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Hershey Apr 2019
if tears measured love

trust me

i love you the most!
Hershey Mar 2019
although i was the one to never believe in fate⁣
somehow i knew you were my soulmate⁣
and even before i could wish forever⁣
you came and whispered in my ear "NEVER"

it hurts because the whole universe said yes but you said differently
Hershey Mar 2019
i don't think fate ever wanted us to end⁣
but we did ⁣

no you never loved me⁣
you and i were never real⁣

i'd say⁣
we were just kids who played pretend.
Hershey Mar 2019
i am sorry
i know i shouldn't be doing things like
searching for you in a crowd
mistaking someone to be you
missing the shade of your hazel eyes
  longing for that hug
craving for your lips to attack mine
hearing your laughter resound everywhere

and a lot more things
i guess i am not really over you yet,am i?
Hershey Mar 2019
if you knew i wrote for you

would you kiss me?
would you just clap for me?
Hershey Jan 2019
I don masks to disguise the pain I carry
Because I need no one to worry

The pain is secure behind my eyes
I can never let out this darkness I hide

And when I am alone,I watch my blood slowly leak away
Atleast it helps keep life's true horrors at bay

I pull down my sleeves to cover up my hurt
I hear approaching footsteps,shouldn't I be alert?

However, the real me ends up buried inside where no one can see
When i can fool everyone else,why can't I fool me?
hiding feelings sadness truth self harm pain
Hershey Jan 2019
some may love you

some don't

some may say it

some just won't

but my darling, when asked

"who do you love?"

how long would it take to name yourself?
#shortpoetry #attempt #selflove #loveurself #pure #innocence
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