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When birds on nearby
Big olive trees
A mellifluous music make,
Cognizant time for daybreak
I often used to get awake.
They always chirp
To say
“ Get up what is your plan
For today?”

Tragically, after
People recklessly
Felled down trees
Concrete jungles
To advance
I have missed for
The alarming bell
A chance.

A vicious cycle of drought
Makes the harvest naught.
Food insecurity
Has become
Some countries’ identity.
Rivers,which used to gallop,
Ebbing out, that trend
Has stopped.

Unlike in the past,
Walking without umbrella
No sane person can
For h/she will be
Victimized by the sun.

Nature, which
We used to bully,
Has become
Unruly !

Alas , unless one puts on
A glass
The reflection from a nearby
Tower’s environment -
not-friendly window
Could cast on one’s iris
A shadow.

In the past
Summer was summer
While winter winter
But now has taken their places
Gray matter.

The air was salubrious
But now it has said” Adieus!”////
About climate change
(Before Covid 19)

I distance you
Because I hate you!

(After Covid 19)

I distance you
Because I love you!
After hearing the advise if you are caring for fellow citizens too distance yourself from them
Apr 24 · 587
Pinning old me(Revised)
From going out
I have to refrain
Terrified by the passing by
Corona thunder and
Pandemic rain,
Oddly defying science,
A chimera,
Looming large
Again and again.

I have begun
To pine
For old me
Freely out to
The neighborhood
And street
Somebody to meet
Somebody to greet.

After  Covid-19's
Shock treatment,
My reservation
I admit
In being picky
When choosing people
I used to meet.

"Love your friend
As yourself
As God said
It has dawned on me
In humanity's treasure trove
Should  come peoples' love
Of course all things atop
Must be placed
In-God-vested hope.(Mark 12: 30-31)

My behavior spiraling
Out of control
A feeble and complacent
Human being
I stretched my imagination
As if God
Has secondary or no role.
As such,
Earthly pursuit
Was my goal.
Now, as King David said, (plasm 122:1)
I reflect
Going to church,
Uplifting soul, allows
With God keeping
In touch.
It has also sank in
Brushing shoulders
With collogues
Was enthusing
Aloof, on my chair
Before I perch,
At times to do
Reading research.

I realized the money
I used to stash away
To make hay,
While others were starving
And when I could become
People hungry
Had no meaning.

I want to see
The broadmass
No more afraid
Out, on their table
To put bread!

I pined my liberty of
To and fro
Breathing oxygen free
Before the
Corona lockdown decree.

I want to project
My true face
Forced not on
My lovely face
A mask to place.

With a square shoulder
I want to walk
No more ringing
In my ear
The pandemic talk.
I want to rove the land
And fly on the sky
To feast my eyes
On touristic spots
Or goods to buy,
May God allow me
Such things again
Before I die!
I  also pine to see
The day
Undertakers are
No longer in a hurry
Fellow citizens
To bury.

I pray for
God's Mercy

But now  
Keeping social distance
Washings hands with soap
Putting on face mask
And sanitizing is
What I advance.
True to Jesus's parable if a Shepard who had 100 sheep missed one, he will worry more about the one he lost. I missed people--friends, neighbors ,colleagues and fellow citizens
Apr 18 · 94
On Ethiopian Good Friday
A rainbow on Ethiopia's sky
Its flag hovered high
Doubt have not I
As told to Noah
It is God's sign of mercy
"Gramercy! "
We owe the Omnipresent

Come what may
(Corona or a lockdown)
Round the clock
God the Almighty
Is Ethiopia's prayer
And its orthodox
Faithful's talk.  (plasm 68, 31)

Press ahead
We need
Our talk to walk
Praising and praying
In every abode
"Ethiopia raises its hands
To God! "
After observing such an event; check
Apr 7 · 148
No more masks(Revised)
A poetic drama (One Scene)

( Egypt’s parliamentary farce)

(The spokesperson on the presidium strikes the table with a wooden hammer and asks for order. Participants become quiet.
Raise your hands and reflect your views on today’s point of argument— The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD ) on Blue Nile. Various people representatives raise hands,
The spokesman says let us start with Mr. Hydrologist over there.)

Egypt’s globally
Topmost voluminous
Reserve of water
We could use later.
So via our media outlets
It is better
We dupe
The global community with
Much-touted chatter
“To Egyptians
Demand of water
To cater
Blue Nile is
A life and
Death matter!
As ticker than blood
Is water! ”

Of course,
From the Mediterranean
Or Red Sea
We could extract, desalinate
And use water,
But why should
We talk about that?
We better
Ask on Blue Nile
Our exclusive right.

Though hydropower dam
Has no significant harm
We shall flout it
In a way it runs
Out of charm.

Also via a conduit
Diverting Blue Nile
Across the Sahara desert
A financial return
We could get
That delights our heart.
The water from
Upstream countries
We do not buy
But sell it
We shouldn’t why?

Like Israel
Using drip irrigation
Must not
Draw our attention.
We shall be extravagant
For Blue Nile’s water
Is abundant.
Unchecked lavishly
It must flow!
Pertaining to that
We have to remain adamant.

Also, the
Silt accumulation
In Aswan dam
Could be disastrous
The outcome,
Yet we have
To cry foul
This challenge-averting
GERD must not soon
Generate region-
much-needed power!”

Though it is 50 % of the
Annual trans boundary
Water outflow
Other water-generating countries
Are willing to let go
Unwilling anything below,
Kind Ethiopia ventures
Holding only 13% of
The yearly flow to follow,
However, ingratitude
Must feature our attitude.
This may
Provoke a  dismay
But attention
We shall not pay.

(A tumultuous applause shook the parliament. Once more the spokesman asks for order. Then he invites a former diplomat saying “ it is your turn.”)

Once, by famine hit
When Ethiopia   asked
“Help me not why?”,
While others extended help,
We did turn
A blind eye.

Whenever Ethiopia
Seeks  grant
From international
Development Institutions
On grounds of
Fighting poverty and drought,
Greasing palms  
We shall bring
Ethiopia’s plans to harness
Blue Nile to naught!
Use we shall
Many a phony diplomat
With a tongue of honey
And a heart of gal.

Tact we do not lack
So cautiously,
Our sanctimonious mask
Our targets
May not hack,
All out
We shall engage in
Self-selling talk!
From all things that fall
In the technical matrices
We shall make politics.

(He sits enjoying a standing ovation. The spokesman invites a representative with a military background.)

We shall blow our
Trumpet in the air
“In lieu of
The reasonable 3 years,
From 4 to 6 years
To fill the dam
If Ethiopians dare,
War on it
We shall declare!
Barefacedly claiming
Fifteen to 20 years
Is what is fair!

This way
Before it sees the day’s light
GERD will suffer blight.”

(He hiccups and continues)

“With a bellicose bent
To remind ourselves
Deliberately we shall fail
So many times Ethiopia
Chased out every
Egypt’s invading army
Between its legs
Shoveled its tail. (Ex. Isma'il Pasha/ 1874 –1876 )
But why should we care
Arsenal support
Hypocrites, who want to exploit
In the Middle East
Egypt’s political purport,
Will bring to our port.

We shall
Continue to brag
About GERD’s full actualization
Foot to drag.
I’m afraid
If we strike GERD,
On Aswan dam
Ethiopia will certainly inflict
A similar harm.
Its infantry
Acid-tested hero
Within three days
Will march into Cairo.

Its top official or
One from its mob
Cold blow up in Egypt a bomb.

We have to understand
As its former PM
Meles put it
“It is not
Its football squad
Ethiopia will deploy
On the terrain rough
When the going
Gets tough!”

(He sat after enjoying a heartwarming laughter from the audience. The spokesman himself could not help unzipping his lips and invites a hoary headed historian.)

Subjects of colonization
It is our
Historic right
For the hanging-over
Mentality of predators
To fight
“Gobbling down
All resources
Is our right!”
We shall espouse
Unjust and inequitable deal
“Ethiopia fairly
GERD must not fill!”
We must gamble
Regarding the water division
There has to be a deal
That serves our colonial
Legacy a sign and seal.

There is nothing we hate
Than the sentiment
Pan Africanists activate.

(He sits accompanied by an affirmative nods. The spokesman invited Miss Environmentalist "it is your turn." "Thank you for the opportunity,"  she said and  standing she scanned the congregants
before speaking)

In parrying evaporation
GRERD being built in a gorge
Than Aswan Dam
In the desert
Draws better attention.
Though logical,
This we do not wish to hear
So we shall turn a deaf ear
“Your nuisance
We no longer bear!”

Of course
To avoid siltation
Also to ensure
The continuous flow of water
Towards Green development
Ethiopia is making
Unflagging movement.

Yes , Yes
Green development
Draws rain
Though that is
To our gain
From expressing
Appreciation to
Ethiopia’s timely move
We shall refrain.

From the voice of
Sagacious leaders of
It is better
To heed a hypocrite
From America;
That could not be a shame
In the political game.

(She takes a seat enjoying a high five. The spokesman invites a parliamentarian who is a member of the Arab league.)

As Sudan poses
A rational gait
Its voice has weight.
Our sugar-coated talk
It may not buy
Hence, the fuel-intoxicated
Gluttonous Arab League
Its voice
Needs to raise high.
White supremacists
Must try hard
To sweet talk Sudan
To our side.
Creating political heat
We have to unseat
Its incumbent president
Popular support that ride
This From Sudanese mob
We have to hide!

