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  Dec 2021 Jade
Francie Lynch
The power is off.
I sliced and peeled back the plastic covering;
Exposed the current bearer
For repair.
Twist it.
Tape it.
Make the connection.
Bring back the power and light.
Jade Dec 2021
I’m too sad
to make my bed today
Jade Dec 2021
Dear arch nemesis:
I have a a bearded dragon
and you don’t.

I win;
you ****.
Jade Nov 2021
I’m not done hating you yet,
  Nov 2021 Jade
fray narte
these days, emptiness is beginning to look more like a poem that writes itself. the irony is it is everything i can't be and everything i am
  Nov 2021 Jade
i used to deny myself death
as i was learned inflicting it
  would send me to hell.

i guess it saved me

i still bathe in that wish.
counting as they slowly wilt away,
  my white pedals of ash.
   the reward of risking the whole flower.
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