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Hershey Jan 26
I don masks to disguise the pain I carry
Because I need no one to worry

The pain is secure behind my eyes
I can never let out this darkness I hide

And when I am alone,I watch my blood slowly leak away
Atleast it helps keep life's true horrors at bay

I pull down my sleeves to cover up my hurt
I hear approaching footsteps,shouldn't I be alert?

However, the real me ends up buried inside where no one can see
When i can fool everyone else,why can't I fool me?
hiding feelings sadness truth self harm pain
Hershey Jan 22
some may love you

some don't

some may say it

some just won't

but my darling, when asked

"who do you love?"

how long would it take to name yourself?
#shortpoetry #attempt #selflove #loveurself #pure #innocence
Hershey Jan 21
they say don't tie yourself with a rope
and that with life...there is always hope
but what if my thoughts are not so gold
rather they are sometimes very cold
and please don't say i am not alone
while my heart is just like stone
which is why i sit and ponder
what if i pull it a little harder?
Hershey Jan 19
You said you'd forever be there
Or were those words just pulled from thin air?
I loved you with all my heart
I felt nothing could keep us apart

Remember when you said you were home?
Little did I know you weren't alone
You said that it was for her you fell
I was your girlfriend!! what the ****?

I wanted to slap you,hit you on the head
All I wished for was you to be dead
I failed to realize it was all a lie
and that I had to face goodbye

The truth,the love,the loyal tears
The betrayal,hatred and all the fears
Feelings which we both failed to see
Well,it's a pity you lost me

And now my mind is at peace
so is my heavy heart at ease
I have friends in my life
who are ready to help when in a strife

Alas,there is nothing left for me to argue
It's better I go thus paying heed to my cue
Because,what would forever mean to you
if you couldn't even keep it true?

— The End —