We have a toy League
That doesn’t ask itself
“ Why
War-fleeing Arabs ,
Shunned by Arabs,
Seek a safe haven
Under Ethiopia’s sky?”
That no one could deny
But we must
Neither wonder  nor ponder
For own advantage
That commit  
Political suicide
Could not
Stand by
The reasonable
Ones’ side?”

Creating this and  
That pretext
We shall derail
The all-out task
To bring GERD’s to end,
At long last
To make it
As good as dead.

Why should we care?
If Ethiopia or the region is
Thirsty of power
In so far as
Our conceited
Pride remains
In glory tower.

Moreover if soured
Pushed to the end or angry
Reflect  we must not
Ethiopians could tame
This or that tributary.

(When a wealth merchant raised his hand the spokesman gave him a green light to speak.)

Pampering with money
Fifth columnists cruel
Let us keep on using
In Ethiopia
As runs the adage
Divide and rule,
Along ethnic
And religious lines
To  drive a wedge
So that Ethiopians will not
Come to the same page,
While turmoil in their country
Opts to rage.

We could ignore the fact
Ethiopians soon display
Unity and solidarity
When threatened gets
Nation’s  sovereignty.
In Ethio-Somali war
Ethiopians Karamara’s Victory
Talks loud such history.

I'm afraid
Our action could
Bring together Ethiopians,
On left or right end,
Their sovereignty to defend

Robbed of
Their alluvial soil
By a prodigal river
Ethiopia’s  farmers
Undergo a hard toil
If we are asked for that
Compensation to pay
We  have  to say.

Note that
Using industrialization
Like Japan
Develop we can
Than irrigating  
A- scorching-sun
-smoldered land
Full of sand.

(This much  farce is enough for today .Parliament is dismissed says the spokesman.)////////
Science-based approach visa-vis politics- based approach. Colonial legacy has no room in the 21th century
Mar 28 · 188
What a contrast(Revised)
I) Eve

Eve became
Foolishly bold
To give up
Her faith in God.

Exhibiting lust
For a tantalizing apple
She opted to be
A dust;
Heeding a snake-
Devil’s word
“If you eat
The forbidden fruit
You will acquire
Wisdom on par with God.”

Duped by Satan
Unfaithful, disobedient
She turned a reason
For the lapse of man.

For lacking faith
She heard,
With jealousy
Her son Kane
****** Her son Abel
To death!
“Eve tarnished
The image
Of the womenfolk!”
We usually hear
In a religious talk!

II) Saint Mary

From Birth to death
Unwavering was
In God
Saint Mary’s faith.

In her youth,
Blind to earthly
When summoned
To serve God
Happy she drew forth
“Displaying alacrity
To the call of
The Almighty
Is my pleasure
My duty!”

Saint Mary knew
Miracles untold
Is capable to do God.

Acid tested like
Aglow set gold
Threatened by
Herod’s sword
Scorned by hypocrites
Hoary headed Christ killers
Her faith she never
Failed to tightly hold.

In Golgotha
The whiplashes all
Were scars on her soul!

Unlike many of us
It is not like a fiction
Or movie script
She witnessed
Christ’s crucifixion.

She reconciled
Man and God,
Till to date
And down the road
This miracle will be told.

She allowed a pride
Womenfolk could ride.

In the catalog of grace
As she won a higher place
In God’s face
Above angels and
Below God
Is the row
She was
Allowed to hold.

Like Saint Gabriel in the sky
Like Elizabeth on earth
Angels and human beings
Praise her why?
Doubt have not I
She is Holy
In a way description
That defy!

III) Devil

Duping Eve
The control on man
Devil got
Thanks to
Saint Mary ‘s obedience,
Before he realized  
The mystery of incarnation,
He lost.

For via
God- Saint Mary’s
Chemistry mankind
Is snatched from
Devil’s grip and fold.

To retaliate
To belittle
Saint Mary
Still a python
A snake,
A sanctimonious preacher,
A faithful
That has gone astray
Devil makes
A frantic bid to date.
In various religious forms
He seeks a vent
To disgorge
His hate.
Oblivious to
The ******'s word
“Generations will
Call me
The graceful, the immaculate…”

IV) God

Via Saint Mary
Once more
The Almighty God
Drew close
Mankind to his fold!

“For use and throw
God use Saints!”
Is the worst mistake
Believers  could make
Eating the poisonous cake
Devil in various
Religious forms bake.///
Lack of and presence of Faith and obedience in two religious personalities
Scene I

Rodolfo Graizani is seen sat in his new office in Addis Ababa .
A messenger salutes and hands him over a telegraph  letter saying " it is from Benito Mussolini."
Graizani reads the message loud

We have done
Things good!
Hurrah at long last,
Using banned
Poisonous gas,
Ancient Ethiopia
We have subdued.

For our damaged moral,
We nurse after
The battle of Adwa,
The aforementioned news
Will be a nourishing food.
Slavish obedience
To fascism
In Ethiopia
We shall advance
Be firm
In our iron grip stance.

Hurrah, Ethiopia
Will be Italian
Infuse that
We can
With the dictates
Of  the gun.

(Graiziani stands up and walks in the room with a jubilant mood while the messenger watches him wide-eyed.)

Yes our subjects,
Ethiopians, serfdom
We shall teach
Hence summoning
Addis’ residents
I have to make
A grand speech.
And also
I will
Coax priests
Slavish obedience to us
To subtly preach.

When our subjects lose
Their identity
We shall
Enjoy liberty
To siphon their wealth
Or property,
Also as a tactic,
Among citizens,
We should promote disparity.

Messenger what can you say?
Tomorrow will be my day!

(Messenger putting both hands on his head)

Good God
But I’m afraid
You may not do that
Unless every nation-loving
You behead.

Be it luring them with a gold
Or threatening them with a sword
Unflinchingly, religious leaders
Will prefer to be a sod.
They will call down
On you a curse
If you try
To desecrate
Their abode,(Pope Petros)
You see
Preachers and the laity
Have a genuine faith
In God.
Also to
Fight back
They are bold.

(Graiziani pointing his finger towards the messenger)

Get out
Me don’t try
To flout!

Rather, let me practice presentation
To grab the audience’s attention.

Tomorrow putting on my uniform,
Bedecked with medals,
This message
I will drive home
Also the video footage
I will send to
Musoloni in Rome!

 Scene II
(Grizani dances into a podium. A messenger asks congregants to stand up for a tumultuous applause)

On nationalistic bombast
We have set a ban
Like it or not
Ethiopia is Italian
By the virtue of the gun.

(Among the congregants stands up a hoary-headed man)

We are citizens
Born free
Yield shall not we
To your crazy decree
Haven’t you read
How Emperor Twedros II
Lodged a bullet
Into his head?
Not to surrender!
Why don’t you look
After he fought hard
Why his life into his hand
He took.

How do you try
To subjugate
A nation,
With freedom that surfed
The tide of time to date?

(Angry Graziani answers)

How do you fail to realize
In the meantime Italy
Will help you
To civilize?

(Two two young adults(Moges Asgedom/Abrham Deboche) threw bombs )

Swish blast
Swish blast

Graiziani realized
How the breath
That could be his last,
Drew close fast.

To Graiziani
After it became stark
He narrowly escaped
A bomb attack
And his speech of
In Ethiopia is
An empty talk,
Still on the floor
He ordered attack.

 Scen III
(In front of the Yekatit 12 Martyr’s monument a small kid asks his father how Ethiopians regained their independence after the massacre ordered by  Griziani, who  soon after surviving the bomb attack, gave instruction for a cold blood retaliation.

The father dressing the hair of his child and looking him said patriots ambushed at the valleys and mountains of Ethiopia vowed to fight out invaders. They succeeded in doing so after a five year occupation of Ethiopia)

Waging a Guerilla fight
Shortly we shall gain our right
"Aiming from a tree high
We have patriots
That hit fighters’ jets on a dark sky!"(Patriot Belaye Zeleke)

“ As hitting a nail on the head
We have fighters
That pierces through
A tight tread.”           (Patroit HaileMariam Mamo)

“In the nook and cranny
And every gorge
We will wage
Many heroic fight
Enemies from
Our soil to dislodge”(Geresu Dukie/Jagama Kelo/Abbebe W/Aregai/Omer Semeter...)

“We have heroes smart
With an artillery missile
That pierces artillery apart!” (Patroit Bekle Weya)///
Base d ON A TRUE STORY (1929 Ethiopian calendar + 8 GC)
Never at all
I'm on the
Religious ball
If prophet Simeon's
Painful message
"A sword will pierce
Your own soul!" (Luke 2:35)
That shows
The selfless sacrifice
The immaculate has
To pay
To achieve God's goal,
Fails before me
To stand tall.

For the sagacious
Suffice a word
The immaculate
Herself said
"Great things untold
Things manifold
Had done to me
The Lord
My Son
and my God.” (lk 1:49b)

Take note
When we pray
Excepting her
Is a fault!

On the cross
Before He depart
"She is your mother
And you her children!"
Was what
Jesus wanted to impart.
(John 19:26–27:)
Read my poem the immaculate too. Also read
In secret place where once I stood
Close by the Banks of Lacrim flood,
I heard two sisters reason on
Things that are past and things to come.
One Flesh was call'd, who had her eye
On worldly wealth and vanity;
The other Spirit, who did rear
Her thoughts unto a higher sphere.

