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Christina S Sep 2019
Thank you for reminding me of my beauty
Thank you for doing what you do to me
Thank you for being there at just the right time
Thank you for setting my soul free!

I wanted to write this poem
Not that it had to be done
But rather that I appreciate you
And to let you know that I have fun
Christina S Sep 2019
The autumn winds roar like
my inner goddess does for you.
Although the leaves change, love,
I promise that I never do!

Christina S Sep 2019
A smile that matches my own
The look in my loves eyes
it is enchanting to say the least
this comes as no surprise

A heart unbridled with passion
The knowing that we belong
Being held in his arms
Listening to our song

A gentle touch between lovers
that brings his dimples out, you know
the beautiful smile that touches my soul
The one that brings me up when I feel low

A hand to hold when times are hard
Someone to listen and wipe away my tears
The person that lights my fire
The one that takes away all my fears
Christina S Sep 2019
like the oceans tide
vast cerulean blue
my love goes on forever

Christina S Aug 2019
Cool autumn breezes blow
Soon cascades of colors will be upon us
Once blooming fields are now faded
Winters kiss we'll soon know
It's that time of year again, leaves are just starting to turn
Christina S Aug 2019
Twins lost several years ago
still on my mind
my nightmares remind me
there's no solace to find

To never hear those giggles
To never hear one cry
I must've asked a thousand times
"God, why'd you take them, why?"

They were only in my womb a while
But I think about them still
I have to believe there's an afterlife
Because I will hold them. I will!

Some people say "It was for the best!"
I would like to know how they know
because to me that comment
hits lower than the low

I know my angel babies
have wiped the tears where I lay
And they are playing with the Almighty
In the Awesome Kingdom where they stay
Lost twins in utero several years ago but never forget
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