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Violet Jan 2020
Alone one time,

I sat for a drink with night

And we talked in silence.

I was kissed by moonlight until dawn.

The wine remain untouched.

And yet i went to sleep drunk.
  Jan 2020 Violet
Brie Williams
Are your eyes
And your face between my thighs
Take me where we can hide and ride and fight and lose sight of all the things you fail to tell me
Always doing something wrong
Always looking for another high
And you won't entertain me
Violet Jan 2020
It’s morning again.
The second day of the week
hangs grumpily over the bed,
the clock blinks the hour in red
reminding, it’s crucial to get out of bed.
I turn around to your side,
But see you sleeping without a care in the world
realising, maybe today you have decided to miss work.
The sheets half cover your face
And your body shifts closer to mine,
As if to tell me it’s alive,
And it knows that I am awake,
Looking at your closed eyes and feeling your rhythmic breath,
With a sadness that can only be explained
By the calendar’s claim,
Of it being a tuesday,
And life not giving a man time enough,
To look at a beautiful sleeping face.

— The End —