"Sister," quoth Flesh, "what liv'st thou on
Nothing but Meditation?
Doth Contemplation feed thee so
Regardlessly to let earth go?
Can Speculation satisfy
Notion without Reality?
Dost dream of things beyond the Moon
And dost thou hope to dwell there soon?
Hast treasures there laid up in store
That all in th' world thou count'st but poor?
Art fancy-sick or turn'd a Sot
To catch at shadows which are not?
Come, come. I'll show unto thy sense,
Industry hath its recompence.
What canst desire, but thou maist see
True substance in variety?
Dost honour like? Acquire the same,
As some to their immortal fame;
And trophies to thy name *****
Which wearing time shall ne'er deject.
For riches dost thou long full sore?
Behold enough of precious store.
Earth hath more silver, pearls, and gold
Than eyes can see or hands can hold.
Affects thou pleasure? Take thy fill.
Earth hath enough of what you will.
Then let not go what thou maist find
For things unknown only in mind."

“Be still, thou unregenerate part,
Disturb no more my settled heart,
For I have vow'd (and so will do)
Thee as a foe still to pursue,
And combat with thee will and must
Until I see thee laid in th' dust.
Sister we are, yea twins we be,
Yet deadly feud 'twixt thee and me,
For from one father are we not.
Thou by old Adam wast begot,
But my arise is from above,
Whence my dear father I do love.
Thou speak'st me fair but hat'st me sore.
Thy flatt'ring shews I'll trust no more.
How oft thy slave hast thou me made
When I believ'd what thou hast said
And never had more cause of woe
Than when I did what thou bad'st do.
I'll stop mine ears at these thy charms
And count them for my deadly harms.
Thy sinful pleasures I do hate,
Thy riches are to me no bait.
Thine honours do, nor will I love,
For my ambition lies above.
My greatest honour it shall be
When I am victor over thee,
And Triumph shall, with laurel head,
When thou my Captive shalt be led.
How I do live, thou need'st not scoff,
For I have meat thou know'st not of.
The hidden Manna I do eat;
The word of life, it is my meat.
My thoughts do yield me more content
Than can thy hours in pleasure spent.
Nor are they shadows which I catch,
Nor fancies vain at which I ******
But reach at things that are so high,
Beyond thy dull Capacity.
Eternal substance I do see
With which inriched I would be.
Mine eye doth pierce the heav'ns and see
What is Invisible to thee.
My garments are not silk nor gold,
Nor such like trash which Earth doth hold,
But Royal Robes I shall have on,
More glorious than the glist'ring Sun.
My Crown not Diamonds, Pearls, and gold,
But such as Angels' heads infold.
The City where I hope to dwell,
There's none on Earth can parallel.
The stately Walls both high and trong
Are made of precious Jasper stone,
The Gates of Pearl, both rich and clear,
And Angels are for Porters there.
The Streets thereof transparent gold
Such as no Eye did e're behold.
A Crystal River there doth run
Which doth proceed from the Lamb's Throne.
Of Life, there are the waters sure
Which shall remain forever pure.
Nor Sun nor Moon they have no need
For glory doth from God proceed.
No Candle there, nor yet Torch light,
For there shall be no darksome night.
From sickness and infirmity
Forevermore they shall be free.
Nor withering age shall e're come there,
But beauty shall be bright and clear.
This City pure is not for thee,
For things unclean there shall not be.
If I of Heav'n may have my fill,
Take thou the world, and all that will.”

ስጋና መንፈስ

ከለታት አንድቀን ከኝኝ ብላ ወንዝ
በድብቅ ከቆምኩበት ሰዋራ ስፍራ
ስለአለፉና ስለሚመጡ ነገሮች
ሲወያዩ አደመጥኩ
ሁለት እሕትማማቾች፡፡

ስጋ ለበሽ ትባላለች  አንዷ ፣
ግብዝ ሆና ምድራዊ ነገር ላይ
ዓይኗን መትከል ነበር ልምዷ!

ሌላዋ ደግሞ ነፍስ ነው የምትባለው፣
የትኩረቷ ክበባዊ ማረፊያ የተቀነበበው
ምጡቅ ሆኖ ሰማይ ስላለው፡፡

(መጠሪያዋ ስጋ የሆነው)

እሕቴ እኔ የምለው
ቀለብሽ ምንድን ነው?
መመሰጥ፣ በመመሰጥ
ዝምብሎ መስመጥ?

አስረስቶ ሁሉን ነገር
አስከዓለም ዳርቻ
እንዴት ቀለብ ይሆንሻል
ሃሳብ ብቻ?

ግምታዊ ምልከታ
እንዴት ነው የሚፈቅደው
ሐሳባዊ ዕይታ
ተጨባጭ ሁኔታውን

ታልሚለሽ ስለሁሉ
ከጨረቃ ባሻገር
ቦታ ለመያዝ
እዚያ መንደር?

እዚያ ብዙ ሃብት አለ
አንቺን የሚጠብቅ
ምድራዊ ሃብትን
አጠልሽቶ የሚያስንቅ?

ምናባዊ ምልከታሽ ትንሽ
አልተሳከረም አልተምታታም
እነኛን ጥላዎችን የሌላቸው
አካላዊ ድንበር
ለመያዝ ሲፍጨረጨር?››

ስሚኝማ ስሚኝማ
እኔማ  ቀልብ እንደትገዢ አደርጋለሁ
‹‹ጥረት ይገዛል ግርማ
ደምቆ በውጤት ሸማ!››

ምን ልትሺ ትችያለሽ
ከልዩነት መሐል
የአይንሽ ብረት
ተጨባጭ ግዝፈት?

ክብር ትወጂያለሽ
ለመሆን ገናና
ልክ  ለማግኘት እንደጣሩት
ሞትን ተሻጋሪ ዝና?

ትፈልጊያለሽ ዋንጫ ማንሳት
ስምሽን ለማስተጠራት
እርጅና የማይገድባት?

በጣም ትቋምጪያለሸ
ሀብት በደንብ ለማግኘት
የሱን ክምር ማየት?
መሬት አላት ገና
መዳብ፣እንቁና ወርቅ
ዓይን የሚሰርቅ
ክጅ እቅፍ የሚተርፍ፡፡

ደስታ ተፅኖ አይፈጥርብሽም?
ልምከርሽ አትንገልጀጅ
የምትፈልጊውን ድርሻሽን ውሰጅ
ሑሉ ተትረፍርፎ
ከመሬት ደጅ፡፡

የምትመኚውን ስታገኚው
እባክሽ እንዳትለቂው
አስበልጠሸ ነገሮች ወና
እነኛን  የምታስሺያቸውን
በምናብሽ ዳና፡፡

(መንፈስ )

ግን አንቺ አሁንም ሳትፀፀቺ
ሆነሽ በስሜትሽ የምትነጂ
ልቤን አትጉጂ!

ታውቂያለሽ ምያለሁ
(በርግጥ አደርገዋለሁ)
አንቺን አንደጠላት
አሳዶ ለማጥቃት!

የግድ እንደሚሠራ
እስካይ ተንኮታኩተሽ
ከአቧራ ተደባልቀሽ!

እሕቴ እርግጥ ነው
ግና ታውጇል
ፍልሚያ በመሓከላችን
ምከኒያቱም አባታችን
አንድ አይደለም?
አንቺ የአዳም
አምሳያ አይደለሽ
የተገኘሽ ከሱ  ስጋ ና ደም፤
የኔ ግን ስሪት ከሰማይ ነው
ተወዳጅ አባቴን እንዳፈቅረው፡፡

አስመሳይ ነሽ
አይሆንም በጭራሽ
አንቺ መልቲና
ሸርዳጅ ጉዳተት አድራሽ!

ገና በደል ታደርሸብናለሽ
ስለዚህ ያንቺን ከቱ ሙገሳ
ነኝ ወዲያው የምረሳ
በዚህ ምክኒት
ምንም፣ ላምንሽ አልችልም !

ስንቴ ያንቺ ባሪያ
መናጆ ልሁን
አንቺ የምትይውን?
ከአሁን ወዲያ
ጆሮዬ ለምክርሽ
መስሚያው ጥጥ
ነው የሚሆንብሽ፡፡

በአንቺ እኩይ ደስታ
በጣም ነው የምናደድ
እንዲሕ አይነት ሃብት
አይችልም አኔን ሊያጠምድ!

አንቺ አንደጀብዱ
የምታነሺውን ተግባር
አልችልም እኔ ላፈቅር
ጭራሽ ስለሚስገድደኝ
ቅንድቤን አንድቋጥር!
ምከኒያቱም የኔ እይታ
ከፍ ካለ ቦታ
አንዲሁም የኔ ስኬት ደስታ
አንቺን ስረታ
የድልአድራጊነት ካባ ሳጠልቅ፤
በካቴና ተጠፍረሽ
ሳይሽ‹‹ ምሪ ቀጥይ ተብለሽ!››

የእኔ የኑሮ ሁኔታ
ምንጭ  ሊሆን  አይገባም
ያንቺ ሐሜታዊ ደስታ፡፡
ስለኔ ስጋ ቀለቤ
በጭራሽ ሊኖርሽ
አይችልም ህሳቤ!

የኔ ስውር መኖ
የኔ ምግበ ስጋ
የህይወት ቃል ነውና
አንቺ ምድራዊ ደስታን
ከመሻት፣ ከምታጠፊው ሰአት
የኔ ምልከታ
ያጎናፅፈኛል እርካታ፡፡

ጥላ አይደለም የማባርረው
በብልጭልጭ ነገር
አይደለም የምደመመው
ሁሌ አርካብ የምረግጠው
ከፍ ወዳለው ለመውጣት ነው፤
ግና ለክፋቱ ይሄ ነገር
ይዘለላል ከአንቺ
አንኮላ  ጭንቅላት ድንበር!

