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Erika Apr 2021
You are the city of hopes and dreams
The home of the brave
And the land of the free
But why it's look like racism is all over your place?

Nobody wants any of this
Is it because of the color, they deserve injustice?
Is being different enough to be a reason
To have a death penalty and be beaten?

Someone needs to understand
Life is too short so give a hand
Don't put them down and let them stand
We are all just human under one God

Stop the HATE we need LOVE
Give the freedom in every dove
Let respect be in your heart
We need to be united not apart.
Erika Jan 2021
For all those stupid promises
For all the torn paper roses
To our love that loses
Raise your glass and here is to us

A difficult path makes us strong
Do not know what is right and wrong
I do not even know where to go
From this place you dumped me and so

I am tired and I always try
Still, I am not enough that is why
It's so easy to say goodbye
To hurt, to crushed someone and lie

This is for all the tears we shed
To people who broke us and shred
Take that ***** and drink all day
We will rise! Cheers to that! I say.
Let your poems speak for yourself.
Erika Feb 2021
People may come and go
In every goodbye there will be woes
Cries in the Southern snow
From a lover dreaming to grow

How much I wonder
In times go by
Years have passed and still I cry
Everytime, I ask why?

What happened to us?
Those promises we said would last
Dreams for future comes to past
Time faded away just like that

I know you will not come back
Happy in someone's track
Cannot be hack
But still, you will be my Jack

In case you remember
Memories we had together
I will be waiting here
Cause you will always be my forever.
People go and leave us behind, but still we wait for them to come back even if they have no plan to
Erika Dec 2020
In the next year I want to fall in love
To see life, travel and fly with doves
To do things that always makes me move
In the next year I want to be above

Meet someone who can understand
Will not make fun of me when I cry
Will listen to whatever I say
Will not question what I have in mind

In the next year I want some change
No more crying and depression
No more hate and rejection
Just peace, love and champagne

Let there be smile in every faces
Healing and a new start in every races
Bells and praises in every churches
In the next year I want it to be the best.
Erika Oct 2020
I loved you for who you are
In times of trouble is there
Ready to fight in gray
For my lover's lair

Sacrifice my happiness
For me not to see your sadness
I love you but what happened?
You fool me your maiden

I thought you will be my knight
With the darkest of night
With those beautiful sight
You leave me alone in the fight

I was betrayed
By you, the lover of mine
Until then, I was never fine
You choose her, I was done

In this battle I lost you
You found someone new
In the castle we build
Tonight I'm alone with no shield

I hope you're happy now
For leaving me behind
For the ties unwind
River of tears in my mind.
For all who experienced some messy break ups and betrayals
Erika Feb 2021
Black lipstick and an eyeliner
In the end she is a runner
Running from home and a gunner
Accuse her to be a killer

They say she is wild and crazy
Put her life future in hazy
You don't know her and the story
Misunderstood, that is: maybe

Someone made her like that for sure
She is always looking for a cure
For her this is a nasty curse
Looking for answers in the lore

Maybe she is a mad woman
In the corner is a lone man
Hunter eye's a witch to hunt
Maybe inside a gem that burnt.
Behind every character is a story.
Erika Oct 2020
I love a guy who plays guitar
Know the music of the altar
From the heart, playing from a far
Transforming himself to a star

He just knows how to make me laugh
Even sometimes life is rough
I always like it when he is tough
And wanting me to be his dough

We are together in the sky
Although he always makes me cry
In his music that in my way
He got me falling everyday

With his songs, the rocker it brings
Just like when he is in his strings
The best feeling out of the sting
From his fingers that have no rings

With his beautiful melody
I realize that I am lovely
Thanks for not leaving me lonely
I just want you wholeheartedly

My unsung hero out of the blue
You made my life a pretty hue
A face with a God given clue
Making my time a longer due.
I wrote this poem a long long time ago ...💗
Erika Oct 2020
Those green eyes of yours
A background full of sour
And this love is ours

A hand full of blood
Your face filled with tears flood
Sad memories, so bad

You always wonder
Thinking you are a killer
Stop! Do not suffer

You may have been black
But you will always comeback
To our home track

Sacrifice so much
In a middle of a hunch
Lost in just a ******

You may be long gone
Left everyone and a son
You are just a man

Past full of sorrow
How will I face tomorrow?
My life froze in snow

Time will always fade
Goodbyes that never been said
Decisions are made

Let's go back and sway
In the night let us be strays
Please, you could just stay

Let us meet again
Maybe after all this rain
Us will be regain.
I'm not a professional writer. I just write poetry to express. 🙂
Erika Nov 2020
I wish there is someone
that will stay by my side
And will never leave me behind
Understand me, for all I have

The wrong things I've done
the real me inside
All the lies and secrets I hide
I hope they will not be suprise

I will always be broken
by this cruel world
I just wish someone will understand
This shattered lady in the ground.
Erika Oct 2020
Can someone listen
to the cries of a woman
Hearthache and hardships
tremble in her ships.

Can somebody understand
Philosophies in life she had
Capabilities she had in hand
Ideas she have in mind?

Can someone please give her a chance
to have that beautiful dance
Under the stars above
After that rain in the skies.

Before it's too late
Give her what she deserves
Cause after it all
She is a woman that must be love.

— The End —