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11h · 11
A servile pen
S/he who is coerced
To move with
A straitjacket
Above the dead
And below the living
Is whose fate.

A horse dragging
A cart
A genuine message
To impart
In fact
No better than
A doormat
Unloading words
With a servile pen
On a bread-winner journalist
Inflicts a harrowing pain.
Covert and over censorship.The fate of journalists in the government run  media.
3d · 22
A pie on the sky
Though  time flew by
And old age drew nigh
The love-smote I
Despite the indifferent treatment
Of thy
Forgot you not why?

Forget you not why
The love-smote I
Till the day I die
Though I know
You are a pie
On the sky?

Wh,why &why
Your eye-catching eyes,
Despite a cold shoulder
Treatment dominates
My soul's firmament
To date.
Sometimes things go this way
Mar 4 · 44
Why I am a barfly
Immediately after I
Fetched my salary
From a Bank
When I get drunk
Getting into a bar,
From my home not far,
No longer subject
To my inhibition
I become bold
To make an
Open breast of my love
To my inaccessible dove,
For on such state
I become easily capable
My financial challenges
And physical appearance
Anxieties to dissolve.

I crunch her number
Getting no answer
"U R Z best Chick
On earth! "
I SMS her
But go not any further.
It is early in the morning
I ask myself
"What possibly could
Be her feeling! "

Also into a bar
When I make
A divine entrance
To rub shoulders
With colleagues
I stand a chance
Or above them
On the ladder of success
A bit advance.

Also when at night
When I see
Pub's dazzling light
My timidity
No longer in place
Myself assertiveness
Proceeds apace!

Also I bet
Alcohol, dunker's pet
To tension management
Has some effect.

On the morrow
It is when I get
Out of pocket
My spendthrift bent
I regret.

Aside from my health
Going downhill,
I am becoming
Incapable to foot
Electric and water bill.

Tipsy, at times
Blunt, for a fight
I begin to hunt.///
The approach avoidance conflict I under go.
Feb 23 · 75
What a paradox
Though graying
Head and brow,
He developed not
Gray matter
To every one's sorrow!
For those who does not learn  the lessons of life.
Reading an anthology of
Classic poems
On quiet a night
With wings of
Enlightenment and delight
My soul took flight
To far-off lands bright
Rife with musical poems
Some brain racking,
While some savory but light.

When I saw celebrated poets
From my dream plane
I decided to alight
So that the messages
Encoded on their poems,
To me they further explain.
Cognizant that
Hearing things from
The horse’s mouth
Like Antarctica
Will not make things
As far south.

I saw Helen Steiner Rice
To read whose works
Like  ‘Christmas Guest’
Are nice.
When she me behold
This to me she told
“Till your corporeal being’s
Turn come to be a sod
Never desist to
Put your hope in God,
Who foresees and shapes
That will unfold.
Always dwell
In the vineyard of
The Lord. ”
Drew close James Stephens
With Helen
You are right nod.
“Chap, if you look around
You will behold
On everything
The whole mark of
Creation stamped by God!
Also excellent, from
The ordinary extra,
Your will hear
Nature’s God praising
Orchestra! ”
Willian Henery Davis
Courteously came by
To say <<Hi!>>.
“Be content with
What you have
You will be happy
When that you learn to love.
See you not why
The example set
By the butterfly,
On a rough rock
That sleeps content
Without a blanket! ”

Soon I met
Enda St. Vincent Millay
Whose fame
Surfing the tide of time
To date that does resonate.
“As the saying goes
‘The world is lovely
And the loveliest is enough!’
To be happy
Try to nurture the culture
Of admiring nature.
Waste not time
Go to the mountain
The secret of happiness
To you it will explain.”

After seconds walk
William Ernest Henely
Approached me for a hard talk
“When beset by challenges
Never give in
That is a great sin!
As for me, whenever
I fall
Soon I get up as the
Captain of my soul.
Though in the darkness
God seems far,
For the downhearted
He is a lodestar.”
I saw Elenor Frajeon
By a roadside
With a book in her hand.
“Love to books
Is a launching pad
To a wonderland,
Where readers meet authors
Of different brand
Hence, a window to their
Soul they will stand.
Also read my poem
That draws attention
To mother-to-child affection
That defies description.”

I met anon
Austin Dobson
“A rose
To itself
A question
Opted to pose.
‘I wonder why
This hoary-headed
Gardner refuses to die?’
But soon
A wind blew up
Its sun-withered
Petals to the sky.
The analogy teach
On the time line
Brief, beauty to a grid
Will screech.

Patted me on the back
My son,
Ben Johnson
“Like a Lele
Being short and brief
Could render life
Ease and relief! ”

Sat on a rock
Samuel  Taylor Coleridge
To me a secret he broke.
With bitter smile
Waving his
Pen as a tool,
“Those who think
A poet is a fool
They will know
Who is rather the fool
If they think with
A head cool!”
I saw Walter De la Mare
Exactly the way towards
Old Susan he used to stare.
“Susan taken away by
A romantic fiction
Past midnight
Sat on chair
Engrossed on a monologue
Culture rules
Is not fair! ’
One’s age
Did advance
Reading fiction
One stands
For relieving
The past
A chance.  ”

Soon came William Blake
Me to the graveyard
To take
Pointing to
A headstone
“Now, my enemy,
Object of my anger,
Is dead.
Subject to a
Conscious pang
It is divested of a soft pillow
I go to bed!
You must not yourself find
An axe to grind
Otherwise to a reason
You will become blind.”
For supper
Volunteered to be
My host
Robert Frost.
He stressed
“To settle
Punitive price
As lethal
As fire is ice!”
Came an invited guest
Edmund Spencer
To tell us
The mystery
That put
His phlegmatic dream object
And he, her
Ardent lover, asunder.
“When Fire and ice
Are locked in a love’s dorm
Out of the norm,
One may not change
The other’s form! ”
Via the window,
I saw a graveyard
Past the meadow.
When my eye caught sight
Of Julia Caroline
I took steps
To sit by her side
The meaning of eternal love
To understand.

“A kiss on the lips
From a lover
Is a keepsake stamp
That transcends
An earthly map.”

There in the graveyard
I met Sara Teasdale
“Like a low hanging ripe fruit
In the gray time
When a lass
Is off guard
To ****** her
A chance a lad
May stand.
Also from affection
For conjugal felicity
Many a lass
Could give added attention.”
I posed
Why should you show bent
To profanity?
“My friend
A *** could not be taken naughty
For expressing man’s sexuality!
For the answer try to meet
                Anne Bradstreet.”

Before I asked
Her why she
Committed a suicide
She got clear
From my side.

Anne Bradstreet
I met
“It is tragic
To have at home
A child with
A down syndrome!

What lurks
In the subconscious
Of an author or a poet
Through his/her pen
S/he may seek an outlet
So to date,
“Why did I
Write this a taboo-seen
Seems some author’s fate.

