and I know she still loves dad
But now the still's turned green
as copper always does
There are no moonshiners left
Time has passed, just 'cause
Papaw's gone
the fields have grown up
there are no moonshiners left
it's all store bought, mason jars
have turned to cups
Demory Mart is Yankee owned
the church has indoor plumbing
But late at night, I hear the banjo's
and the stills, copper humming....
Jul 2017 · 498
Remaining Silence
Gidgette Jul 2017
I watched the rose petals fall from the vine
I'm fine
They've dried up
and blown away
turned to dust
and mark the days
Gone by
She laughs
with the breeze
And the
remaining silence,
puts me at ease
For Stella.
I love you.
For my friends,
I hope you understand
Jul 2017 · 447
Kissing Heartless Angels
Gidgette Jul 2017
is creeping
up over the mountain
I watch,
as I have every morn
for eons
Everything sparkles
with wet kisses
heartless angels


perhaps those sparkling drops
are tears
The mist rising off the lake
is burned away
by the sun
and those
Heartless Angels
Go on kissing....
It's beautiful here this morning. If there is a God, he sits beside Stells and I. Watching this glorious, all consuming scene. I wish you were here.
Jul 2017 · 586
Iron Fairy
Gidgette Jul 2017
I purchased an iron fairy,
she dances for me
upon my coffee table

Her wings,
always intact

She's coloured blue
Lake blue
Her tag said

She shall never break,
nor fade,
with the passage of time

Or so I'm told
by the department store of Macy's
from which, she was sold

She will dance
till God comes back

And I,
I'll watch...
As I do

My daughter will play with her
I've named her
And play with her Too

That blue, iron fairy
belongs to me
As I once belonged to others.....

And she's lucky
Iron fairy
I really did buy a blue iron fairy. Stells really does play with her, as do I, being the eternal child I am. Her wings, are much stronger than mine. So much love to you all.
Jul 2017 · 5.7k
To Be The Honeysuckle
Gidgette Jul 2017
I was driving home last eve
She said,"Ma! Look! Tee hee! They
each other!"
To the left of the single lane,
in the tall golden hay,
sat a couple
She sat with her back to him,
between his legs
He, held her in his arms
as the sun sliced the sky
I stopped,
right on the road
Honey suckle blowing in the late breeze
I watched them,
We watched them
for just a bit
They loved each other

And all I wanted
was to be the honeysuckle
Oh wow! The daily! Thank you! I love you all<3<3
Jun 2017 · 1.1k
Blooming Eternity
Gidgette Jun 2017
I sit in a constant state of drunken stupor
Watching the celestial gloaming of blooming eternity
Haunting the dead with songs of the living
And I am neither nor,
I mourn for heart beats lost to clocks
There is no keeping up for me
Time evades
And stolen
Dried flower blooms long ago gone grey and colourless
mark calender pages and  birthdays never known~A
I'm in love with you. I've gone bat **** crazy and that's ok. I quit my country club job and my escort job. Bet not many of you knew what I was. It matters not. Stella is well. She finally stopped crying for her absent father. And for the first time in my odd and long life, I smile once in a while;)
Oh, and I still can't sleep.
Jun 2017 · 862
What I Can't Be
Gidgette Jun 2017
I can't be
someone I'm not
But atleast the someone
I am,
Won't be soon
Jun 2017 · 540
For The Real Women
Gidgette Jun 2017
We work,
Not so much
we don't ******* and such
We're mothers,
June Cleavers
And when we have to be, leavers
We cook, we clean,
When need be, we're mean,
"Crazy *****" sometimes
but you can't buy us with dimes
We'll stand for you, and
We always give our ALL
When we love, We give our everything
and a good woman is immune to "Bling"
We take things slow,
but only to show
We got this
So for you men, don't be stupid and miss
We can't all walk in heels
And we can't all cook gourmet meals
We aren't all pretty and petite,
But when we love, we'll give what you need
A Real Woman, will never stray
and in your hands, her heart will stay
We'll always be faithful and kind,
So when we speak, please don't be blind
A REAL WOMAN always gives a second chance
Because that's The tune, in a REAL WOMANS dance~A
It's what I see, how I was raised, and what I believe. Like it, or don't. If you're strong enough, you can do without a reputation. I love you all so much. I miss you all so much. Really......I do.
Jun 2017 · 2.0k
Wish Lists and Creams
Gidgette Jun 2017
I keep my wish list
Upon my wrist
But they don't care for that

