Saumya May 4
Little girl, ugly girl
don't make friends, they'll never like you
Skinny girl, tired girl
dont look in the mirror, it will make you cry
Stupid girl, scared girl
dont expect daddy to play nice
Drunk girl, fake girl
his fingers in you while you cry isn't love
Oh little lady, ugly lady
where did it all go wrong?
Saumya Apr 28
tell me how you devour people’s hearts
one after an another
tasting their blood, breathing their souls and secrets
you leave a trail of broken people behind you and walk away with ease
on to the next victim

tell me how you live with the weight our sad, pained ghosts inside of you
Saumya Mar 28
Where does dignity go when it is lost?
Saumya Mar 28
How do you manage to fall in love again and again? New girl after new girl? Brown hair, blonde hair, tall, petite- one right after another or one right during another.
Tell me, how your heart regrows over and over and mine breaks once and stays shut forever?
Saumya Feb 19
I will comfort you when they make you cry
I will listen to the stories of your soul
Want to laugh? Let me help
I have all the answers, just ask honey
But when everyone's gone and I am alone
I sit and sob for all everyone's left me with were questions
Solving all your puzzles have only left mine more broken
Oh hi there
Are you okay though?
You want to laugh?
Saumya Feb 12
cause I'd rather be drunk off of all the liquor in the world than to be drunk off the idea of you
  Feb 12 Saumya
a silent cry
tells it all,
short breaths,
giggles in between,
is the truth funny
or is the reality just another
joke no one laughs at...
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