I saw Thomas Hood
Amidst his harvest
That fares good
He told me
“From a perfumed
And well attired lady
Who belongs
To the top brass,
It is by far better
To tie a knot
With a provincial lass,
In her hair
With a fresh flower
Plucked out of the grass
She shines bright
Bathed by sunlight!”

Out on the street again
I met Lithuanian Salomejia Neris
I became happy
As I never wanted her to miss.

I asked her
About the heard-renting fate
She, her father, her mother, siblings
Neighbors and her age mate
“During the  World WarII
Children, who
Otherwise were
Unfit for themselves
To fend,
Were forced
The brutal ****
To defend!”
Soon I met
Richard Lovelace
And John Scott
Locked in an argument hot.
The former
“I want to head to the front
It is a source of pride
To fight on
Nation’s side.”
The latter
“Paying a price grand
I cannot understand!”

Edwin Arlington Robison came
To tell me the story
About Richard Cory
“Measure not
Your life by
The success of your object
Of admiration,
The one a role- model
You hold or held,
I am afraid
Off guard
He can lodge
A bullet in
His head.”

I saw William Butler Yeats
, an Irish poet
Who raised an issue hot.
“How an
Angel helped out
A tired priest
A snap who
Could not resist
While a laity
In his parish
Was Ceasing to exist.”
Robert Herrick approached
Me this to speak
“I am smote
By grief,
To see a Daffodil,
Like human beings ,is brief.”

Said Emily Dickinson
“It is when you ere to hit
A target heart felt
You’ll understand
The meaning of
Having something desired
Uunder your belt.”
At last
I saw
Edgar Allan Poe
To make this to me
He made haste.
Though a pauper
“From my soul mate
No earthly or heavenly power
Is capable to asunder me
Top date.
After reading this much
I realized why
Poets never die”//////
Give me a feedback on this poem about  famous poets  and the themes of their poems.Google and read about their history and read some of their poems.I have trans
Corrupt, we were
******* citizens' blood dry
Devoid a conscience
That asks us "Why?"

As they have
Unseated us
From power,
When democracy is mentioned
Since it is our bent to cower
As a retaliatory measure,
We shall make
Them take with their blood
A shower.

We shall shift
From ******* blood
To soaking  our hands
With blood,
Which we love to see
Flowing like a flood.
For a corrupt leading party embezzling a poor country and threatening citizens with  the arsenal it bought by tax-collected money.
Jan 19 · 243
Epiphany in Ethiopia
The son of man
Jesus Christ
Headed to river Jordan
True to the prophesy,
To meet John the Baptist.

Opening the sky
Father above
Jesus in
Jordan River
The Holy Sprit
Incarnated in a dove
Were revealed
The 3-in-1 mystery
To  solve.

This as a backdrop,
Carrying replicas of the
Ark of the covenant
On their head,
Putting on
Motely religious robes
Priests go to a nearby river
By the laity
Tagged, flanked
And lead.
In white costumes attired
The laity
Who have dressed to ****
Leave no space
On the road to fill.
The colorful procession
Grabs undivided attention.

Melodies hymns
Pleasing Music
Of harps and many a drum
An electrifying
Effect is the sum.

History has it
Ethiopia has been
Keeping originality
As never before
“Ethiopia raises its
Hands to God!”
Is  witnessed
In Ethiopia’s Epiphany
Magnified manifold.

Reverberates the song
“Headed to River Jordan
The son of man! ”
Ethiopia stands out in marking Epiphany ,true to the Biblical saying Ethiopia stretches its hands out to God.
Jan 12 · 156
Revolutionary Democracy
I) Revolutionary

When things
Go out of hand
When citizens
Clamor for their demand,
With snipers
We shall scatter
Them like
Wind-blown sand.

"Embrace what we say!"
Is the order of the day.
Respect  to elites, the elderly
Religious leaders and
Also sacred moral values
Do not pay.
Anti-terrorist law
Stifling media law
Strangulating civic society law
Dampening election law
Every law seen low
We shall offer
As a political slaw.

II) Democracy

International aid or loan
When we seek,
A democracy cap
For media consumption
We will pick,
Putting in play actors'
Mouths words
Via which we speak.
A systemic policy of suppression.
We shall make
A recourse to the gun,
If for election we run
Devoid of ideas,
Sell which we can,
We could hardly win
The heart of a single fan.

Also labelled
And narrow nationalists"
They can
Put on us a ban
So that sinks on us
The Sun.

Climbing into
A political ivory tower
Is not for us,
Let us beat
The drum of war
To garner
And to monger to power.
recalcitrant, retrogressive, detractors,mongers,war
Dec 2018 · 200
What a mishap!
"Let us put
Our hands together for you
Go ahead
Your view we second,
For ideas grow in a mind fecund!"
A support it was reckoned.

As it may sound sad
By a phony party
It turned out a fad
"Let us not stop to clap
Your freedom of speech
In the face to slap!"

What a mishap
What a mishap
Childish and selfish
Politicians are being seen
Wearing more than one cap--
Sometimes the constitution
On the back they tap
But, often they misconstrue,
Trample on it
Or use it as a trap--
Pursuant of evil ends
With the federal government
They adore to create
A rift or a gap!

A university  gets  off track
If it allows party members
Infest it
Freedom of speech to attack.
1)Some participants,who claim to uphold democracy, deliberately nonstop clapped weaponizing clapping for stopping opposition party's PR from expressing his views.The conference was called by a university but it was infested by  corrupt, tyrant and sanctimonious party members.Here the point is clapping is being used for negative end.In the first stanza it shows capping was meant for upholding freedom of speech but in the second stanza and the following stanzas it shows ,ironically clapping is being used to abort freedom of speech
2)What happened on the conference recently organized on a University's compound.
Arena opposition member, Amdom G/Selassie.
Dec 2018 · 480
A bitter pill to swallow
A loving father and husband
To provide for your family
Heading to office
When birds greet
Dawn with chorus
Hark, hark and hark
Back home, sitting
Over a computer till
It gets pitch dark
Bearing a workload
That could cause
ED if not a heart attack,
You make sure luxuries
Your wife and
Off springs never lack,
To indirectly ram home
Your love for
Your better half
As a broad day light
Is stark.

But when your marriage
Lost its ****** spark
Her resolution shattered
She sought love
Behind your back.

You failed to sensitize
Her about her beauty
Your number one duty,
Also sometimes making
A paradigm shift
You were not
A bit naughty.
Out of line from a
Henpecked husband,
You failed to defamiliarize
That do not you realize?

You should have made her
Feel an object of desire
That was what could have
Rekindled the flame
And the fire.

When you make
Love to her
Think not what
Makes you buckle
Under depression
Such as lack of promotion,
Ego-rocking feelings
Must not distract
Your attention.

You should ever try
To scale ****** new height
Every night.

Workaholic, unless
You jog, jog and jog
When you go to bed
For her you will be
No better than a log.

To the dump yard
She could throw you
A broken toy
Unless you afford her
A joy
Cuckolded by a man
On the wrong side of a boy.

