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Jun 2018 · 81
the way we are
Saumya Jun 2018
We are all insecure
And we make fun of each other
Cause we desperately try to hate someone as much as we hate our own self
Apr 2018 · 288
vampire love
Saumya Apr 2018
tell me how you devour people’s hearts
one after an another
tasting their blood, breathing their souls and secrets
you leave a trail of broken people behind you and walk away with ease
on to the next victim

tell me how you live with the weight our sad, pained ghosts inside of you
Mar 2018 · 707
Saumya Mar 2018
Where does dignity go when it is lost?
Feb 2018 · 194
Help me
Saumya Feb 2018
I will comfort you when they make you cry
I will listen to the stories of your soul
Want to laugh? Let me help
I have all the answers, just ask honey
But when everyone's gone and I am alone
I sit and sob for all everyone's left me with were questions
Solving all your puzzles have only left mine more broken
Oh hi there
Are you okay though?
You want to laugh?
Feb 2018 · 978
Why do you drink so much
Saumya Feb 2018
cause I'd rather be drunk off of all the liquor in the world than to be drunk off the idea of you
Feb 2018 · 477
The Value of Me
Saumya Feb 2018
I was there when each and every one of them broke her
I picked her up
I fed her
I comforted her to sleep every night
I woke her up, dressed her up, made her look pretty
And whenever she broke down again, I listened
At the end of the day, I was always there for me
Jan 2018 · 128
Six Word Love Story
Saumya Jan 2018
Please don't talk to me again
Jan 2018 · 348
Saumya Jan 2018
Some nights I peel off my face and hang up my despair. I paint on a new face maybe even draw a big smile, then I take some pictures and share some superficial giggles. When the fakeness fades, I come back home- I throw on my raw face, wear my comfy despair, and sit and sob for hours
#empty #fake #lost #sad
Jan 2018 · 147
Saumya Jan 2018
You turned me into your little fool, then left me and stood in the audience and laughed
Jan 2018 · 458
The Hottest Girl
Saumya Jan 2018
Hot Ms.Sandlebach
When she whispered we all got goosebumps
There was an artistic beauty in her tear drops as she cried and red passion in her daily vibrant cherry lipstick
Her eyes spoke stories but no one ever understood them
Everyone wanted Ms.Sandlebach but, poor  lady, no one cared for what she wanted
Jan 2018 · 159
Saumya Jan 2018
Perhaps I'm destined for more in my life than to simply gush and blush when a man acts sweet to me, mope and vent whilst he acts indifferent and weep and mourn as he walks over me

— The End —