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I do not need gravity
To falling
In love with you
I look like a rose
Laying on my immense throne
Feeding beggars with my thorn
My worn petals which haven't yet thrown

I'm a rose,
An eerie rose
Assume me uglier than spider's legs
Deluge my masses with the amazing empty hopes
Inevitably their croon as a lullaby for me

Sometimes I care
About their head
About their neck
Also their pocket
When it gets fewer
My reek palace will be tinier

Come on,
I'm not the worst
Even roses have thorns
Yet mine are deadly noxious
Rahameem Mar 22
Every one posses shadow
They follow the person everywhere they go
Even in the darkest night
Slowly going after the host

I remember, saw your shadow
For the first time, I could not stop
Gazing then flinching for a night
Slowly being threatened by the host

I convince myself that possessing the shadow
Is normal for every creature in this world
Nothing to be eerie even in my sleeping night
Slowly slipping in failing affection of the host

Only the light does not possess a shadow
I do not blame him for what in his hold
He isn’t my light even at the sightless night
Slowly letting me go, is better for our both
Rahameem Mar 10
As showered with the stars
One by one fulfills my heart
Feels warm and glad can’t deny
Yet I listen to your heart does bray  

As we had promised,
We were under the big tree
When we were so naive
We would always be amused
Even though this world says
Something else like cry!

I am fine, do not bestow me such a smile
If your smile tells me a lie
I am deaf, your giggle sounds
Terrible as a nightmare song
Cause it holds the tears down

I am fine, utter to me now!
that you adorn this life by the tenon
I am blind, when I bleed you are the one
who aids me by your beaming face in the noon

I wish you told me sooner

Now I am singing a song before you die

I wish God never created such a thing we named it time

Right after you have faded away

I am sorry
I have been fine while I was so deaf and blind to you
Rahameem Mar 5
Bring me to a home
With the highest roof, no one would step on
With dense walls, no one could ever knock it down
With immense windows, letting starlight shines my hollow

Take me to the home
Or any home  

My home is just fine
Yet it is still dreadful when I am awake
My nightmare starts right after
When I open my eyes

The air wrings the throat
A glass of water will never enough for this thirst
Yellow, black, violet, blue, and red as clothes
Possessing the same function, covering my disgraces
Foremost, the reality always bestows
A nice greeting ahead from the others

Place me at any home
Which does not have reality in it
Neither criterion of life quality maybe
Comparing and demanding
Will be an enemy

Should not we feel safe in our own home?
If even there isn’t enough window
You still can open the door
To stare at the moonlight, glow your hollow
Rahameem Feb 27
You were awful funny
I adored your sense of humor
Mostly your jokes could amuse me
Yet somehow, some of your jokes dipped me into confusion
I did not even chuckle

Those when
the first you said that you loved me
And the second time, you left me behind

At that time, I did not know you were joking
And either I did not know I should laugh or bleeding

You were awful
heart pain and wonder,
dreams and your eyes,
auditory angel,
mystified by your guise,
who you are,
what a prize
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