ለሰማዊ አሴቶች
ነፍሴ ተመንጥቃ ሥታበቃ
እቀየራለሁ ልክ
በምስኖ አንደለማ፡፡

ሰንጥቀው አፍላጦኑን
ያያሉ ስውር የሆነውን
ካባዬ የተሰራው
ከወርቅ ወይ
ሐር አይደለም
ወይ ከተመሳሳይ
መሬትላይ ከሚታይ
የኔ ካባ ልዩ ሆኖ ይልቃል
ከምታንጸባርቀው ፀሃይ ፀዳል፡፡

የኔ ፀዳል
ዘውዴም ከቶፓዘ እንቁ ከወርቅ
ይበልጣል መላኮች ራሰ ላይ
ክብ ሰርቶ ከሚታይ!

ልኖርበት የማስበው ነው
መሬት ላይ አቻ የለው
ግድግዳው ረዥምና ጠንካራ ነው
በሩን የሚጠብቁት
መላዕክት ናቸው
መንገዱ የተሰራው
አይን አይቶት ከማያውቅ
ብርሃን ከሚያሳልፍ ወርቅ፡፡

ከዙፋኑ ስር ተነስቶ
የወትት ወንዝ ይፈሳል
ቀልብ ገዝቶ!

ለህይወት የሚሆነው ውሃ
ኩልል እንዳለ ይዘልቃል!
ለፀሃይ ለጨረቃ
ማንም ደንታ የለውም
የግዚአብሔር ግርማ
ለሁሉም ስለሚበቃ
ሻማ መለኮስ
መብራት ማብራት
ስለማይኖር ለጨለማ ስጋት፡፡

ከህማም አንዲሁመ ድካም
ነፃ ይሆናለ ሁሉም
ማርጅት የሚባለ  ነገር
አይታስብመ ከቶ
ውበት ስለሚታይ
ገዝፎ፣ደምቆና አብርቶ!

ያፀአዳ ከተማ ለአንቺ አይደለም
እኩይ ነገር እዚያ የለም፡፡

የኔ ድረሻ ከሆን ከሰማይ
መሬትና በቅፉ ያሉት
ይሁኑ ያንቺ ሲሳይ፡፡

(በአን ብራንደስትሪት/ ትርጉም  በዓለም ኃይሉ ገ/ክርሰቶስ)
If ever two were one, then surely we.
If ever man were loved by wife, then thee;
If ever wife was happy in a man,
Compare with me ye women if you can.
I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold,
Or all the riches that the East doth hold.
My love is such that rivers cannot quench,
Nor ought but love from thee give recompense.
Thy love is such I can no way repay;
The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray.
Then while we live, in love let's so persever,
That when we live no more we may live ever.

ለውዱና ተናፋቂው ባለቤቴ

የሁለት አንድነት ካለ
ማን እንደኛ፣
ባል በሚስት ከተፈቀረ
በርግጠኝነት አንተነህ አንደኛ፡፡

ሚስት አግኝታ ከሆነ ደስታ፣
እናንት ሴቶች ከሻታችሁ
ለመሆን አንደኛ፣ተወዳደሩኛ!

ለአንተ ፍቀር ቦታ የምቸረው፣
የወርቅ መአድን በእቅፉ
ከያዘው  ሐብት በላይ ነው!
መች ይሔ ብቻ፣
አይበቃም ሁሉም ሐብት
እስከ ምስራቅ ዳርቻ፡፡

ፍቅሬን ወንዞች ጭምር
የሚያረኩት አይደለም
ያን ሊሞክሩም አይገባም
ያን ጥም የሚቆርጠው፣
ከአንተ የፍቀር ምንጭ
የሚፈሰው ነው!

እንገዲህ ፍቅርህ
ይሄን ይመስላል፣
ታዲያ ልከፍለው ከቶ
እንዴት ይቻለኛል ? 
የላይኛው ጌታ፣
ሦስት እጥፍ
ይክፈልልኝ ውልታ፡!

በመሬት እስከአለን፣
እንኑር  በፍቅር ተሰኛኝተን፣
በሞት ድል ስንነሳ
ፍቅራችን ግዘፍ አንዲነሳ፡፡
I love Annes poems I already translated her poem The Author to Her Book!
Dec 2019 · 164
A melodic laughter
A mellifluous song
To titillate the heart
Has power strong.

So also your
Laughter has power
To piano finger dance on
Every which of
My fiber!
Loving object of love's voice

She dwelt among the untrodden ways
    Beside the springs of Dove,
A Maid whom there were none to praise
    And very few to love:

A violet by a mossy stone
    Half hidden from the eye!
Fair as a star, when only one
    Is shining in the sky.

She lived unknown, and few could know
    When Lucy ceased to be;
But she is in her grave, and oh,
    The difference to me!


እድገቷ እምብዛም ባልተዘወተረው
የሽማ ማጠቢ አቅራቢያ ነው
እንደአንድ ኮረዳ፣ለአድናቆት ሆና
ፍፁም እንግዳ፣
ለፍቅር ተወስና በጣም በጥቂቶች
የልብ ጓዳ፣
ነው የኖረች
ያቺ ሃምራዊ ፅጌረዳ
ዋቅላሚ በወረሰው ኮረብታ
በከፊል ተጋርዳ፡፡

እንደብቸኛ ኮከብ
ጽልመት በለበሰው ሰማይ
ደምቃ አንደምትታይ
ከማንም እይታ ርቃ
ነው የኖረች
እንዲሁም የሚያውቅ  የለም
ድንቅነሽ መች እንደሞተች
ግና መቃብሯ ውስጥ ነች
ወይኔ፣ ልዩነቱ ለኔ!

(ዊሊያም ወርድሰ ወርዝ/ትርጉም ዓለም ኃይሉ)
As there is not a violet flower in my country I have to use a violet rose
Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

ሕልሞችህን ወድር

ሕልሞችህን ወድር
አሊያ ሕልሞች ከገቡ መቃብር፣
ሕይወትን ምን ለየው
ከእርገብ ለመብረር
ክንፏ እነዳለ ስብር!

ሕልሞቸህን ወድር
አሊያ ያም ይሔም ሕልም ከሔደ
ሕይወትን ምን ለየው ከምድረበዳ
በበረዶ ከተቖራመደ! ////
Never say die! Get me @ › authors
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

ሁለት መንገዶች
አረንጓዴ ቢጫማ ጫካ
ውስጥ ተሰንጥቀው፣
ተለያዩ ባላ ሰርተው፡፡

ቅር የሚያሰኝ ቢሆንም፣
በሁልቱም መንግደ ተጉዤ
አንድ መንገደኛ
ልሆን አልችልም፣
ስለዚህ ቀጥ ብዬ ቆምኩ፣
እንደዛ እንዳደረኩ፣
እስከምችለው ርቀት
ቋጥኙ እስከሚያሽቖለቁልበት
አንዱን መንገድ አማተርኩ፣
ከዚም ምናልባትም ያም
ደህና የሚመስለውን፣
መረጥኩ ሌላኛውን፣
አርንጓዴ ሳራማውን፣
መቀደስ መታሸት የሚሻውን!

ግና በሱም ላይ መረማመድ፣
አዛምዶታል ከዛኛው መንገድ!
የዛን ጠዋት ሁለቱም መንገዶች፣
ነበሩ የተነሰነሱባቸው
የቅጠል ቄጤማዎች፣ ያላወየቦቸው
ተጓዝ እግሮች፡፡

ዘመን በዘመን ከታጅበ በኋላ
በትዝታ ባቡር ይሔን
አጠንጥኜ ወደኋላ
‹‹ሁለት መንገዶች
አረንጓዴ ቢጫማ ጫካ
ውስጥ ተሰንጥቀው፣
ተለያዩ ባላ ሰርተው!››

እናም መረጥኩ
ለልዩነቱ፣ ያ ነው ሁሉም ምክኒያቱ!

(በሮበርት ፍሮስተ/ትርጉም ዓለም ኃይሉ ገ/ክርሰቶስ)
It works in choosing one's walks of life or even lover. What if somebody has married one's second best.Would life be different? Sometimes decision forces us to sit on the horns of a dilemma
Fame is a food that dead men eat, —
I have no stomach for such meat.
In little light and narrow room,
They eat it in the silent tomb,
With no kind voice of comrade near
To bid the feaster be of cheer.

But Friendship is a nobler thing, —
Of Friendship it is good to sing.
For truly, when a man shall end,
He lives in memory of his friend,
Who doth his better part recall
And of his fault make funeral.//

ዝናና ጓደኝነት

ዝና የሙታን ቀለብ ነውና
እንዲህ አይነት ሥጋ፣
ቦታ የለውም እኔጋ!
በዛች ብርሃን በተበደለችው
ትንሷ ደብር፣
ይበሉታል ፀጥታ
በነገሰበት መቃብር!

ከቅርብ ወዳጅ
‹‹ደስ ይላል
ውለታ መላሽ
ያርገኝ! ›› ምስጋና፣
የሆነ ወና!
ትልቅ ቦታ የሚቸረው
ስለባንጅራ መዘመር፣
ያሻዋል ከታች መሰመር፡፡

አንድ ግለሰብ
በሞት ሲረታ፣
በርግጠኝነት በጓደኛው ትዝታ
ይኖረዋል ቦታ!
የሱን መልካምነት፣
አግዝፎ የሚያወሳልት
እንዲሁም የሚስፈፅም
የሱን ስሕተት
ግባተ መሬት!

