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Tainted Mind Sep 2016
Life, with every twist and turn
Its lessons that we rarely learn
Diverging pathways, Instant choices
Doubts, regrets with nagging voices
Our hindsight translates hieroglyph
The haunting taunting of 'what if...?'
What if I'd gone the other way
Wherever would I be today?
Who would I love, where would I be
What version would I be of me?
Might I be happy with another?
Might I even be a mother?
Would I be a huge success or maybe just a ****** up mess?
Would demons still live in my head ?
Might I be a long time dead?
These answers I will never know that's just the way our lives must go
I cannot see. I cannot look
To see the path I never took.
Apologies to anyone offended by the swear word
Tainted Mind Jan 2015
The sun is shining so make your hay.
You may not get another day.
You may not get another chance.
To sing that song or dance that dance.
That open hand and friendly smile... might not be there in a while
That golden opportunity,
may not become reality.  
As sometimes chances do not wait
for people who procrastinate.
Life changes course upon the breeze.
So chase your chances, run and seize...
...the life you want and hold it strong.
But know you may not have it long.
Things will not always go your way.
But the sun is shining. So make your hay.
Tainted Mind Jan 2015
A sadness born of loneliness
Of distance and confusion
An easing based in fantasy
Of dreaming and illusion
The darkness of abandonment
An ally of rejection
The burning eyes of tears gone by
With bitter sour reflection
The grainy grey of start of day
Lain sleepless, hours, staring
The futile days spent wishing
For other lives more daring
The river runs in black and grey
A story growing older
A heart that yearns for warmth
As the world around grows colder
Tainted Mind Jan 2015
In one hand sits the plan
Of how life should have been;
In the other, lies reality...
The life that I have seen.

— The End —