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Seraphina Mar 2019
One The Light, the other The Dark, one might say
But I don’t judge them that way
Someone sent out a mayday
Everything I have started starts to decay

I’m treading a difficult plight
I hate tying the knot too tight
I hate you blocking my sight
But I wouldn’t say that, right?

That’s because I try to stay neutral
I keep our relationship substantial
But his is more crucial
And our collapse is more potential

He and you as shapes are disproportionate
So you plead for me to stay for a minute
But me making you sad is more accurate
You’re not my favorite

But don’t cry just yet
You can just forget
All that we’ve said
You’re still a great asset

I say I’m Switzerland
But it's not a Disneyland
And it’s not my homeland
I actually help both sides, you understand?

So we can still visit never-never-land
Seraphina Mar 2019
Pages of a book are too trivial
Bah Humbug! That one's archived
And 7 Years
Doesn't catch me when I fall anymore...

I can smile and distract myself
But "I chase perfection"
My personality won't run, though
Stuck between confusion

I'm not lonely
I'm not mad
I say I'm Switzerland
But I end up helping both sides

Thank God I'm not an open book
So stop calling me depressed
And stop giving me that look
Everything isn't a mess

So understand me, I'm tired
Staying neutral is too hard
Only one person can change me
I hope you understand it's not you
Friendships are too hard to manage...
Seraphina Jan 2019
The Tightrope
I know I said he's my favorite
And it's true.
But, he can't always attend to my needs
He can't always do everything
Like I want him to do.

Because he has his own life, you know?
His own friends
Who he likes better than me

And I get that, really
Maybe you don't understand
But take this for example:
During a birthday party, he was there
I didn't talk to him at all
Because he acted so happy
Shouting, "Why is this game teaching kids to do drugs?"
When someone yelled that he got "four-twenty" coins playing Super Mario Kart
And I didn't want to ruin it.

Because I'm afraid
Afraid if I do something
I'll tip the candle
And break the tightrope

But you're like, he's not like that.
He'll still be your friend.
Whatever you did.
He's not that mean, right?

I'll have to remind you
It wasn't always like this
It took a long time
For us to be even friends.

I mean, think about it
I thought he hated me for half a year last year,
And at one point, he really did.
Not even that, look before
All those years
That had passed

And remember,
When there was a barrier?
That may have changed
But only for one part:

Because I'm afraid
Afraid if I do something
I'll tip the candle
And break the tightrope

I should be grateful
That we got this far
How he still cares
Even if only a little

I shouldn't be sad
And so I distract myself
From dreams
That could never be true
And then I wake up

So I'm afraid
Afraid if I do something
I'll tip the candle
And break the tightrope

And blindfolded I'll fall
The Candle
You may be the blindfolded tightrope walker
That can fall if you tip the candle
But the candle is just another car crash
On a highway, as
The candle never burns fast enough
To cut the tightrope
You may get to the other side
And the rope is only singed
Besides, I can be the net below you
So don’t be afraid
I'll always be here for you
Seraphina Jan 2019
The last time I saw your face
Was you yelling at me to go away
The last time I saw you online
Was you saying, "I'm sorry"
Now you aren't showing up
You aren't coming online
But then I woke up

Your smile warms my heart
But it breaks it when I know I have to say
I'm moving.
So I continue dreaming...
It's really not your fault...
Seraphina Jan 2019
How come a word can change a person's life?
As petty as it may seem, it can cut someone like a scythe
And forever leave a scar, as
She'll leave, too far
From my reach
It's my fault, right?
For the pain, it can teach
But for the soul - it ends up in the afterlife
Never to be seen again
A trace is left
but is like there never was one
Although the memory-too strong for theft

And it tortures me to say
She'll remember me
But I will not
Can friendships really last forever?
Seraphina Jan 2019
Don’t you ever feel alone
And you realize
That you may not be as alone as you think
Shadows may be just a dot on the canvas
But they make the masterpiece

Just another misconception

Maybe they aren’t really like us
But could we exist without them?
Just imagine…

If we still have shadows
We still have a sun
We still have a friend
That could watch our backs
You're not as alone as you think ;)
Seraphina Jan 2019
A bird has wings to fly
I do not
Instead, I am an airplane
Just without a pilot

I try to leap
But I come crashing down
With no support
I can’t fly

Maybe you can
Maybe you can help me
Help me get out
Out of this apocalypse

And so I support on you
You offer me your skill willingly
And I take
But there is a price

You aren’t the missing part of my heart
But my body
My pilot
My best friend
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