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There is something
in the way she says goodnight;
Like she's saying her last words,
Like she's saying goodbye.

|| Belle Esguerra
One night soon
will strike a match
on a stone
and read my name.
The most beautiful flowers can be shy
Making men soar high up in the sky
For its petals to wilt, all would cry
Well, my dear, for you I'd fly.
Your love was the most painful.
You love could ****.
You made my heart beat to hard where it hurt.
You gave me butterflies that had blades as wings...
You didn't care all though you  act like  you did.
You said  you loved me.
That was a lie.
You are a lie.
I wish my heart would stop beating for you,
I wish the butterflies would leave.
Since you hurt me why not just **** me?
i may not have the skinniest hands
but i still want someone to hold them
i may not have the smallest waist
but i still want someone to cuddle me
and i may not let people in
but i still need someone to love me
I don't miss your lies.
I don't miss how you used me.
I don't miss how you never cared.
I don't miss how you hurt me constantly.
I don't miss how you'd yell at me.
I don't miss how you made me cry.
I don't miss feeling alone even though I had you.
I don't miss telling you I love you.
I don't miss contemplating whether I should leave.
I don't miss how I was afraid of you.
I don't miss how angry you were.
I don't miss your threats.
I don't miss how you treated me.
I don't miss you.









Eyes as  deep as the ocean,
Nobody ever new,
What just could be inside of you.
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