With someone else
When a woman gets into bed
She deletes you
Out of her soul, heart and head
That is why,
As her husband, she denied
You a go ahead!

Mindful of this fact
It is not too late
To fix a date
Stop your
Fate to lament!
(A piece of advice from a cougar to a cuckold husband, contemplating/also facing a divorce)
After I lost you,
If I stop you
To adore
Or begin you to abhor,
I never loved
You before.

Even if I am aware
You are no longer mine
I will take that fine.
Exchanging with you
A greeting
By itself is a
Nice thing.

upon meeting a love object after too much water has passed under the bridge
Allowing a wall
Before their rational
Tthinking stand,
Inured to their heinous deed
Of every brand,
From head to toe
Involved in corruption grand,
Also while fellow citizens
Gasp for air,
Not giving an ounce of care,
Barefacedly they dare
Unjust war to declare!
"Valorous,wiping you out
We shall make the land bare!"

"Chained, cruel and corrupt
Honest - thieves and cut-throats
Us,to court you took
To punish us by the book
Such a move by hook or crook
We shall abort
Haven't it dawned on you the import?
--the select few
From the palace to port
As autocracy is our wont,
And zone of comfort
If stripped of this right
For us it will not be all right!

Though finger countered,
We hail from an ethnic group,
Marked brave
And which we could mobilize,
As our selfishness and brutality
It seems oblivious to realize.

Though during our hay days
Its plight we failed to mollify
Massaging its ego
The call for unjust war
We shall amplify
Unrepentant ,
We should
Wage a fight.

Though some of us
Are on the run,
As blood is thicker than water,
With the credulous
That fight for us
Emerge victorious we can.
To reinstate
Rule of the gun
On which
The international
Has put a ban.

"To flee pang-of-conscience
How fast be the pace?
No need  it is no where in place"
For those on par with fascists and blood suckers that try to hide in an ethnic jungle.Also, who want to proceed with their diabolic act.How could one embezzle in billions while starved-pregenant -and-baby carrying -mother vendors are forced to pay tax by a corrupt government? How could one suspend a plastic full of water on a male's reproductive *****?
Oct 2018 · 847
On earth away from earth
Are you a tourist or
A volcanologist my dear?
With a painful joy
To a live volcano  getting near,
Do you want to pay homage
To earth's nadir
Conscious that beneath a sea level
A sweltering heat you can bear?

Then to Erta Ale  go you not why
Found under Ethiopia's sky?
With a style jumping high,
Hitting the ground
Beating  drums, on their waists,
Sabres tied around
Afro men along with braided women,
With butter greased hair,
The latter ululating and clapping
In a row facing each other
Chant a  love song
“My feeling for you is strong!”

The male herd camel,
While women babysit,prepare food
And make short huts
With tiny malleable wood.

Also dot the mirage-forming sand
Huts grand.

Are you a tourist my dear
Eager to see about
Out of the ordinary you heard
Say about multicoloured magma
Volcano's dusts,
Disgorged out of earth's crust?

Do you want to see a scenery
You have not seen
Since you were born,
How in a motley garment
Mother nature itself adorn
Come then to Ethiopia,
Located in Africa's horn?

Visit Erta Ale ,
On earth
To run away from earth
Enjoying its hearth.
You will witness
The extraction of salt
In a volcano-formed fault.///
One of the wonders of Ethiopia.
Before I Lost you

You were my sun
The azure sky
To scan.  

      After I Lost you

You became
My moon
Desperate to see
You soon.
The tide of time must not **** love.
Jul 2018 · 2.2k
A martyr’s eulogy
On my way to work,
Whenever I pass through
The Holy Trinity church,
After a brief prayer,
The tombstone of a martyr
My eyes never fail to search
As his eulogies sensitive cords
Are sure to touch!

I admire
The tombstone’s design
A flickering torch,
Whose tongue
Is the  martyr ’s statue,
That talks loud his virtue!

“Holy Trinity
Till I crossed the river of death
Allegedly, striped of my health,
Poisoned by evil doers,
Who hanker
By unfair means
To amass wealth,
I had been
A public servant
Adherent to my faith! ”

“Holy Trinity
To abide by
Your commandment-
Don’t steal-
Was my desire
Also to pull out   millions
From poverty’s quagmire.

Across the board development
Working better than one's best
Efficient resource utilization
Also drew my attention! "

“Holy Trinity
A generation
To corruption averse
Is all-out
The bad scenario
In my country
To reverse.  
A generation  for
A developmental ******
That has ****.

I have come to understand
The coming up of
Many a lass and lad,
Whose rights that  demand
I need no more reward,
When in front of you
This way I stand
Justice to demand! ”

Children of Oromia,
Ethiopia’s elephantine branch,
You have to detach
Your state, your country
From the impudent
And the corrupt
That still exercise
The outmoded
Divide and rule
As a fool .

A corruption fighter
Development’s workforce
Is also a hero
Like Ethiopia’s
Valorous and dear sons
Balcha Abanefso
Geresu Duke,Abdisa Aga
And Jagama Kelo.

Children of Oromia
Giving to divisive guys
A deaf ear,
You should hold your
Country Ethiopia,
A cradle of mankind
And civilization, dear
Do not forget
Adding up
Is the current road map

Evil doers
Killing a hero
Could not bring
The change drive
To zero.

As a poet what I can say
“Evil doers
Stop to opt for
Devilish way!
But if you
Keeping going astray
You will go
To the grave in
Ignominious way!”//
Dedicated to  a higher government official allegedly poisoned  for staunchly fighting corruption
Jul 2018 · 2.8k
Welcome white dove
White dove
The hatred wall
That estranged cousins
Have begun to fall
When love
Incarnated in white dove
Started to fly high
Over Ethiopian- Eritrean sky.

White dove
You are an antidote
Border dispute to solve.

White dove
Ethiopia's  port problem
Eritrea's financial-return
You are sure to dissolve.

White dove
Tourism and trade
Must spur ahead.
So to wipe out
Dislike's filth
Let us put a glove.

White dove
To make up for
Lost resources and chances
Also the two cousins
From dislike to absolve.//
Ethiopia,Eritrea have resumed friend ship after 20 years no-war-no-peace situation
Gripped by fright
A full-scale fight
Could once more breakout
At any moment be it
Day or night,
The cousins Ethiopia
And Eritrea
Were beefing up
Their military might
Locked in a border dispute
Exacerbating border
Inhabitants' plight.

For long,
Leaders of the horn
And the international community
Had been observing developments agog
Forced to tune
To the cacophonous war song
"In military prowess
I am the one strong!
A rabbit, I will hack you
Like a feral dog! "

In such shows of force
There was not
Squandered not resource,
Which could feed
Innumerable needy, of course.

In a paradigm shift

"Among siblings
If reign supreme must
Considerateness and peace,
For a border dispute
There is no room please.

Let us build a bridge
Not a wall
Towards common growth
The strife-ridden Horn
Must get  on the ball.

