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Nick Hemal Jun 2019
The ice thaws
  As you ignite the soul.
    Daily practice
       Turns kindle into coal.
          Keep that fire burning
            In your heart.
             Where mountains melt
                and skies part.
                  Dreams and reality
                    meld into one.
Inspired by some of the words of my former students, who reads tarot cards for me...
Nick Hemal Jun 2019
It's all a game,
One that we can't win.
Because you must be a saint
And I have my sin.
Into the void I must go, where there is no wrong or right.
It's a shame that you can't fathom, "darkness gave birth to the light..."

Nick Hemal Jun 2019
In your sky you are the brightest star.
So shine, shine bright...
So that others may see the light, amidst the darkness of the journey of life.

April 2019
Inspired by friend; who was inspired by me to begin writing again. Who's work in turn inspired me to try poetry once more.

— The End —