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Adam Holmstrom Jan 2019
at the bottom of a wishing well
of barley and hops
I ask if my heart
will beat one last time.
Adam Holmstrom Oct 2018
Where did my life go?
I asked as I watched the sunrise
from eyes in my bleeding head,
as I knew not where I was
but more where I'd been.

I didn't know the truck stop bench
that I awoke a bleeding mess on
with only a dry whisky tongue
to whisper what the ****.

I didnt know the cracks in my phone
came likely from a crackhead's home
where I reached the top of the ski hill
only to tumble down
with no boots on.

I didn't know my deep head wound
came while I came unglued
as I fought for a life I guess I knew
would come to this
because this is how I've been.

Where did my life go?
I feel it safe and waiting for me.
Only I can reach it,
it answers just to me.
Adam Holmstrom Oct 2018
A head ringing
under a moonlight blinding
with a sun waiting
for its call to peek.

Waiting for the resting in rubble,
the grieving in gallows
and the ones too gone
to end tonight but alone.

The curtains of the night
sweep them away
leaving them stray in a thought
that how many times must the night
take all but my life and leave me to rot.
Adam Holmstrom Aug 2018
I'm addicted to a life
of wondering
...and missing.

I'm trying to quit
and get hooked on living.
Adam Holmstrom Aug 2018
We lie awake
at afterparty hours
with fragile hearts
that scream silently,
why do we feel alone?

Why do we feel alone
with so many of us here?
We carry a torch
in its fire our feelings flicker.
We pass it around
breathing the ember in.
We inhale the flames
And exhale dark ashes.

Each breath keeps it ignited
as we share this light inside us.
We feel it's familiar warmth
when we pass each other by.
It bonds and it heals us;
all walks of our lives together.

We lie awake
at any fragile hour
with open hearts
that scream loudly,
we are not alone.
Thank you for listening
Adam Holmstrom Jul 2018
Out of habit I said I was fine
but no one is fine in the dark
speaking to voices
screaming to ghosts
crying to puddles of tears.

No one is fine in the light
with only themselves in sight.
Don't (let others) be alone.
Adam Holmstrom Jun 2018
I live vicariously through myself.
I live inside a life I made for me.

I live a life of promise and hope
where I fall in love with life.
I breathe in my struggles
and exhale my success.

I realize shortly after
that reality is imminent.
I'm burdened by my failures
with a bandage on my mistakes.

I live my life in the moment
so imperfectly real.
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