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Salman shoukat May 2019
Am i flawed or i am evolved
Am i a side effect of mutation
Or i m going its upside
In a moment way ahead of time
In other i m old school romantic
Regretting over the past
Or afraid what future brings
Never living in present,
Distant from loved ones
Meantime afraid of losing
Being crowded, still alone
Having so many people near
Still longing for someone
Am i flawed or i m evolved
Luke Mar 2019
You must stop this.
but for why?
How can I change,
I feel no bliss.

Who are you to judge?
You not a clue,
Of me or what I truly am.
But maybe shall I budge?

Should I express?
Open my mind,
reveal my interworkings.
No I refuse, I will not depress.
All is well, except no name for my poem.
What am I?

"Cast your body into the ocean,
   ask if there are Greeks down there?

Sail, as it were, upon the Seas...
   ...and find yourself; every where."

A: The Phoenicians who created the alphabet. The Alphabet has risen and falling with world trade and it has become a universal system. The art of language has been both hindered by the oceans and delivered by them.
Genisis Corbett Nov 2017
I try not be dumb
Stubborn and irritating but I'm the youngest

Looking through my black screen of my phone I can't push it back anymore so here's my story

My dad  is a liar, a coward and a **** I never wanted to believe in such things but once he stroked me with words like a bear tearing through flesh I realized

My mom is hopeless , kind, and love sick, she hurts and cries for a love she'll never by a man who will never love her

My sister is  a jester and she looks down with disdain on the world like a mad man would in awe

My friends are sings and minstrels I don't fit in and they travel going from place to place I can't keep up

My crush is my longing my hurt and my mirror I will never have not will I cherish him in such love for I am weak

So I'm looking through the black screen on my phone and see myself puffy eyes from crying, dulled  copper skin and in my opinion not a waste of oxygen. I know I'm selfish for being in a perfect school. I'm hurt but say nothing. I don't hate my life I just wish it would be better..
I just live in a dysfunctional family and I wish I can help out
Raymond Turcotte Oct 2017
******* your blood, I desire
It hurts more than fire
The haunting sounds you hear prior
I am a horrible flyer

Observing your every move while I stalk
Notifications arise when I knock
Children of the night I mock
However, I don’t acquire a clock

Once I bite, no turning back
You don’t even know if I attack
Death is upon me with one smack
Depressing, because you would have been a delightful snack.
poem created (8/25/2017) only published later on.

summary/ purpose :/ Dedicated to Christopher R Gauthier and his fascination with Dracula.

inspiration from/ inspired by :/ Wrote this while with family - my brother & dad visiting for the season.
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
What am I
Without my baggage?
Do I have what it takes
To be somebody with courage?

What am I
Without those who cling on?
Do I have it in me
To fly light, being anything but a pawn?

What am I
Without my limits?
Do I have the strength
To fathom my journey through all climates?

What am I
If I’m perfect?
Do I have the power
To change the world that lives to contradict?

What am I
If I’m but a spirit from my own past?
Do I have a future
So I can make this present forever last?
Mary Christopher Sep 2014
If you love the leaves
I am winter

If you're full of songs
I am silence

If you love the rain
I am the desert

If you are the good
I am the evil

If you are beautiful
What am I?

Georgia Owen Aug 2013
I love you,
"Da--" I resist
(lol jk)
This slip would matter to anyone but me.

Beautiful wonder,
Thank you for your blessing.
(drip, drip)

Take me, I'm yours
(define "yours"?)
Bring me home
Our home.
(our dollhouse made of flour)

Sparkle and f a d e
Glow and beam
(or so I thought)

That poor dude.
lost girl May 2014
I am not entirely happy
I am not entirely sad

                                                            ­                             I smile sometimes and
                                                             ­                            I laugh at funny things
                                                          ­                               I can crack a joke and
                                                                ­                         Be around people.

But at night when I am alone
Is when the thoughts start coming
When the tears escape my eyes
And when I start to feel the worse about myself.
This is the time when I just want to disappear.


— The End —