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Unknown Apr 2017
You told me you loved me, and I  believed you
I trusted you not knowing what you were capable of
I gave you all of me, not knowing you didn't want me
I opened up to you, not knowing you wouldn't keep my secrets
I had faith in us, not knowing you didn't want us
I loved you, knowing you loved her, not knowing, I couldn't change it
you told me forever,  and i believed you
I tried to love you, knowing your heart had been broken
I tried to work with you, knowing you wanted to work alone
I tried to fix you, knowing you didn't want my help
I tried to be with you, knowing you wanted to be with another
now im telling you I want forever, will you believe me?
Will you let me help You?
Will you let me fix  You?
Will you let me stay with You?
Now im telling you I love you, will you let me?
I always have, and i always will
But you already  knew that
Call me BabyGirl again please...
Jamie Jan 2016
Excited like a kid at Xmas
Hands sweaty in anticipation
Then you appeared
From nervous reck to comfort
With only a lingering hug

We spoke like we speak everyday
Not like the 2 years it has actually been
I gather the courage and hold your hand
Then I kiss you like I used to
Suddenly it all ends abruptly, with me waking up
She came back in a dream
Sourodeep Jun 2015
I just want to hug you tight
as you are the only rock for me
when the clouds above grow dense
and the sun is not so bright
In those testing times, when all I see is only chaos outside, being with you makes me strong from the inside.
Rexhep Morina Jan 2015
The biggest regret is not saying what you feel,
most of the time, you cant describe what you feel.

Love is too big of a concept to be confined in words,
courage is what it takes to take something so big,
and focus it on a four letter word.

Love, for some a curse,
Love, for some a blessing,
Love.. a word needed to be felt, not told.

Too bold to still understand what it really withholds,
too naive to really spark the fire that will forever grow.
My view on something so great and infinite.
Forgotten Dreams May 2014
Give you my
Dreams but you're in
Them all so won't you walk
With me and we
Could live
This is the second "stanza" of a poem the first has the same name with part 1 instead of 2 :]

— The End —