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I want you to want me

and if that means being tethered to your bed
or being whipped with leather,
so be it.

I'll do anything to feel loved,
even if it's eating away at my innocence.

Bella Rose ♥ 6/12/19
Bella Rose Sep 2018
The point of writing
is to hold one's heart
in the center of your pages.

The heart either belongs to the Author
or the hopeless romantics reading it.

You might ask why I write.
I might not give an answer.
But the reason for this silence,
is due to the lack of reasoning.

I have no reason to do anything
yet day after day
I find myself scribbling
as if my pencil has a mind of its own
and it will not stop until
I am drained of all feeling.

Then It repeats.

Never ask me why I do this.
I don’t have an answer.
I never will.

Bella Rose ❤ 9/16/18

— The End —