True to the court's
Binding verdict,
President Isaias
Take Bademe as a gift.

To the confluence
Adding up
Is the new roadmap! "

"Thank you Prime Minister
DR Abiy
If love and developmental
****** are entailed
In the roadmap
Rest assured,
I will accord
Your gesture
Thumps up.

Yes, we have to leave
Divide and rule
For the fool!
If the horn
Is to get on the ball
Add up must all"
After in a state of  no peace and no war for 20 years Ethiopia and Eriteria have agreed to bury the hatchet
May 2018 · 154
She looked him askance
He showed a cold shoulder
To a dove,
Who was yearning
For a genuine love,
To chase a bat,
A spoiled brat.

A bird of a broad daylight
He bartered with
A pitch dark night's rat!

After it is too late
For a second chance
Towards his transformed lover
He made advance,
She looked him askance!
Wasted chance
Introduction before the curtain is opened.
-->The  introducer addresses the audience.

Instead of none-stop
Condemning the past
Let us do our part
To lift our country
From economic morass fast.
Better than licking a wound,
Taking corrective measures
On former leaders’ mistakes
We could
Capitalizing, on what
They did good.

(Open Curtain)

--> Enters Emperor Tewodros II

I had tried
Citizens to unite
So that
They will not
Stop short of might
When invaders they fight!

I had also exemplified
Portraying a spectacular
Self dignity and pride
Whatever sacrifices
Trying times demand,
A coward,
An Ethiopian must not
Yield a hand.

To convey
I had also tried,
Though possible
As a tourist,explorer and
Even a covert spy
To enjoy oneself in
Ethiopia, famed for
A hospitable land
The impossibility
To carry away with
A shoe
Ethiopia’s golden
Silt or a sand.

--> Enters Emperor Yohannes IV

In the battle of Gundat
And Gura
I had shuttered
Egyptians' and Khedivi’s
And their Europian advisers'
And North Americans' aura.

Revolted by
A scramble for domestic power
Or salivating for wealth
And abhorring
Stooping to things glittering,
Defending my country
And faith
Valorous, on the forefront
Of a battle
I did shake hands
With the angel of death.

There are lessons
You should learn
Adoring your country
Rent seeking
You have to shun,
Putting my country first
A notable self sacrifice
As I had done!

--> Enters Emperor Menelik II

Simply with
A sword and a spear
Carrying a shield
And riding a horse,
I did chase out
To its teeth
With modern weapon
Armed invading force.

When citizens
Join force and unite
With a golden pen
History they can write
History that flickers light
The oppressed,worldwide,
Could win if they fight
For their
God-bestowed right.

Also to modernization
According focal attention
Must be the task of
A given nation
If ignorance and disease
Their tight grip
Must cease.

--> Enters Emperor Haile selassie I

When many warned me
“You will live to regret
Your good gesture!”
To the development of
My country giving
Focal attention
I allowed students pursue
Further education.

I  also allowed many  here
And   abroad a broad-array of
Subjects learn
And their poor country
Serve in their turn.

A prophet
I exposed League of Nation's
Double standard
So that
The world understand
“Though today
Ethiopia’s turn
The flame of fascism
And ******
Supper powers too will burn!”
It was my wont
In the diplomatic mission
To bring
My country to the front!

Along with fellow leaders,
It was my dream object,
To de-colonize
And unite the continent.

That is why many
Saw for a continental seat
—OAU later AU—
Ethiopia fit.

--> President Mengistu Haile Mariam

As revolution
Was the day’s talk
With the progressive
I broke
On peasants and
The proletariat
Imposed yoke.

Sied Barre’s
Unexpected attack
And intrusion
I had managed
To reverse back,

Also fighting
Mass illiteracy
Was my
Outstanding task.

In fact,
I did try to keep
My country intact.

-->Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

My long-cherished bent
Was ensuring
Political pluralism
And democracy’s advent
For which cause
My youth and adulthood
I spent.

I and combatants
After tyranny
To a grave sent,
I invited
Marginalized states
To come aboard and
Equally enjoy
Development’s boon.

In an astounding
Developmental feat
I was out
The unconquerable

—Blue Nile—

To defeat.
Also against poverty
A similar victory repeat.
What is more
On the road
Of Renaissance
I did inspire
Over 80 ethnic group
Forward to run
Actualizing a leap in
Their life span.

A win-win
Environment smart growth
Was what,charismatic,
On the global arena
I brought forth
Making super powers believe
Giving attention to Africa
Is worth.

--> Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn

In trying times
Not to allow
Started mega projects
Suffer a set back
I saw to
Things are on the right track.

More than one cabinet reshuffle
In  the leading party
Deep renewal and reform,
Together with  members,
I did perform!

To a peaceful power transition
I have set a glaring example
A move
In Africa many took unthinkable!
Averse to rent seeking
I am patted on the back
“You have done a nice thing!”

(Close Curtain)

--> Introducer

To grab the rein
Of power
At the cost of harm
Allowing one ethnic group
On others to tower
Sluggishness in resource
Utilization, not allowing
Development to equally
And fast flower,
Harbouring fright
When citizens exercise
Their allowed democratic right
Are follies
The coming generations
Have to fight
So that
Ensues peace
And days bright,
Off springs of Lucy
We have to always unite!///
Distilling the best from the past warding off hurdles pressing ahead.

My son is late to night
A bit drunk
He may be staggering
In the dark.
God please return him back
Insulating  him from ****'s attack.


My husband is late to night
In a bar bewitched by enticing eyes
He may be inviting a **** for a dance!

Please devil throw him to ****
He is enjoying himself
Under a spell!
A humour based on a bitter truth. About the poet
In The Vortex Of Passion's Wind

Alem Hailu G/Kristos
In The Vortex Of Passion's Wind
Lessons from Wrong Turns (***/AIDS)
Format: 12 x 19 cm
Number of Pages: 106
ISBN: 978-3-7103-2109-2
Release Date: 09.09.2015
united p.c. publisher
Whenever Richard Cory went down town,
We people on the pavement looked at him:
He was a gentleman from sole to crown,
Clean favored, and imperially slim.

And he was always quietly arrayed,
And he was always human when he talked;
But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
"Good-morning," and he glittered when he walked.

And he was rich—yes, richer than a king—
And admirably schooled in every grace:
In fine, we thought that he was everything
To make us wish that we were in his place.

So on we worked, and waited for the light,
And went without the meat, and cursed the bread;
And Richard Cory, one calm summer night,
Went home and put a bullet through his head.

ሪቻርድ ኮሪ

ሪቻርድ ኮሪ
ቁልቁል ወደ ከተማ ሲወርድ፣
ሆነን በእግረኛው መንገድ
እናየው ነበር::
ከጫማው ሶል እስከራሱ፣
ተክለሰውነቱ፣ ቀጭን ጌታ እንደንጉሱ፣
ሁሌ ድንቅ አለጫጭ አለባበሱ!