I keep my dreams
In makeup creams
They said to try that

They said live a fake life
Be a good little wife
I left, and died my hair black

I walk looking down
In vintage whisky I drown
And I'm ok with that

They said to "fake a smile"
Wear My pain with style
I'm no good at that

I try and cover my wish list
Written in scars upon my wrist
With the dreams, silent screams
Makeup creams
I'm not ok with that....
I miss you all. Please forgive my boldness here. Sometimes, I just have to SCREAM. The only way I know how. Much love to you all.
Jun 2017 · 794
Eternal Fall and Twilight
Gidgette Jun 2017
It's never quite summer here,
nor winter
Always that time of clouds and coloured leaves
My heart carries that time of day,
when the sun is mere reflection,
the moon,
not yet aglow
Tea time in Wonderland
and this Lady Hatter,
is forever late
The time of
Never reached kisses,
between the sun and moon
Of coloured full kisses,
between summer and winter

Eternal Fall
And Twilight
May 2017 · 998
The Restless Damned
Gidgette May 2017
Sleep eludes this stricken soul
as prettily wrapped death,
escapes the weary

Nay, for lying so still as one lacking breath,
searching for darkened hearts to fill the depths,

Void, as the empty ticking of stopped clocks,
hour glasses with nary a care for counting,
having traded sand for eternity

The search of the weary for unattainable rest and reassurance of eternity's kiss,
waits with slit smiles for the restless ******.
Gidgette May 2017
You didn't listen to Stevie at dinner when she told you,
" now here you go again you say, you want your freedom"
Well, who am I to keep to down?
Sign your record deals
You didn't let my long sleep last
It was warm
blue rose buds
The hopscotch grid faded
with falling rain
Your hands were water
in the desert
And I,
I need the cicadas
The green things
Black breezes
Blue roses
And cicadas
My tears
******* and whisky
are the infections
of the
And trump is
Die now
if you've any sense
But never forget
The blue roses
Black breezes...
I love you all, and I love you....
I'm in a rough time. I simply feel no need to elaborate. If you believe in any God, pray. Please. Please.
May 2017 · 1.7k
Dusty Feathers
Gidgette May 2017
I took my chopped
and plucked wings,
coloured black,
off the shelf
I do so hope super glue holds them
as I can't,
and they're
I'm sorry. I'm in a break. I'm a drunk and I'm trying to help myself. Everything else I do, or don't do, is so public. Why should this not be? Stells surgery went well. Thank you all so very much for your prayers and kind words. I love you all. Really.
May 2017 · 3.5k
Bad Boys Of Poetry
Gidgette May 2017
String pickers,
Bad Boys
The lot of you
We fall in Love
with you
a thousand times a day
We listen to your songs
over and over
Common thread in crystals
cloud bursts of feeling
that you each sharpen
Bad Boys Of Poetry
cut we
black butterflies
dark diamond
We butterfly bats
Bad Boys Of Poetry
Lie, there in
to your ownselves,
and say
"No one loves me,
I'm alone
We each see
as we wish
Pluck your strings!
Sing your songs!
But know,
you're LOVED
A thousand times a day
By black butterflies
and dark diamonds

~only a poetess
I can't begin to list you all. But Sir wca(Joshua), Fixative(My pan) Frais de(my sunny) Pagan Paul, Light House(my trey), Temperal Fugue(my Sidd), Natieve Son, Wordvango, Traveler(my Tim).
My bad boys of poetry, you are loved and adored. Thank you. I'd give you all a heart if the new format allowed it;)
Gidgette May 2017
Into the Zambian Amythist
I glare,
pale blue eyes
And watch him
all around me
Pieces of nothing,
in purple thoughts
Sounds of imagined whispers,
trapped in quartz shimmers
in a
never dreamt
Some lover
never held,
Pieces of nothing,
in purple thoughts.....
Gidgette May 2017
With eyes,
the very hue of water,
I'll never drown in
the tint of earth
Hair, as soft
as a mermaids voice
That my kind,
will never
in a million millennia
lay pale flesh upon
embodied within a China doll,
behind carnival glass
Pure as heavens own tears
as the way the sea,
lusts for sandy shores
as eternity's knowledge is
to newly borne mortality

I weep red
for that
Never known.