(አውስቲን ዶብሶን/ ትርጉም ዓለም ኃይል ገ/ክርሰቶሰ)
Yes Friendship Matters.  It contrasts friendship and fame.One feedback on another blog runs//

Simple yet profound - the one true "constant" in life when love takes
various forms with its demands - and *** is often part of those
forms and demands.// Get me @ › authors
The Eagle

He clasps the crag with crooked hands;
Close to the sun in lonely lands,
Ring'd with the azure world, he stands.

The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls;
He watches from his mountain walls,
And like a thunderbolt he falls.


የአባጣ ጎርባጣውን ተራራ ጎድን
ወጣ ያለውን አግጥጦ
በተቆለመሙ እጆቹ ቆንጥጦ
በዚያ ለፀሐይ
ጎረቤት በሆነው ወና ሰማይ
በሰማያዊው ዳራ
ይስተዋላል ገዝፎ በሙሉ ቁመና
ክብ እንደሰራ፡፡

ታች እሱ ካለበት ከተራራው ስር
ቀለበት ቀለበት  እየሰራ
የሚተነፍሰውን ባህር
ቓኝቶ በአንክሮ
እንደመብርቅ ክንድ ተገንጥሎ
ይወርዳል ቁልቁል ተወርውሮ!
So short and expressive
Nov 2019 · 375
One sad Saturday morning
Coming out of
A nearby hut of mud
A rose bud
Used to mix with
High school
Students’ flood.

On the street
With a bow
Her I used to greet.
Drawing close
And casting an
Affectionate glance
I used to say “Hi”
Often I never
Failed to utter
“Lovely!” “Cute one!” …
In her heart a cherished
Corner to buy.
Though she was shy
Her angelic face
Smiles used to aurify.

When she comes of age
I was sure to propose to her
Though age gap could
Put us asunder
“Does that she too wonder?”
I still ponder.

One sad Saturday morning
A funeral procession
Round the hut
Drew my attention.

To her parents & siblings
And , of course,
To my hidden grief
She opted to be brief
You see
She could not tolerate
“Detained!” on her
Grade 10 certificate.

She found it hard
To reflect
A pitch dark night
Will certainly
Cedes place to
A broad day light.

Had she managed  that
Dark moment to outgrow,
She could have
Long forgotten her sorrow.

Two decades later
Whenever I pass
By that place
I see her younger brother
With sadness stamped face!

“Suicide why?”
Is it not cruel
A harrowing pain
On those we
Will be survived by!

Is it not selfish
Taking our life
In to our hands
Our corporeal existence
To finish?

If we share our sorrow
Moral prop
From our confidants
We could borrow
This way
What is unbearable today
We may forget tomorrow.

Is it not better taking
The bull by the horn,
Circumventing challenges
To stand shoulder high
While many are born?///

(BY Alem Hailu G/Kristos)
Why Suicide? Based on a true story.I was asked by a Facebook group to write a poem aiming at preventing suicide.I penned this down.
-->In the past

Martin Luther King Jr
Antonio Gramsci
Were waging a fight
For the observance of
Their likes' right,
Also like Frederik Engels
Crossing-floor or
Transcending class
There were some
Who were struggling
On the side of
The oppressed mass.

Proletariat internationalism
Their intent
The likes of Che Guevara
** Chi Minh ,Castro
Proved freedom fighters
Beyond the perimeter
Of their continent.

A selfless sacrifice
Was what
They were expecting
As a price.

Like Mandela's stance
"Lick not your wound"
Was what  was deemed

Unity, genuine democracy and
Freedom was the catch word
All in one tied
By a political cord.

-->  Currently

So called politicians' intention
Is towards themselves
Drawing attention.

Fabricating a political tension
Deconstruction history
And dishing out
A scare-tactic fiction
They bring into play a given
Ethnic or religious
Group's ,once up on a time,
Suffered lance,
Their hidden selfish agenda
To advance,
Rallying the mob truth
And fiction that
Fails to balance.
Moreover for fishing
In troubled water
A hotbed they give a chance.
Optimizing own benefit
Is their price.

Triggering ethnic-conflict
Many societal-harm they inflict.

They adore blood
To flow like a flood.

Disintegration and hate speech
Is what they preach.
"Chase that religious group
And that race!"
Is what
They expect  credulous
Followers to embrace.

Machiavelli is their
Political bible
To translate into action
They make a dabble.
To a phony politician who said it is political science I learnt but who is evil head to toe
Oct 2019 · 448
Resilient Ethiopia
Subtly hacking its social fabric
To dismantle ancient Ethiopia
Its enemies and opportunists
Come up with this and that trick
That aims at dislodging
Every brick....
Time goes on tick,tick,tick
The problem reaches on its peak
Many harbor fear
They may lose
Their country Ethiopia
They hold dear
But always
When it is left with
A declared last chance
Displays Ethiopia resilience.
"Are you not like
The children of the Ethiopians to me,
Children of Israel? "
God-referred land
Stirs out from
Uncharted water
To remain grand
Though self- seeker dissidents
And only-me
Historic enemies
Fail that to understand.
About Ethiopia
Oct 2019 · 272
Touting about

To -democracy-

taking path

Many a psychopath

In the acid-test of integrity

Proves aberrant

Exuding a political stench

To development-and- democracy

Thirsty repugnant.

A phony politician

Has a double face

Which s/he changes from

Place to place

To sweet talk

Citizens sugar-coated

Ideals to embrace.

But monster's follies

Is sure own talks to efface.

Many a political monster

Wrecks his/her share of disaster

When reason to fantasy

Cedes place,

But soon
S/he will be
Stripped of grace.
Given the prompts words monster,disaster,repugnant, aberrant ,psychopath
Sep 2019 · 150
Adorned to kill
You are accused of theft
Because with beauty
Adorned to ****
Many a man's heart
You steal
With which
On your diary
You want to  make
A little hill!
Some women steal men's heart to lock it in their board of chests
From the 4 corners of Addis
Sunday school students
At a Meskel Square make a throng
All the procession beating a drum
Ululating and singing a song
With a passion strong.

"Queen Helena (Elene)
Mother of Constantine the Great
Found the true cross
Buried under
A dump-mountain long
By those who  read  Jesus
The incarnated word wrong."

"Advised by a monk
Led by an incense smoke
The whereabouts of the place
As she saw in her dream/revelation
Queen Helena managed to unlock."

The n-curve of the smoke
As a pointer
Allowed her a go ahead
To dig the mountain
Beneath its bed.
That is what Ethiopia
Has been zealous
To commemorate
To date
(For over1600 years).

At sundown
When by the patriarch
And the mayor
The bonfire is lit
Priests and deacons
Sing and dance circling it.

An electrifying vibe
Spectators' spirit
Proving the event
A hit.

"Fail not to note
The cross is power,
And soul's medicine
To our sin an antidote !"

An ocean of vigil light
Accentuated by the darkness
Of the night
Allows souls' flight
To the extreme height.

At last if the bonfire
Falls towards the right
It will be
Celebrants delight
Specially if a rain
Puts the fire out.

Celebrants return
To their home
To attend petty
Similar events
That ripples across
The nation
In the same fashion.

On the morrow
Returning back
To the ashes' bed
They draw a cross
On their forehead.

On 27 Sep
Tourists  in droves
To Ethiopia
For a first hand knowledge
" Ethiopia raises
Its hand to God
Demonstrated many fold."

Here reflecting is a wise thing
In the division of the cross
To avoid a similar thing
Ethiopia(During the Era of
its emperor Dawit/Middle age)
has received
The right wing.

At a cross-like
Mountainous road,
It is placed
At Geishen Mary's church
Which the laity takes
As Saint Mary's abode.
I wish all of you attended the event today! If possible see it on line.

The right wing on which Christ is crucified is found in Ethiopia.Ethiopia has been commemorating the event for over 1600years.This intangible heritage is inscribed in UNESCO'S intangible heritage list.
Though I often watched
Many pretty girls
On the street
Walking to and fro
Ravishing, you managed
My undivided
Attention to draw.

So I jumped high
Because to touch
The sun aimed I!
From the lapse
Mortally wounded
I was about to die.

Aiming at a lamp,
While many a man
Opted to jump
For the ceiling
Bold, I did
A nice thing!

From hibernating in
A long winter
A brief summer
Is by far better!
I went for the best one but tasted the bitterns of failure to the full but the game is worth the candle.
There are people
When you treat
Them polite
Who become rude
To all forms of
Decorum ****.

To your  relief
And delight
When you treat
Them rude
They become polite.
I practicaly checked this
Aug 2019 · 1.3k
The immaculate
I) Annunciation

A message great
Unmatched to date
From Almighty
Via an angel,
Irreverence against God
That does not tolerate,
To a pious girl immaculate
Was sent.

While the Holy one
For a pray bent,
The angel Saint Gabriel,
Himself great
Descended from high
Above in the sky
And with reverence said
There is a message
To be told!

The Holy one
Felicitate, for
In God’s face
Of all women folks
You have
The highest place
As you are
Full of grace
And a pride
To a human race!

A miracle untold
Will unfold
Giving birth to
God, incarnated word
In your arms
You will hold.”