ብንደምረውም ከኛው ጎራ
‹‹እንደምን አደራችሁ!›› ሲል
የቃል አወጣጥ ስልቱ፣
አቤት ማስደሰቱ፣
ድንቅ አረማመዱ አክሂያዱ!
በጣም ሃብታም--ከሃብታምም ሃብታም፣
የንጉሱም ሃብት ከሱ አይጠጋም--
አስፈላጊውን ትምህርተ ሁሉ የቀሰመ
በእውቀቱ ያስደመመ፡፡
በአዘቦት፣ሁሉም ሃሴት የተሟላለት
‹‹ምነው በሱ ቦታ በሆንን!›› ብለን
የሱን እጣ ሽተን
እናም በለት ስራችን ተጠምደን
ብሩህ ተስፋ ሰንቀን
ስጋ ተነፍገን ዳቦን እረገምን!
ሪቻርድ ኮሪ
አንድ ጸጥ ያለ ምሽት
ገብቶ ቤቱ አኖረ ጥይት
በራሱ ጭንቅላት!//
Measure not life with the prism of wealth or,creed ,class or knowledge!
Nay, you wrong her my friend, she's not fickle; her love she has simply outgrown:
One can read the whole matter, translating her heart by the light of one's own.

Can you bear me to talk with you frankly? There is much that my heart would say;
And you know we were children together, have quarrelled and 'made up' in play.

And so, for the sake of old friendship, I venture to tell you the truth,-
As plainly, perhaps, and as bluntly, as I might in our earlier youth.

Five summers ago, when you wooed her, you stood on the self-same plane,
Face to face, heart to heart, never dreaming your souls could be parted again.

She loved you at that time entirely, in the bloom of her life's early May;
And it is not her fault, I repeat it, that she does not love you to-day.

Nature never stands still, nor souls either; they ever go up or go down;
And hers has been steadily soaring - but how has it been with your own?

She has struggled and yearned and aspired, grown purer and wiser each year:
The stars are not farther above you in yon luminous atmosphere!

For she whom you crowned with fresh roses, down yonder, five summer ago,
Has learned that the first of our duties to God and ourselves is to grow.

Her eyes they are sweeter and calmer; but their vision is clearer as well:
Her voice has a tenderer cadence, but is pure as a silver bell.

Her face has the look worn by those who with God and his angels have talked:
The white robes she wears are less white than the spirits with whom she has walked.

And you? Have you aimed at the highest? Have you, too, aspired and prayed?
Have you looked upon evil unsullied? Have you conquered it undismayed?

Have you, too, grown purer and wiser, as the months and the years have rolled on?
Did you meet her this morning rejoicing in the triumph of victory won?

Nay, hear me! The truth cannot harm you. When to-day in her presence you stood,
Was the hand that you gave her as white and clean as that of her womanhood?

Go measure yourself by her standard; look back on the years that have fled:
Then ask, if you need, why she tells you that the love of her girlhood is dead.

She cannot look down to her lover; her love like her soul, aspires;
He must stand by her side, or above her, who would kindle its holy fires.

Now farewell! For the sake of old friendship I have ventured to tell you the truth,
As plainly, perhaps, and as bluntly, as I might in our earlier youth.///

--->Specialy this part(how could growing out of love make a lady pure?)

She has struggled and yearned and aspired, grown purer and wiser each year:
The stars are not farther above you in yon luminous atmosphere!

For she whom you crowned with fresh roses, down yonder, five summer ago,
Has learned that the first of our duties to God and ourselves is to grow.

Her eyes they are sweeter and calmer; but their vision is clearer as well:
Her voice has a tenderer cadence, but is pure as a silver bell.

Her face has the look worn by those who with God and his angels have talked:
The white robes she wears are less white than the spirits with whom she has walked.

And you? Have you aimed at the highest? Have you, too, aspired and prayed?
Have you looked upon evil unsullied? Have you conquered it undismayed?

Have you, too, grown purer and wiser, as the months and the years have rolled on?
Did you meet her this morning rejoicing in the triumph of victory won?
Some part of this poem is not clear for me, I indicated after the arrow.I did translate two of her poem into Amharic.I am trying to translate this one
Try to explain
Bird beneath the midnight sky
As on my lonely couch I lie,
I hear thee singing in the dark,
Why sing not I?

No star-gleams meet thy wakeful eye;
No fond mate answers to thy cry;
No other voice, through all the dark,
Makes sweet reply.

Yet never sky-lark soaring high
Where sun-lit clouds rejoicing lie,
Sang as thou singest in the dark,
Not mute as I!

O lone, sweet spirit! tell me why
So far thy ringing love-notes fly,
While other birds, hushed by the dark,
Are mute as I?

No prophecy of morn is nigh;
Yet as the somber hours glide by,
Bravely thou singest in the dark
Why sing not I?


እንዳንድ ወፍ እንዳለች ታች ከለሊቱ ሰማይ፣

ጋደም እንዳለኩ ለብቻዬ አልጋ ዬ ላይ

ጥኡመ ዜማ ስታወርጂ አሰማልሁ

‹‹ እኔስ ለምን አልዘምርም ?” እላለሁ፡፡

የትኛውም ኮከብ በነፀብራቁ ቢልቅ፣

ያንቸን ንቁ ዓይን አያስንቅ!

ግና ለጥሪሽ ምነው ቅርብ ጓደኛ

ምላሸ አይሰጥሽ ?

ሌላም ድምፅ፣ በዚ የለሊቱ ግርማ፣

የሚጥም ምላሻዊ ዜማ አያሰማ!

ድርጭት እንኳ እስከላይ በእጅጉ መጥቃ

ተጋድምው፣ ፀሐይ በፍንደቃ የሚሞቁ ደመናዎች

እስተሚስተዋሉብት ድረስ ዘልቃ፣ ስታበቃ፣

እንደዚያ እስከላይ ሄዳ፣

እንደኔ ሳትሆን ለመዝሙር ዲዳ፣

አንቺ በድቅድቅ እንደምታወርጂው ዜማ

ከቶ አታሰማ!

ብቸኛዋ ነፍስ ንገሪኝ

ያንቺ ፍቅር የተጫነበት ዜማ፣

እስከአሁን በመቀጠል የሚሰማ!

ደሞም ምነው ሌሌች ወፎች

በጨለማው ዝማም ተሸብበው

የሆኑት ዲዳ፣ በመደዳ!

የማለዳ ብስራተ በሌለበት

ሠአቱ ለመሄድ ዳተኛ በሆነበት

ትዘምሪያለሸ በድፍረት!

በሞትኩት፣ ለምንድነው

እኔ እንዳንቺ ያልሆነኩት? //

(ጁሊያ ካሎሪን)
Never say die
Mar 2018 · 188
Discharging inherited duty
Confused, fickle
I had been marring mine
And others' life to date
But this bent
I have grown to hate!
So God
Send on my way
My soul mate!

Before the prime time of
My life is gone
For my sins
I have to atone!

