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Brie Williams Mar 30
You would do that and then I would do you and then I wouldn’t stop talking and then you wouldn’t sleep
I would think to myself you don’t love me
And you would say nothing
And it would feel empty
I love the way you have a line on your nose
And I love the way your body tenses down to your toes
I like to lick and **** what you just licked and ******
I like the way you ****
Again and again
Brie Williams Mar 21
My issues are showing
Manifestations in nightmares
Manic delusions
I could have had anyone
Twist of fate
Your hand on my thigh
Turned in
To your hand on my neck
And I loved it
No limits
No, no
And here we are
My chest cut open
Blood trickling down
My issues are showing
Brie Williams Mar 12
Caro doesn’t know
Ale from Alej
Or an oven from a stove
She knows her hair is long
And straight
And she loves to watch it grow
She doesn’t know
Her smile
On everything
Is the best
I’ve ever seen
Brie Williams Mar 10
I keep forgetting your name
I remember it when you ask
I’m good at hiding my shame
It helps reliving my past

Water fountain
Electric pulse
Wichita mountain

Rubber snakes
Glasses hid
Heart breaks
Baby slid
Brie Williams Mar 10
The heart I gave to you
I like to be tasted by you
And bent into two
Thrown across the room
Legs shaking
You’re cruel
I like to be slapped
And tapped
And told I’m nothing more than trash
I like to be held down
Let down
Laughed at
Not allowed to make a sound
I like the way you pound
Into me
I like the way you make me feel
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