the boy China doll
with lake coloured eyes.
I'm tired. My job, my baby. Please forgive me that I can't comment as often as usual. I read you all though. Through out my days at the hell I'm employed at. The banquets, the "unreality" in which I dwell, grows thin I assure you. And I love you. I love you.
May 2017 · 2.5k
My Soul To The Moon
Gidgette May 2017
I saw the world as it is,
cried my soul away
Wrapped my skin in shadows
a gift, unto the night
Sunset is my dress
The moon holds what remains of my
Falling stars and dew drops
few shimmers gone
The only silence found,
in the song of falling rain
Sunset colours caress me,
night, my stage
Whispers in the gloaming
from sweet cicadas
And still, I see the world
cry my soul to the moon
This is the first poem I've been able to post on days due to a technical glitch.
Thank you for fixing it Eliot!
Apr 2017 · 1.1k
Jolly Rancher
Gidgette Apr 2017
It's ok.
Have a massive public melt down.
Drink it away,
you'll forget
Are your teeth perfect and white?
Clothes ironed?
Hair done up?
If you've drank too much
or you're beat to ****
have a friggin
Jolly Rancher.
It'll be ok....
Just as long as you smell
like a jolly rancher
Throw glasses at the elderly cook
Bring home men way too young
who know nothing except
But make **** sure
You eat that
Jolly Rancher
Haha! Eat a Jolly Rancher! So said my mother. I need a break
Apr 2017 · 1.7k
The Sun Never Rises
Gidgette Apr 2017
Being the thing that I am,
borne into this world of man
A waif,
Scent of water lilly on a gypsy's cheek dancing at midnight
A song,
sung by demons under the blood moon in the month of March
A mere reflection,
In a child's tear
With the want for nothing more,
than to evaporate with the coming of the rising Sun
But the sun never rises here
and reflections don't evaporate~A
Apr 2017 · 1.2k
She Sleeps With Angels
Gidgette Apr 2017
She saw the blood this morning,
as she was making the bed
She sat down in the rocking chair,
and sadly, dropped her head
Remembering what he did last night,
the awful things he said
Shame came creeping over her,
turning her bruised face bright red
All the years they'd been together,
seven, since they'd wed
She had hoped for love and kindness,
but got misery instead
She heard his boot heels on the walk,
her heart sank, filled with dread
The monster hit her too hard that time,
she sleeps with Angels, in heavens bed
Apr 2017 · 790
Candied Lies
Gidgette Apr 2017
Sugar melts sweetly in the mouths of liars pickled truth is what's spewed
Salt that misery for preservation
We prefer our reality be skewed

Shattered mirrors give better reflections
of what truly hides within
But it don't matter, hide it deep
beneath peaches and cream skin

Choices forced upon the weak
by the strong with candied lies
Hold tight to that shattered reflection
remember it when innocence dies.
Trying to dry out a bit. Much love to you all.
Gidgette Apr 2017
When I was six
Daddy held my tiny hand
He promised mine would stay silk
His hands were hard
From love
He walked with me
in the Tennessee mountains
While the Lady Slippers bloomed
Rare orchids
in pink and yellow
They grow wild here
He bent,
looking me in my pale eyes
And he said
"God of the mountains and wild things,
make them dance,
for my little lady."
And they did
Lady Slippers are a very rare type of orchid. The roots are medicinal. And they are nearly impossible to cultivate. The Cherokee people, used them frequently and the white man nearly irradicated them. Happy Sunday and my love to you all;)
Apr 2017 · 691
Of Poetry, Love and Lies
Gidgette Apr 2017
To dance alone in the dark
Drinking aged tears
Pretending mortality
Living on dreams
The wish of Cass's courage
And I've none
Blades call, no?
Mine's clean
The shine of it calls me
I'm alone
I don't wish to be
But really I do
Rain pours on my rubber roof
Is it pleasant,
to watch?
Violence is *******,
For the "normals"
and I'm not
my mother
my maker
Is insanity
Over and over we try
same patterns
same results
But all,
and the lie of it
And poetry
is my shining blade
I love you. I won't be able to respond until late tomorrow evening. As I have to be Mrs. Potatoe head and paste on a fake Vanna White smile and serve these yanquees tea and coffee in the morning. And I think, I've lost my mind. Please forgive me.
Gidgette Apr 2017
Skies are cloudless and
Familiar with embers
Dogwoods bloom, in red sunlight
Through glass
In shaken globes
Cracking in heat
Glass bubble
Kissed by
Blessed by
Shimmering darkness

Such contrast held
In the opposition of
black snowflakes,
On white flowers
Sheer madness I'm sure. Would you like to dance?
Apr 2017 · 1.1k
Pretty In Flames
Gidgette Apr 2017
I'm burnt,
I've dwelt in the flames
These metaphors we choose to speak in
They're lies
I burn
No metaphor needed
Half moons consume my skin
As I crave
Heart beats
I lack one
And I know,
You dont believe
But they say
I'm pretty
I love you all. I'm a ******* a screen and I don't matter. But, you do. To me.
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