“It is a life of celibacy
I lead
Far from intimacy
Take note
How could
I take that
Without a grain
Of salt? ”

Nothing is impossible
To God
The Almighty is
Sure for every prayer
To pay
By the way
When this to you
I say
The barn old lady Elisabeth
Has got in
The family way!”

Let the will of God
Be done
Say more
I shall none!
I have no reserve
God the almighty
To serve!
God has chosen me—
His slave—
Ready troubled waters
From birth to crucifixion(Luke 2:35)
To brave! ”

Because of
Eve’s disobedience,
Place in God’s face
We were forced to lack
Thanks to
Saint Mary’s obedience
We got it back!

How modest
How modest
The Holy one called
Herself a slave
As she knows
Vanity, soul’s rust,
Resides in the dust.
Like the hypocrite
Oneself to exalt
Is a fault,
That is what ****** Mary
Practically taught.

II) Intuition

Up on catching
Saint Mary’s sight
With a face bright
“How could I feel
A comfort zone
When my
Lord’s mother
Climbed up the hill
To congratulate
Me anon? ”

With intuition
Elisabeth repeated
Saint Gabriel’s
Happy given
A chance
To give birth
To a prophet
At her old age.

Here, note
Elisabeth affirmed
Holy Mary does not
Herself exalt.

III) Somersault

In Elisabeth’s womb
John the Baptist
Made a somersault
“Holy ****** Mary
With no fault
That is why
As His throne
You, God sought
As the
Prophets taught!”
Though not
In so many words
He expressed
His thought.

IV) Prophecy

Affirming her
Holiness mandate
Saint Mary said
Will call me
Holy Mary
The graceful
The immaculate!
God has done  to me
Things great! ”
Yes, which is why
Generations echo
That to date.

V) Envoy

“In the wedding party
Celebrants have stopped
Short of wine
My son
Do miracles of thine!
You see
Mankind’s problem
Is mine!”
As per her intercession
Jesus turned
The water into wine
In a way that is divine.

On the cross
Jesus said
To his Mother
And Apostle John
“As a mother and son
From now on
Go on you can!”

Yes ****** Mary is
Our mother
Though Devil
—in the mask of a python(Revelation12)
(Snake) tries to
Put us asunder.

As the prophet
Ezekiel (44:2)
Yes, the virgins womb
—The gate –remains
Forever closed
As it was chosen
God to hold.

In the Horeb
Mountain of God,
Seeing the flame
Of the fire in the bush
He opted forward
To push
He saw
A strange thing
The flame is God
While Saint Mary
The twig.

Till crucifixion, devil
Knew not
The Lord
Is the incarnated word,
Many including Joseph
Knew not
Saint Mary
Is the immaculate
Painted bright
By many a prophet
Till the three wise men
With gifts came to see
Baby Christ
And before him adept
For a prayer opted
To prostrate!

The contra positive of
"God is with you!"
Saint Gabriel's word
Is "In your absence
God is not there!"
Then what is the essence
Following a faith
In not missing this
That does not
Exercise prudence?
If one digs deep into the bible and reads issues not misconstrued this is the fact.May God help us to know this © 2 minutes ago, Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos
Answer to Connect hood guestion of other children.Never at all.You see Jesus on the cross gave saint Mary to John the Apostle as his mother.He gave apostle John to Mary as her son. The apostle thenceforth took her to his home as her son.
Of all the disciples it was John the Apostle and Saint Mary that 100 % knew the child is the incarnated word.Peter and others Knew not(or internalized) this fact.It was gradually the fact transpired to them.
Why not Jesus told Saint Marry to go to Joseph had there been such intention.

Even Joseph did not internalized this fact until the wise men came following the leading star to the barn in search of the child Herod was pursuing to ****.;
Some misconstrue the word he knew her not.Even in new versions they use totally an unacceptable word.
He knew her not--He understood( facts fully) that Mary is Saint,Holy,Forever ******,, graceful ;Mary.
Joseph was chosen to keep Mary from the verbal lashing and attack of the some Jews for getting heavy with child without a husband or normal process.After the birth of Christ the angel was telling Joseph to take the Child and his mother to the far off places to avoid attack.

As Jesus grew up in Joseph's house what you read as his brothers are Joseph's sons not that of the ******.
As clearly Ezekiel put no one could sit on God's throne. Promoting and accepting such a wrong thing of other children of Mary is unacceptable.But there are who deliberately propagate such a wrong preaching. Such a trend is indirectly promoting Jesus was not Jesus as there is another one to come. Ezekiel hit the nail on the head.A word is enough for the wise man.
Thank you for raising the question.The Ethiopian Orthodox Church,the Coptic Orthodox church,(those who were there before the beginning) the catholic church could clarify this to you beyond a shadow of doubt
Aug 2019 · 222
How could I forget
Oh my God
I can't forget
The way  you
Owned the road
In many a boy's heart
Leasing a foothold.

The way you  used
To sashay
Calls for an assay
To prove
You're composed of
Pure gold
To outsmart many
A girl 100 fold.

I bet
Your liquification
It is unmatched
To date.///
There was a high school abutting a university.I and n other freshmen students used to watch the highschool girls coming in and out of school.There was no uniform at that time
Via the phone
When I heard your voice
Having a friendly tone--
At long last you have won--
My diffidence and anxiety gone
An electrifying ecstasy
Charged my heart's zone,
Who fate was
To ceaselessly lament and moan.

The vein inundating feeling
You evoked, anon,
Percolated down to every bone
To each love thirst
To atone!
At last she started to respond to Sms & and phone
Aug 2019 · 108
Physics made simple
I was grappling with
Electromagnetic wave
Grasping the gist
In my memory to save,
You rammed it home
With your even
Snow white teeth
What is more
Rays emitted towards I
From radiating eye(s)
Like a missile
My soul
To launch to the sky.

Closed to many girls
Was my heart
Yet, you threw it open
With little effort
Barrier *******
Is a cup of tea for
Quantum mechanics expert,
A physics lab
That makes
Its subject's heart
A girl made my heart a laboratory for practical physics electromagnetic wave,rocket launching and barrier ******* (quantum mechanics course)
Jul 2019 · 90
You stick out
What separates you from the pack,
No man crosses paths without
A second snapshot turning back.

What separates you from the pack,
No man sets eye on you
Not subject to cupid’s arrow an attack.

What separates you from the pack
No man sits across
Without dropping jaws
Cherishing your face, smiles
That doesn’t  lack.

What separates you from the pack
When you walk
No man is blind
To you attire liquefying knack.

What separates you from the pack
You prove
An embodiment of beauty
Even if, offhand ,
You put on clothes
Made out of a sack. ///
Though beauty is on the eye of the beholder, there are ladies whom every man attests beautiful
Jul 2019 · 189
It is unorthodox
What a sin
What a grave sin
A fox in
A sheep’s skin
Echoing the mob’s
Democracy-peace-and –unity-
Packed wish
Enunciating bright days
They will soon relinquish,
He touched
In every credulous heart
A sensitive cord,
Cognizant, an all-out support
To him
They will accord.

True, he basked under
Taps on the back
To his expectation ten fold
And laudations untold.

Nothing toothsome he left
In the political rhetoric dish,
With colorful diplomacy
He adored
To garnish,
So he made many
Their speculation
To relinquish.

He also won the international
Community’s “go ahead!”
Abstaining from
Their customarily
“We are afraid!”
They declared
“He has no fault!”
Smirking behind his back
“Congra a Trojan horse
We have got
Who buys all what
We say
Without a grain of salt,”

To solve the paradox
The mob must unmask
And chase
The fox,
A jackal
In a green pasture
Is unorthodox.//
Politics is a nasty game!
Jul 2019 · 74
Tamper not with unity
Aggression to reverse
Soldiers from ethnic group diverse
Marched to the front
To heroically confront
Mayhem, death-toll, terror
What not
Ill luck on its wake
Has brought.
Gallantly they fought
And the bellicose they taught,
As their wont
Disturb they could not
The territorial integrity of
An ancient nation
For its unity
That has been
Commanding attention.

Widows, orphans
And the bereaved lamented
On what them befell—on earth
Aggressors’-created hell.

A malleable generation
By political gamblers
Made blind to
Nation’s history
How sovereignty is maintained
By an all-out citizens’
Blood, bone, flesh, heart
And soil chemistry,
Sees the significance of
Nation’s unity
A mystery.

When the sun shines
One could make hay
But not on a rainy day,
“Let us unite
During rainy day
But when it is
A sunshine,
This ethnic enclave
And the benefit
That accrues there of
Solely belongs to
My likes and mine
Rest assured here
There is nothing thine!”
“We and they” mentality
And politics is what
This generation define!”

What if aggressors come back
With bitter lessons from
Previous experience
On their backpack
Could that for the deluded
Make the value of peace stark?
Our fate will be
True to the speech
“Unless we hung up together
We shall be hanged separately!”
Because enemies
Could put us asunder./////
Some pervert leaders who got a chance to lead the country tried to to thwart social fabric following colonizers formula.Now a generation is created that does not give a hoot about national feeling obsessed by one's ethnic group.
Jul 2019 · 235
Hewed out of a chocolate
I met
A tall Somali girl
Hewed out of a chocolate
With a complexion
I never seen to date
Her milk & iron ball eyes
Having iris brown
With her snow white teeth
And skin
Make a super color blend
A strong message to send.

"I am sure
Such a mesmeric girl
You never beheld!"

With a C curve
She  likes to put her arms
On her perfume-bottom hips
Before the parting of
Full blown petal lips.