As I observed,
When it comes to delight,
To looking after an offspring
Comes close nothing.

Careless, to forget
To procreate
Is a folly I will live
To regret.

Seconded is by none
To dads and moms
Seeing grandchildren.

Charged with parental
And  a  spouse's  responsibility
I must discharge
Inherited-by-me duty!
Single, lovelorn, fickle, responsibility, duty
I hate that drum's discordant sound,
Parading round, and round, and round:
To thoughtless youth it pleasure yields,
And lures from cities and from fields,
To sell their liberty for charms
Of ****** lace, and glittering arms;
And when Ambition's voice commands,
To march, and fight, and fall, in foreign lands.

I hate that drum's discordant sound,
Parading round, and round, and round:
To me it talks of ravag'd plains,
And burning towns, and ruin'd swains,
And mangled limbs, and dying groans,
And widow's tears, and orphans moans;
And all that misery's hand bestows,
To fill the catalogue of human woes.

ያስጠላኛል ያ ቀፋፊ ድምፅ የታምቡሩ(ለመዝሙር የታሰበ ግጥም)

ያስጠላኛል ያቀፋፊ ድምፅ የታምቡሩ
የባንድ አባላት በሰልፍ ሲውርዱ
ክብ ክብ እየሰሩ!

ለሀሳብ የለሽ ወጣቶቸ ደስታውን ይዘራል
ከከተማ፣ ከሜዳ አማሎ ይጠራል
‹‹ምጡ፣ ነፃነታችሁን ሽጡ
ለዩኒፎርምና  ለሜዳል  ድንቅ፣
ለመሳሪያም የሚያንፀባርቅ! ››

እናም አንዳስፈላጊንቱ ትዛዝ ሲነግረ
ዘምቶ ተዋግቶ ለመውደቅ በሰው አገር!

ያስጠላኛል ያቀፋፊ ድምፅ የታምቡሩ
የባንድ አባላት በሰልፍ ሲውርዱ
ክብ ክብ እየሰሩ !

ለኔ ሹክ የሚለኝ
የታረሱ ኮረብታዎች፣የነድዱ ከተማዎች፣
የመከኑ ወጣት አፍቃሪዎች፣
የተበለቱ ገላዎች፣ ዋይታዎች፣ ማጣጣሮች
የባልቴት እንባ፣
እንዲሁም የሕፃናት ወላጅ አልባ!
ደሞም ለመዘከር፣ አንዲት ነገር ሳተቀር--
ስለሰው ልጆች ስቃይ፣ በችግር እጅ ስለሚታይ::

(ጆን ስኮት)
Written during first world war
Feb 2018 · 122
The Sky is the limit
A pitch dark night
Will be overcome
By a broad day light,
Seeds below
The earth that lie,
Soon open
A thankful eye
To the heavenly father
In the sky!
Then why? Why?
Should you and I
Allow our ambition
Wilt and die,
See our dreams fly by,
When say
A Hurdle
Block our way!
We must never admit
When a dead end
We hit,
There is no
Getting round it!
We should know
When God shuts the door
He will open the window!
Hard we have to fight
To hit a target heartfelt,
The sky is the limit
Let's go for it!
Never say die!
Jan 2018 · 266
Congra to a dear boy!
What a joy
What a joy
My little nephew,
Two decades back
Born abroad,
When a  guest here
A ride on
A piggy shoulder
Who used to enjoy,
To whom I bought
A motley toy
Out of himself
Made a brilliant boy.

“As per my choice
Could you buy me a donkey
Or a could you allow  me
A  tortoise
To touch
When we go to
The squalid market square
Or  the nearby church?”

Double mind
Is his nick name
Now crafting
Software is his game.

A small boy
He used to ask
“Tell me why
Flowers don't grow
On the sky?”

“Tell me quick
Why animals
Don't speak?
Also stars
Don't grow
On the meadow?”

“Why is the sky high
To touch?”
Such questions helped him
Racking  his brain
To come up with
Academic research,
That troubleshoot
Societal challenge
And afford
A nation a turnaround
Or  for the better a change!

Now, conversant in IT
It is no wonder
To observe
Binary operation,flowcharts
Programming languages
Are at the tip of his finger.

His study at
George Mason University
Has turned out a hit
Getting himself
In the Dean's List.

A boy that lends
To parents, relatives
And teachers
A heeding ear
Is really dear.
(To my Nephew who graduated recently)
Jan 2018 · 140
Blame shifting
Angry a man began to beat his dog
"Conniving with a thief is wrong!"

Answered the dog

"What more do you
Want me to do dear?
After to my non-stop bark
Last night, dead asleep,
You turned a deaf ear!

When told to mend its  way
Adamant, the incumbent
Went astray.

After it is to late
It makes a dabble
To hold citizens to
The chaos accountable!
Paying for a deaf ear.
Jan 2018 · 221
They cross fertilize
Peace and development, lung and heart, feed on each other!

Preparing for war is also option better adversaries to parry and deter.
Adversaries that conspire the couple - peace & development -to put asunder.

Also, to ensure peace, paying sacrifices further let us our development Spur!
Unless they see poverty committed to the ground and in their life a turnaround, daunted, to belligerence human beings are bound!


ሳንባና ልብ ፤ ሠላምና ልማት፤ ለርስ በራስ ግባት!

ማደበር ጉልበት፤ ጠብጫሪ ለመመከት፤ የሚጥር ጥንዶቹን ለማፋታት፤
ካስፈለገም ድባቅ ለመምታት፤ አስፈላጊ ነው በውነት ጀባ ለማለት የሠላም ሰገነት!
ከፍልን አስፈላጊውን መስዋትነት፤ልማታችንን አናፋጥን ሠላማችን እንዳትቀጥን!

ከሌለ ልማት፤ብስራት፤ለደህነት መሬት መግባት፤
ሠላም ይሆናል የህልም እንጀራ፤ከጠብያለሸ በዳቦ የሰውልጆቸ ተራ!
Peace and development cross fertilize each other
Jan 2018 · 133
Acting bad to good end
Sometimes you have
To think out of the box
"Flog the workaholic ox
So that the indolent one
Dragged by the yoke
***** nilly ,together,begins
To work!"
Some bosses at times shows such behaviour.
Jan 2018 · 208
Do in Rome as Romans do
It should not come as a surprise
Though the right posture
A subordinate doesn't lack
"Do in Rome as Romans do"
s/he has to walk!

It shouldn't come
As a surprise
Watching journalists
Praise that shower
On a tyrant government
In power!
Modern slavery
Jan 2018 · 124
It is meant for one
When smiles
From my teeth
You often scan,
Do not  conclusion jump
Posses my heart you can
The former is for all
But the latter
For one!
Sometimes our feelings are misunderstood. Misunderstanding
Jan 2018 · 125
Tardy on dawning on me
Observing a man
Walloping his cat,
For mewing without respite,
Gripped by fright
A dog kept quite,
In a pitch-dark night
When a thief
Heading the gate past
Stole into a hut!"

