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Styles Apr 11
Desperate slutty ****
With an urge for hard **** to ****
Aching to bounce up and down on it
Her ***** inhaling his entire ****;
And swallowing the load whole
And licks up every drop
Styles Apr 11
naughty secrets.
She never,
keeps them private.

The lust,
the thirst,
the desperate
urge to ride it.

Her wetness,
drooling down her leg.
She smiles.

her legs,

Such a
beautiful sight,

She wants it -
so badly;
her body
can’t hide it.

I want it.
So badly.
I lick my lips,
as I,
slide inside it.

Her wet *****,
so warm,
her moans,
as I pump,
she grinds it.

Three fingers,
make her ***.
And when I use my tongue,
the eruption inside,
between her thighs.

Now her stockings
have a run.
Styles Apr 10
Touch me,
tease me,
please me.

Just please be,
someone that won't,
leave me.

Believe me,
you will need me,
more than you want me.

For all of now,
and the rest of,
Styles Apr 10
Admiring her from a distance
with persistence
my body lust for something
that is already mine
and I keep that in mind
as fantasy and desire
with the thoughts
of her body
on top of mine
my body on top of hers
as we whine
so divine;
Styles Apr 5
As her eyes teased me,
She pleased me,
fiending for my touch,
her skin needs me - she feeds me.
Playing with my needs, she seized my attention.
Taking over, I flipped her over,
using my T-shirt to tie her hands together
The tighter I squeeze them, the further her legs spread apart,
like a piece of art,
I flipped her unto her stomach,
face down *** up, So I could lick it up
***** poking out, so I **** it up
tongued it down
Deep moans guide my touch
lips, once pink, now blush; flush with lust
Pulled her to the edge of the bed,
then slowly filled her up
Claiming every inch of her
as mine, I can’t seem to get enough
The hunger burning in her eyes,
this is more that just a ****!
Styles Feb 13
Accept my pleasure
give it new meaning
Take my passion
I need you to want it
Submit to me                                                               ­                                                                 ­                                             until you cant live without it
Styles Feb 12
I looked on, ******* gone,
watching her thick hips sway,
I can't look away.

Slowly she removes her clothes,
My desire grew ten folds.

The scent of her sweet *****
tickles my nose.
She is aroused,
so I arouse.
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