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Silver R Jones Oct 2020
I'm too much in my head,
I lie too much in this bed.

Thinking about what hasn't
been said, it's all in my head.
I’m running out of time.
This heart is cold, it’s midnight.
Waiting for everything to be alright.

  I can’t get out of my head.
  I can’t get out of my bed.

My brain is tired, it has been wired.
I can’t count on anyone around.
Im stuck in my head, losing friends.

  Why can’t I be fine.

This underlying disease, I can’t feel my knees, I beg them please.
I feel the sun creeping in.
Don’t sleep bow my friend, it’s awakening again.

  I can’t get out of my head.
  I cant get out of this bed.

We don’t get any peace, even when we sleep, we still dream.
Silver R Jones Feb 2015
Lie after lie. It ended so soon.
It was just me, and the boy I never truly knew.
Day after day time wasted thinking about you, you are the boy I never even knew.
Month after month I still think about you, even after everything you put me through.
This should be the end, everyone knew, besides the girl in the corner looking at you.
Now I know you are the boy I never, even knew.
Our relationship never seems to work out
It goes so well, that it's almost perfect
Then falls apart like dry sand
I'm always thinking of you
Even if I don't want to
It's like you're always in my mind
But feels as if I'm not in yours
And something wants us together
But something else wants us apart
I don't know what to be more afraid of
Having you always there
My heart in your hands
Or not having you at all
Crying myself to sleep cause I don't have you by my side
All I know is I might fall so hard
That it could be something strange
And really scary
Called love
But the thing is I don't believe in love
Maybe you could change that

— The End —