Read this tale to me my aunt
When I was
On the wrong side of an infant,
To hit home" Never bury the fact !"

With a dump eye
I condoned the walloping
Of colleagues
Who asked
"Injustice and ill treatment why?"

Anon, my turn turned up
And I suffered a deadly slap!

Bubbling up
From my memories back
The meaning of the tale
I heard four decades back
Appeared to me stark
When I suffered
A similar meaningless
Power exercising attack!

My Novel 'Hope from the Debris of Hopelessness'

    Publisher: Noah Books (October 14, 2017)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 194811707X
    ISBN-13: 978-1948117074
Condoning offence is not good as we could be subject to it next time
Dec 2017 · 247
Monkey's mentality
With an intent of
Stripping off all--Wives & footholds--
And taking over,
A monkey measures
And measures
Father's foot mark
Walking behind father's back
And inflict on the same attack
Cognizant ,subject to
The wear and tear of time
, feeble,
A defensive hand
Father could lack!

A mentor,  I helped
An apprentice
Acquire a sharp mind
And a nimble hand
Till on his feet stand.

When he realized
He has ensured balance
Began the apprentice
Forward advance,
Quite strange to the behaviour
Of other apprentices.
Ungrateful he started to hurl
Acerbic remark
About  my skills
Casting a covetous glance
For boss's chair a chance.
Among my subordinates and students some have this mentality.
Though keeping the necessary distance
I often retreat
Miss reading my sagacious move
Signs of inferiority or defeat,
Upstarts begin going out of their way
On me damages to inflict!

Nudging me out of
My shell
They adore
Turning my life a ****!
First hand knowledge
Nov 2017 · 229
Like a moth to a flame
Myself I have to blame
After declaring“I have severed
Our relation, intolerant to
Her theatrical and self-seeking love game!”
Back to square one, under
The pretext of sympathy, of course,
Buckling under her sight and voice
I acted the same,like a moth to a flame!

Though my siblings and friends
Advised, “A leech, if she has no other intent
Then, inconsiderate, she'll bleed you dry
Why should you call her my dove
'Cause her sentiment is far from love!
Dump her, the problem to solve.
Innocent, no need yourself to absolve!”
Back to square one, under the pretext of
Evading conscience-pang—A fickle—

I acted the same,like a moth to a flame!

Offence blind,proving a fool,
I failed to see the wide room
For her to be unfaithful!
No sooner we got out of bed
Acid to my salary,though to garner it
Back myself I have to bend,
She used to hand it over to
Her indolent boyfriend!
Though I knew
Our love was clinically dead,
My youthful life on bitter love
I was forced to spend!
Asked to write poem on bitter lovve
Nov 2017 · 247
What a lesson it got!
History has it that
“United we stand
Divided we fall!”
Was the secret
That helped
The victorious
            stand tall.

Similarly A,b...Y and z
Ethnic groups all
Some major,while some
In number small
For ages were
          on the ball
Whenever there is a call
Eveready nation's
     development spur
Or aggressor to deter.

Pursuant of a trick
“Divide and rule!
Fish in a troubled water
Putting siblings asunder”
The formula for the cruel, z
Tried to thwart A,b...Y's
social fabric
Not sparing a single brick.

An upstart  z drove a wedge
Among A,b....Y, on the sly.
But they asked “Dissension why?”
Isn't UNITY what in our
Formative years we bought!
And together they went
For z's throat
To deprive it the devilish power

it terribly sought
Now z is fighting a
             battle lost
What a lesson  it got!
Fishing in troubled water
Nov 2017 · 144
Psychological dome
Forcing passers by

Curious for peep stand,

Swelling a throng

By every square

Or a roadside

Using his right leg

A nimble right hand

With the other holding

The artefact items hard

A hand-less man

Makes attractive tables

and stools

Hammering nails

and cutting woods

The way the task demand,

A task many normal people

imagine  to handle hard.

Those who appreciate

his talent

Throws coins—

A tip for his pocket,

While some buy

The artefact items

He puts up for market.

Aside from eking out

a leaving

He hits home

The psychological dome

“Disability is not inability!”

In a similar case

An art mentor

And an apprentice

Draw many a

wonderful picture

With his mouth

the latter

In a manner

Attention that capture

Hitting home “Some qualities

If deprived by mother nature

Other qualities man could nurture!”
Based on a true story,
Oct 2017 · 181
Crime by ommission
Turning a blind eye
Also, intimidated to
Challenge the autocrats "Why? "
I condoned the slaying
Of the honest and workaholic
Subordinates on integrity's altar
Allowing on my conscience
An indelible scar.
A covert attack on the basis of affiliation
Sep 2017 · 205
Fear wedded life
I) A Child

Though comfortably asleep
With a doll by my side,
Often I was terrified
A chimera could lurk
In the dark!

Also from a distance
When a dog bark
I saw it stark
A hyena with a
Horn was out
People to attack
Capable to pose
Its grotesque face
Behind my back.

II) A boy

Smote by
A dream object
To anxiety I was subject.
As she was
Inaccessibly beautiful
Self conscious
I couldn't be cool
"What if
Before her eyes
I prove a fool!"
Nor could I pursue
The endeavour
--winning her heart--
'Cause, topsy-turvy, to me
She turned an object of terror!

III)  An adult

I was questioning myself
Whether"With my collogues,
Could I rub a shoulder?
If not better."

Compared with neighbours
Why,why and why
Financially I could not stand
Stand shoulder high?

IV) A senior citizen

Putting under a question
Mark my health,
I was beset
To lustfully inherit
My wealth
My son or wife,
Conspiring with
Heinous neighbours,
Could spell my death.

Enemies in the past,
What is more
The misdeeds of my wife ,
Which are rife,
Trailing by my mind
Bad days me remind!

Oft  with an axe
To grind
My self I find.
I found true what I learnt in developmental psychology.
Sep 2017 · 394
Disciples of satan
As migrant workers in dire need of buttering their bread
To Libya, the hardest way, some Ethiopians opted to head
They spent a portion of their life in a sweatshop
Clinging afloat a better-tomorrow hope.
Tragically, they were intercepted by ISIS members with
A brain, inured, petrified and dead
After blood-thirsty, heinous, ill-motivated and bad shaped.
ISIS demons, who lavish atavism, ironically the faithful behead
With faith-based hatred. Putting on a mask, they
Bullied 30 cross-necklace-bearing Ethiopians to a desert shore,
Showcasing the brutality they adore —the way a cat
Plays with an inescapably captured rat-
Rattling a sabre at the kneeling down victim's back
Making sure their brutality to others proves stark
Like a Hollywood movie they ordered 'attack! '
'Even slaying a sheep or a hen
Must be handled in a way that doesn't inflict a pain! '
The Prophet's word ISIS members misconstrued
"The Muslim Faith owes Ethiopian Orthodox a gratitude!
So Never attack a peaceful Ethiopian! "
What do they care, disciples of satan,
When an Ethiopian Muslim challenged them
"Where is your logic or reason? "
They shot him, taking his act as a treason.