She swept me off my feet
On first attempt
Her to greet.

"Cute one
Do you know something
You are an angel minus a wing!"
She responded with
A loud laughter
That still in my head
Opts to ring.
We talked last night.Born in Somali land and grew up in Quatar.
It took me long
To bury
My much-cherished love
Adamant to let go
"My no other than you
Romance-packed song;
A song aiming at
Ramming home
A message strong
Inviolably  to you
I belong!"

This way to much
Water has passed
Under the bridge,
While in vain I labored
To give my love
A cutting edge.

At last, you said
"Though I feel flattered
I am afraid
Unequivocally I must
Deny you a go ahead.

I do not want you
To be a loser
With a fervent desire
To get closer."

Okay,so be it
Swallowing the
Bitter pill
Go forward
I will.

God willing
With my second best
I will proceed ahead
Laying my
Eye-opener love
To rest.
To my  younger colleague I advised that most of the time the eye-opner sight love do not turn out successful.He waited to get the girl he saw in college tens years back in vain.
Now out grown that love he is due to hug his child from a girl colleague.
Jun 2019 · 583
What a trick(revised a bit)
Salivating at
His wife's best friend
"You are cute,
irresistible, mesmeric
... "
Her ears
He kept on to bend
Flower banquets to
Her house
He made a point to send.
At the end she said
" The day after
Tomorrow on the sly
Come to my home
True to your desire
You shall enjoy
The fruit you admire!
In the chimney
Igniting fire
Putting off the light
I will let you
Take delight.

To make tempting
The record moment
Of happiness under the blanket
I will put on nothing.
Like a banana minus a skin
I will let you a  felicity
You had never seen."

In the dim light
Quickly naked
He jumped into the bed.
He made haste
As he has no time to waste.

"What a sweet mango apple
That could be enjoyed by a couple
My dove
It is only you I love.
Had I though
I loved somebody else
My life was in a mess."

A resounding slap
That accompanied
"A cheater go to hell!"
Rang in his head a bell.

It was  with his wife
He slept in her friend's bed.

Double crossed
Crest fallen he began to
Hit the road
Telling himself
"I am a sod!"
To be fair sometimes Men should evaluate themselves from Women's angle.
Jun 2019 · 432
What a revenge
Meeting a stranger
In a bus station
A housewife became
Tempered to cheat
On her husband
"It is alright
As it will be
One night stand!"

She found
The adulterous fling
A nice thing
Which must be kept going.
She began to say
"What could  my husband
possibly bring?"

The couples marriage
Went dangerously awry
When the husband continued
To beset her by
"Why, Why,...Why?"
"Didn't we vow
To stay united
Till we die?
I am afraid
In a fit of rage
I could make a revenge!"

The man who wandered into
Her life off guard to wholesale
Posses her
Continued to demand.
"After lunch we could
Attend a music band,
Before dinner
We could go to a cinema
In the village yonder,
For breakfast
We must drive
To the shore fast!

In vain she began to lament
"Do not hesitate
My peevish husband
Could 2 in 1 pierce us
With a bullet!"
So how can we
Go to another village
Or open
A new page?
Keep we better
Things under cover."

By the time
She got home with a bruise
And a fictitious answer
For ready use
To be accompanied by
The usual
"Give me a break?"
In their bedroom
She found her husband
With a noose
Around his neck
Written on his face
'Give me a break!"

The rope was
The self same tie
Up on their marriage
She gifted him
"Forget you
I shall not
Till I die!"
Duped by Satan, the best man
About the commandments
Remind himself no longer can!

Getting inured to the situation
He is in, he committed a sin.

The pious cuckold put
A noose around his neck
Into his hands his shattered life to take.

Those, who backbiting him
Capitalizing on what he lack
Saw their crime stark
A sharp tongue  could be
The worst weapon of attack.

Cane killed Abel with a stone
"Where is your brother?"
Asked him God anon
Cane got submerged
In sin's mud pool deeper
"Am I my brother's keeper?"

The act of killing a brother
With a stone
Might had gone,
But changing its form
It pokes its ugly face
In every place.

Inflicting on
A brother or neighbor harm
Such as putting those
Spliced in marriage asunder
Is no less than committing ******!
Cane's crime in another form
Apr 2019 · 412
Behavioural swap
"I have not seen
The likes of it!"
Reads a caption
On a Facebook
Uploaded utube
That fails not
To immediately
Grab attention.

A bird is seen drawing
Close to a pool
With a speed
Starved fishes to feed
Fishes, eagerly awaiting it
To regurgitate
And drop a seed.

I reflected
Making a paradigm shift
If a bird
In a way that seems absurd
Shows such magnanimity
How then we fail
To maintain unity?

Men are becoming on
Neighbors  brutal
Inflicting an attack fatal,
While animals
Are becoming humanistic
In a way that is fantastic.
In my country famed for unity in diversity phony politicians are breaking social fabric using divide and rule under the guise of ethnic federalism.
Apr 2019 · 200
Fishing in troubled water
In the political arena
Playacting one's
Ethnic group's vanguard
Head to toe  they
Indulge in corruption grand
Spawning many of
Their brand
Eager to seize
Every advantage off hand.
Politics in my native land nowadays
Apr 2019 · 334
A barricade
Keeping pace
While they fail
To stride ahead,
Falling down
They opt to be
A barricade.
To those with an evil mind.
Apr 2019 · 431
There is a rat to smell
You used to soar up with
A philosophic wing
A nightingale a peace-packed
Verse of democracy to sing,
So we became dupes
And thought seconding you
Or voting for you is a nice thing.
But as a Pandora box fate
Or like suffering
Scorpion's sting
Surfaced a strange thing.

Your sanctimonious disposition
Soon came to our attention
When you rosy mask
Suffered a crack
In a way that is stark.

To citizens
Facts on the ground
Has brought
Giving the benefit of the doubt
Accepting what you say
Without a grain of a salt
Is a fault.

On votary's of the truth
That lampoons your partiality
Waving a finger you began to bark
Recoiling back
To "They and we" parochialism sack
The "They" dubbed covertly or overtly
To attack.
Now unmasked you have the teeth of a rat
Revealing you are not better than a bat.

There is a rat to smell,
To the democrats
Which is a warning bell.
Mar 2019 · 138
A servile pen
S/he who is coerced
To move with
A straitjacket
Above the dead
And below the living
Is whose fate.

A horse dragging
A cart
A genuine message
To impart
In fact
No better than
A doormat
Unloading words
With a servile pen
On a bread-winner journalist
Inflicts a harrowing pain.
Covert and over censorship.The fate of journalists in the government run  media.
Mar 2019 · 310
A pie on the sky
Though  time flew by
And old age drew nigh
The love-smote I
Despite the indifferent treatment
Of thy
Forgot you not why?

Forget you not why
The love-smote I
Till the day I die
Though I know
You are a pie
On the sky?

Wh,why &why
Your eye-catching eyes,
Despite a cold-shoulder
Treatment dominates
My soul's firmament
To date.
Sometimes things go this way
Mar 2019 · 119
Why I am a barfly
Immediately after I
Fetched my salary
From a Bank
When I get drunk
Getting into a bar,
From my home not far,
No longer subject
To my inhibition
I become bold
To make an
Open breast of my love
To my inaccessible dove,
For on such state
I become easily capable
My financial challenges
And physical appearance
Anxieties to dissolve.

I crunch her number
Getting no answer
"U R Z best Chick
On earth! "
I SMS her
But go not any further.
It is early in the morning
I ask myself
"What possibly could
Be her feeling! "

Also into a bar
When I make
A divine entrance
To rub shoulders
With colleagues
I stand a chance
Or above them
On the ladder of success
A bit advance.

Also when at night
When I see
Pub's dazzling light
My timidity
No longer in place
Myself assertiveness
Proceeds apace!

Also I bet
Alcohol, dunker's pet
To tension management
Has some effect.

On the morrow
It is when I get
Out of pocket
My spendthrift bent
I regret.

Aside from my health
Going downhill,
I am becoming
Incapable to foot
Electric and water bill.

Tipsy, at times
Blunt, for a fight
I begin to hunt.///
The approach avoidance conflict I under go.
Feb 2019 · 156
What a paradox
Though graying
Head and brow,
He developed not
Gray matter
To every one's sorrow!
For those who does not learn  the lessons of life.
Feb 2019 · 788
I knew why poets never die
Reading an anthology of
Classic poems
On quiet a night
With wings of
Enlightenment and delight
My soul took flight
To far-off lands bright
Rife with musical poems
Some brain racking,
While some savory but light.

When I saw celebrated poets
From my dream plane
I decided to alight
So that the messages
Encoded on their poems,
To me they further explain.
Cognizant that
Hearing things from
The horse’s mouth
Like Antarctica
Will not make things
As far south.

I saw Helen Steiner Rice
Reading whose works
Like  ‘Christmas Guest’
Is nice.
When she me behold
This to me she told
“Till your corporeal being’s
Turn come to be a sod
Never desist to
Put your hope in God,
Who foresees and shapes
That will unfold.
Always dwell
In the vineyard of
The Lord. ”
Drew close James Stephens
With Helen
You are right nod.
“Chap, if you look around
You will behold
On everything
The hallmark of
Creation stamped by God!
Also excellent, from
The ordinary extra,
Your will hear
Nature’s God praising
Orchestra! ”
Willian Henery Davis
Courteously came by
To say <<Hi!>>.
“Be content with
What you have
You will be happy
When that you learn to love.
See you not why
The example set
By the butterfly,
On a rough rock
That sleeps content
Without a blanket! ”

Soon I met
Enda St. Vincent Millay
Whose fame
Surfing the tide of time
To date that does resonate.
“As the saying goes
‘The world is lovely
And the loveliest is enough!’
To be happy
Try to nurture the culture
Of admiring nature.
Waste not time
Go to the mountain
The secret of happiness
To you it will explain.”

