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 Sep 2018 TEnocho
I know my texts don't excite you anymore,
But you are polite enough to reply it anyway
And if I call you, you'll receive it too
But I know you cringe when you hear my voice
Just for the night , you needed me
Just for that one night
The night's already over
But I m not over you yet

I remember everything, so clearly in my head
How beautifully you sang, & I sang along with you
How you made me laugh, laugh & laugh so hard
How you held my hands & we tried to dance
How your lips blew life to my cold and dry spirit
How the butterflies in my stomach fluttered
How my cheeks turned crimson and I looked away
But you kept on staring at me
Like  you wanted to fall in love...

I did not undress my body that night,
I undressed my soul
I put it right in front you
Just in its purest form
I let you see me,
See all my imperfections
I told you all my fears,
The secrets I hid inside,
I thought this is it,
This is what I had been looking for,
My soul was happy
And thought it had found "THE ONE"

Little did I know, it was only for the night
Just for that one night
So tell me who do I blame?
Blame you for setting up my hopes high
Or blame me for believing the truth like lie
Or should I just blame the night?
The night for lasting just awhile.......
 Sep 2018 TEnocho
“Could you ever be ashamed of me?
Sometimes I ask how could you ever want me.”
Lyrics so loud and clear hitting me
Triggering these inner demons that take control of me
I ask myself could you really?
I’d like to think that you could want me
But my demons tell me differently
You’re out of my league
I hope one day I’ll get over these insecurities
Because I’d like to think there could be a you and me
 Sep 2018 TEnocho
Lora Lee
moving past the foliage
I smack back
the tangled brush
a strange truth revealed
my emotions in a rush
Here I am
in this ****-hatched bind
braced against the winds
grasping at shards
           of the Divine
for they're inside me,
all those pieces
jagged glass and soft meringue
my innards humming
shades of the blues
in offbeat notes of pain
and I know that deep within
between my earthly
beats of heart
resides a light that's
only mine
that slices through
this drape of dark

It's a heavy nightcloak breaking
as I reach out from
                     the abyss
praying for the comfort
of my soul's
bright morning
 Sep 2018 TEnocho
Let us leave for foreign places
Away from this city of boringly beautiful faces

For ash filled cobbled stone streets
Fields of blooded roses and golden wheat

Castles cemented in antiquity
Crumbling walls of barren cities

Abandoned cathedrals of a bygone era
Smoke filled bordello backrooms with mirrors smudged by mascara

Let us leave before the hours turn late
And I have wasted my life awaiting fate

But I grow old
And warm dreams turn cold

How stunning you look tonight
How badly I want to tell you these words I write
 Sep 2018 TEnocho
Hold my hand and persuade the way
tell me all you want to say
Whisper softly in my ear,
all those things I want to hear
Kiss my lips and touch my skin
bring out passions deep within
Draw me close and hold me near
eradicate my pain and fear
In the darkness of the night,
shine your beacon, be my light
In the luster of the sun,
demonstrate you are the one
Offer me wings so I can fly
and I will soar when you're nearby
Infilrate my heart, break the wall,
it's time for me to let it fall
I've been a prisoner, extensively
Break my chains and set me free
***** me of my armor tight
this time I won't put up a fight
Release my soul held deep within
For you’re in my heart where love begins

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