It is martyr's soul that goes to heaven
While the unrepentant terrorists' souls
Are destined for ****'s oven!
A true story that happened years back
Aug 2017 · 313
"As you are bewitched
By my beauty
Allow me to be a bit naughty!

Pleasure expect not to gain
Without a little pain.

Take me to
The most expensive
Restaurants that exist.
Let me order dishes top
On the menu list.
Hurry, let us go
To another place
Having for an open -kitchen
A space.
Don't you doubt
I have interest
For a none-stop bout.

Buy me
Expensive cosmetics
And shoes
Dresses and an overcoat
And what not?
Not forgetting money
For transport.

Though when
You got me first, I was broke
I had a pride strong
Like a rock!"

Although you seem a dove,
A wolf in a sheep's skin,
You are blind to
A genuine love,
Hence,I have decided
The problem to solve!
Before you jilt me
When I have nothing
For you to siphon,
Finish with you
I ought
As love must not be
A typhoon.

So dove,
Helpless, may helps you
God who is above!
Up on encountering such a girl.
Jun 2017 · 235
Cure a wound another could
The desire to wholly
Posses you
Was so great
Bitter and harrowing
Was the feeling,unfaithful
To memory's dustbin
You relegate.

At a loss how
My problem to solve
Crying out my heart
By a serene cathedral door
Myself to absolve
God blew on my way a dove!

With a tap
On the shoulder
A sympathetic
And cute girl
On par with
My ex-lover
If not better
"Believe me
There will come
A time you
Never recall
The heart sickness
Now you are
Taking tall!"

This way
In pure love
With this girl
I got on the ball
As she prophesied
Bitter memories
Forgetting all.

Cure a wound
Inflicted by one girl
Another could.
Unlike a glass a broken heart like a broken bone could be repaired
The very knowledge that
You exist
Affords me a pleasure that
Has no limit!

Though the tide of
Life had taken you adrift
Between us  creating a rift
Though it had cruelly
Taken you away
My love for you with
Me for ever stay
The way
You planted it
In my heart
The first day!
To the one he loved but  married to another
Jun 2017 · 471
Use not a sword for a word
True to
The saying
“The pen is mightier
Than the sword”
To your enemies
Deep-cutting and
Were every  of
Your  acerbic satire, also
Bitter-truth packed word.
“To ignore
His pen we ill afford
Nor could we
Fight him back
Word for word.
So covertly
Let us
Strike him  down
With a sword
About his whereabouts
Effacing a word!” they said
As a writer Baalu
Was worth his weight
In gold,
Whose books strangely
In large numbers sold
Though some of them,
To gut down,
They did try to hoard.

For want of
A photocopy machine then
Many were happy
To distribute
A hand-written copy.

Deep when you think,
Your pen when you pick
With it loud to speak,
Your subjects used to jump
Out of their skin
Scared of a basilisk!

Your pen
On your characters' neck
A pain
Was haunting their brain!
Yes your pen
Was their bane!

Dust to dust
You and also your enemies
With their sword
Had hopped on
Death's bandwagon
Yet your pen
Surfing back
The tide of time
Resurfaces again.
To Bealu Girma Ethiopian writer and journalist detained on the covert and  believed killed by the diabolic derg regime.No freedom of press and expressing ideas
Jun 2017 · 237
Stood on its head
She made me a cuckold
With my best friend
"Go ahead
No problem!"
I said
And made love
With her close friend!

When life stood
On its head
"How dare you two!"
She said,
And in vain
Tried to trap me in bed
Planting a kiss on my forehead
Darling the winner of
My bread.

"I am afraid
I have tasted the meaning of
Life to the full!
So don't be a fool
Be cool
And taste him
To the full" I said.
What a revenge,an eye for an eye,paid in kind.
Seeing a swarm of flies
Seeping the sap of
A hand-deprived
Leaper's fresh wound
A good Samaritan
Disarrayed them with
A hand clap “Twa!” sound
Getting as close as he could
In vain expecting
“A thank you!” gratitude.

“You shouldn't have done that
When the former ones,
Who had their fills, depart
The famished ones come forth
For their part
To siphon my blood
To their hearts delight!”

The upstart incumbent
Closed a curtain
On at the-end-of- the-tunnel
-alluring light
Let alone warrant
The much-touted
Days bright—Democracy
Across the board wealth sharing.

Revolutionary democrats
Who boast “Brave
In a guerilla fight
We have sent
Tyrants to a grave!”
Serving the people
Opted to forget
So as
From government's coffer
To line up their own pocket.
Tax-comafledged exploitation
Compounded by
Government-sponsored corruption
What is more intimidation
From one's land
Or abode alienation
Research aiming
At ethnic cleansing
Bureaucratic logjams
And maladministration
Creating a non stop
Hassle and tension
From fever-pitch
Brewing up
Political tension
To divert attention
Are the tactic
They use
To sustain
Their tenure
And advance
Bad governance.///
African politics © 23 hours ago, Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos   sad poems • society poems
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Peter the Ce
May 2017 · 319
Ouroboros(Self cannibalism)
Ouroboros is its own meal

The same is true with

Those from own country that steal!

To humstrung the incumbent

Most party members are not hesitant.

Ouroboros,they adore their party,

Which they obliviously or

Otherwise sully with

A rent-seeking identity.

They adore the incumbent

Yet they spell nation's

Slow but sure death

Siphoning budget earmarked

For  infrastructure,education,

Agriculture and health.

They adore their party

That took power

But with a deadface

That lets them, with

Nation's wealth, take a shower.

They adore their party,

However with their bureaucratic logjams,

Create on nation's developmental

****** encumberance.

Yet they entertain

A wild dream

Their party could

Let the country

Forward advance.

They support their party

As a Scare (self-defeating) tactic

Sees better

For social justice

Requesting demonstrators

To scatter

Shooting one or two

With a ******.

'cause what they enunciate

"We adore"

Citizens abhore

Marking it stifling and "a bore".

Worse still

Barefaced they entertain

No shame or fear

Using  'public media'

"I **** thee

Because I love thee!"

To din in people's ear.//
Politics in Africa
Apr 2017 · 229
Awakening and rekindling
The exhilarating experience
Of being a cherished object
Of love and desire
With a flattering affectionate look
"Other than you I have
No beauty to admire!"
Fanning the ember of
An emotionally not-checked-in
Wife's lady hood in to a fire
I put off her attire
To enjoy a forbidden fruit
I never imagined
I could  succeed to acquire!

The girl who shunned me
Preferring a rich man
After a lot of water
Passed under the bridge,
This way, I began to man
Though suffering a conscious pang
I have turned a disciple of Satan.

But I am bold
With my chest to parry
A bullet shot towards the one
A beauty I behold.
Unless husbands check their wives are emotionally checked in they end up losing them if they are offered the necessary affection elsewhere.
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