After seconds walk
William Ernest Henely
Approached me for a hard talk
“When beset by challenges
Never give in
That is a great sin!
As for me, whenever
I fall
Soon I get up as the
Captain of my soul.
Though in the darkness
God seems far,
For the downhearted
He is a lodestar.”
I saw Elenor Frajeon
By a roadside
With a book in her hand.
“Love to books
Is a launching pad
To a wonderland,
Where readers meet authors
Of different brand
Hence, a window to their
Soul they will stand.
Also read my poem
That draws attention
To mother-to-child affection
That defies description.”

I met anon
Austin Dobson
“A rose
To itself
A question
Opted to pose.
‘I wonder why
This hoary-headed
Gardner refuses to die?’
But soon
A wind blew up
Its sun-withered
Petals to the sky.
The analogy teach
On the timeline
Brief, beauty to a grind
Will screech.

Patted me on the back
My son,
Ben Johnson
“Like a Lele
Being short and brief
Could render life
Ease and relief! ”

Sat on a rock
Samuel  Taylor Coleridge
To me a secret he broke.
With bitter smile
Waving his
Pen as a tool,
“Those who think
A poet is a fool
They will realize
Who is rather the fool
If they think with
A head cool!”
I saw Walter De la Mare
Exactly the way towards
Old Susan he used to stare.
“Susan taken away by
A romantic fiction
Past midnight
Sat on chair
Engrossed in a monologue
Culture rules
Is not fair! ’
One’s age
Did advance
Reading fiction
One stands
For reliving
The past
A chance.  ”

Soon, came William Blake
Me to the graveyard
To take
Pointing to
A headstone
“Now, my enemy,
Object of my anger,
Is dead.
Subject to a
Conscious pang
It is divested of a soft pillow
I go to bed!
You must not yourself find
An axe to grind
Otherwise, to a reason
You will become blind.”
For supper
Volunteered to be
My host
Robert Frost.
He stressed
“To settle
Punitive price
As lethal
As fire is ice!”
Came an invited guest
Edmund Spencer
To tell us
The mystery
That put
His phlegmatic dream object
And he, her
Ardent lover, asunder.
“When fire and ice
Are locked in a love’s dorm
Out of the norm,
One may not change
The other’s form! ”
Via the window,
I saw a graveyard
Past the meadow.
When my eye caught sight
Of Julia Caroline
I took steps
To sit by her side
The meaning of eternal love
To understand.

“A kiss on the lips
From a lover
Is a keepsake stamp
That transcends
An earthly map.”

There in the graveyard
I met Sara Teasdale
“Like a low hanging ripe fruit
In the gray time
When a lass
Is off guard
To ****** her
A chance a lad
May stand.
Also from affection
For conjugal felicity
Many a lass
Could give added attention.”
I posed
Why should you show bent
To profanity?
“My friend
A *** could not be taken naughty
For expressing man’s sexuality!
For the answer try to meet
                Anne Bradstreet.”

Before I asked
Her why she
Committed a suicide
She got clear
From my side.

Anne Bradstreet
I met
“It is tragic
To have at home
A child with
A down syndrome!

What lurks
In the subconscious
Of an author or a poet
Through his/her pen
S/he may seek an outlet
So to date,
“Why did I
Write this a taboo-seen
Seems some author’s fate.

I saw Thomas Hood
Amidst his harvest
That fares good
He told me
“From a perfumed
And well attired lady
Who belongs
To the top brass,
It is by far better
To tie a knot
With a provincial lass,
In her hair
With a fresh flower
Plucked out of the grass
She shines bright
Bathed by sunlight!”

Out on the street again
I met Lithuanian Salomejia Neris
I became happy
As I never wanted her to miss.

I asked her
About the heard-renting fate
She, her father, her mother, siblings
Neighbors and her age mate
“During the  World War II
Children, who
Otherwise were
Unfit for themselves
To fend,
Were forced
The brutal ****
To defend!”
Soon I met
Richard Lovelace
And John Scott
Locked in an argument hot.
The former
“I want to head to the front
It is a source of pride
To fight on
Nation’s side.”
The latter
“Paying a price grand
I cannot understand!”

Edwin Arlington Robison came
To tell me the story
About Richard Cory
“Measure not
Your life by
The success of your object
Of admiration,
The one a role- model
You hold or held,
I am afraid
Off guard
He can lodge
A bullet in
His head.”

I saw William Butler Yeats
, an Irish poet
Who raised an issue hot.
“How an
Angel helped out
A tired priest
A snap who
Could not resist
While a laity
In his parish
Was Ceasing to exist.”
Robert Herrick approached
Me this to speak
“I am smote
By grief,
To see a Daffodil,
Like human beings ,is brief.”

Said Emily Dickinson
“It is when you ere to hit
A target heart felt
You’ll understand
The meaning of
Having something desired
Under your belt.”
At last
I saw
Edgar Allan Poe
To make this to me
He made haste.
Though a pauper
“From my soul mate
No earthly or heavenly power
Is capable to asunder me
Top date.
After reading this much
I realized why
Poets never die”//////
Give me a feedback on this poem about  famous poets  and the themes of their poems.Google and read about their history and read some of their poems.I have trans
Corrupt, we were
******* citizens' blood dry
Devoid a conscience
That asks us "Why?"

As they have
Unseated us
From power,
When democracy is mentioned
Since it is our bent to cower
As a retaliatory measure,
We shall make
Them take with their blood
A shower.

We shall shift
From ******* blood
To soaking  our hands
With blood,
Which we love to see
Flowing like a flood.
For a corrupt leading party embezzling a poor country and threatening citizens with  the arsenal it bought by tax-collected money.
Jan 2019 · 1.2k
Epiphany in Ethiopia
The son of man
Jesus Christ
Headed to river Jordan
True to the prophesy,
To meet John the Baptist.

Opening the sky
Father above
Jesus in
Jordan River
The Holy Sprit
Incarnated in a dove
Were revealed
The 3-in-1 mystery
To  solve.

This as a backdrop,
Carrying replicas of the
Ark of the covenant
On their head,
Putting on
Motely religious robes
Priests go to a nearby river
By the laity
Tagged, flanked
And lead.
In white costumes attired
The laity
Who have dressed to ****
Leave no space
On the road to fill.
The colorful procession
Grabs undivided attention.

Melodies hymns
Pleasing Music
Of harps and many a drum
An electrifying
Effect is the sum.

History has it
Ethiopia has been
Keeping originality
As never before
“Ethiopia raises its
Hands to God!”
Is  witnessed
In Ethiopia’s Epiphany
Magnified manifold.

Reverberates the song
“Headed to River Jordan
The son of man! ”
Ethiopia stands out in marking Epiphany ,true to the Biblical saying Ethiopia stretches its hands out to God.
Jan 2019 · 547
Revolutionary Democracy
I) Revolutionary

When things
Go out of hand
When citizens
Clamor for their demand,
With snipers
We shall scatter
Them like
Wind-blown sand.

"Embrace what we say!"
Is the order of the day.
Respect  to elites, the elderly
Religious leaders and
Also sacred moral values
Do not pay.
Anti-terrorist law
Stifling media law
Strangulating civic society law
Dampening election law
Every law seen low
We shall offer
As a political slaw.

II) Democracy

International aid or loan
When we seek,
A democracy cap
For media consumption
We will pick,
Putting in play actors'
Mouths words
Via which we speak.
A systemic policy of suppression.
We shall make
A recourse to the gun,
If for election we run
Devoid of ideas,
Sell which we can,
We could hardly win
The heart of a single fan.

Also labelled
And narrow nationalists"
They can
Put on us a ban
So that sinks on us
The Sun.

Climbing into
A political ivory tower
Is not for us,
Let us beat
The drum of war
To garner
And to monger to power.
recalcitrant, retrogressive, detractors,mongers,war
Dec 2018 · 549
What a mishap!
"Let us put
Our hands together for you
Go ahead
Your view we second,
For ideas grow in a mind fecund!"
A support it was reckoned.

As it may sound sad
By a phony party
It turned out a fad
"Let us not stop to clap
Your freedom of speech
In the face to slap!"

What a mishap
What a mishap
Childish and selfish
Politicians are being seen
Wearing more than one cap--
Sometimes the constitution
On the back they tap
But, often they misconstrue,
Trample on it
Or use it as a trap--
Pursuant of evil ends
With the federal government
They adore to create
A rift or a gap!

A university  gets  off track
If it allows party members
Infest it
Freedom of speech to attack.
1)Some participants,who claim to uphold democracy, deliberately nonstop clapped weaponizing clapping for stopping opposition party's PR from expressing his views.The conference was called by a university but it was infested by  corrupt, tyrant and sanctimonious party members.Here the point is clapping is being used for negative end.In the first stanza it shows capping was meant for upholding freedom of speech but in the second stanza and the following stanzas it shows ,ironically clapping is being used to abort freedom of speech
2)What happened on the conference recently organized on a University's compound.
Arena opposition member, Amdom G/Selassie.
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