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The baggage we carry
is irrelevant when we
finally meet their gaze,
In that moment
all that matters is
the significance of
Let it etch and fade.
wanted too much
flew too close to the sun
First attempt at a 10 word poem.
It's exactly that
a steep drop down
the world at your feet
the ground rushing to your face
throwing caution to the wind:
a sharp slice as you plummet
a piercing whistle in your ears
that irresistible siren call
your control wrested

What waits at the bottom?
sometimes i don't shower
to keep you sticky on me
that little bit longer

         •we sleep
                 we manage               tight•
           somehow      to wake            late at
       •and...                  cradled             night•
      the bed                    in the ci-          we toss
   ngle off                      cle of ea-           and tu-
   ms da-                     ch oth-             rn•roll
our ar-                  er's a-             away
sheets•            rms•           and re-
with the                   turn...•
our legs tangle

Words by me.
Arrangement by the madly gifted ryn; more of his talent at writing and concrete poetry showcased at
Thank you ryn(:
My mirror hangs stoic,
as silently it absorbs all it could with unbiased eyes.
All it receives under the day's sun.
Yet it never stores...
Not memories recent...
Not images perceived from the distant past...

My mirror
exists in the now.
It gives me only the present.
It reveals unequivocally the ground
upon which I stand.
It divulges only in the brutal and honest truth.
The kind of truth photographs could never tell.

Today it showed me what I've been seeing
with eyes half shut.
It showed me that,
I am older now.
Older than I was yesterday.
Older than I was a second ago.

Every wrinkle told a silent tale.
Every tale left quiet scars.
Every scar sang requiems of past mistakes.
And every mistake costed me my youth.

My mirror showed me that...
I'm older now because I've learnt much.
And I'm learning much more
because I'm older now.
An old photograph of myself inspired this.
A poet's heart isn't like any other...
It's the tears that trickle with radiance through words.
     It's a treasure trove that hides but longs to
     be found.
          It's a book shelved high that wants to
          be read.
               It's the freest of all birds caged but

A poet's heart isn't like any other...
It doesn't beat to the capable strokes of the artist.
     It doesn't pump in the most vibrant of
          It doesn't wield a paintbrush to
          translate its thoughts.
               But it can see through the eyes of

A poet's heart isn't like any other...
It doesn't conform to the conventional parameters of lyrics.
     It doesn't bind itself to the requirements
     of musical harmony.
          It doesn't follow the conventions of
               But it sings its voice loud without
               restrictions of melody...

A poet's heart isn't like any other...
It's an open secret, that whispers in metaphoric codes.
     It's an exploding universe, that merges
     back into galaxies.
          It's a sought after painting, that boasts
          of unfathomable beauty.
               It's an everlasting song, that echoes
               within the poet that embodies...
Dedicated to all of you...

If you're reading this...
This is for you...
The hours disappear instantly like blown out
flames off weary candles.
But time is no match for such raging hearts.

We would still hold up the receding
indigo ceiling above us.
We would prop up the sullen moon to stave
off the dawning day.
We will clutch the dwindling stars
and hug them close to our chests.

Because we know the words too well.
Words we simply couldn't cage except to say that...

We are not yet ready to leave
but we look forward to
diving headlong into
the inevitable restart.

Just so the day could grant us a
slate brand new.
Just so that come night,
we could begin all over again.
Maybe one day things will fall into place
Maybe one day I'll fall into grace
Maybe one day there will be a smile on my face
Maybe one day I'll draw the ace
Maybe one day my sadness will be replaced
Maybe one day I won't walk in disgrace
Maybe one day I won't feel displaced
Maybe one day I won't feel I'm being chased
Maybe one day I'll win this ******* race
Maybe, just maybe, one day I'll feel love's embrace

Though I doubt it,.......................but MAYBE
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