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Raindrops Apr 2016
Sky covered by gray clouds
It looks soft but hardened by its burden inside
It will burst any moment
And let it all out
It would be a relief
When the rain comes out
Everything will be better & fine
Raindrops Apr 2016
What do you do when you're feeling sad?
Do you write
Do you draw
Do you sing
Or you do just cry it out...
Raindrops Apr 2016
Sickness makes me forget feeling well
Just like sadness, I don't remember the last time I became happy...
Raindrops Apr 2016
A work is

& Meaningless

without imagination.
Raindrops Apr 2016
An old red cement flooring,
Empty walls painted in gray,
Litted by a faint yellowish bulb,
A cozy place to sit with a person by my side.

Holding tightly as the ice candy melts,
Burning my palm with its coldness.
In this awkward state hiding in silence
I want to break it but maybe just comfort myself.

Didn't you notice that, maybe because you are busy;
Staring at that noisy tv.
Do you want to do something else?
Do you want to go somewhere?
Didn't you notice I was struggling my mind?
I wanna know if you do.
Raindrops Mar 2016
We made it through,
I feel this is the last time and I am with you
I am afraid but excited
Looking at you from behind.
Is this the ending?
You showed me your sweet smile;
the smile that makes me remember,
How far we have reach together

Your gaze that makes me melt,
I cannot avoid
But I somehow feel worried
Why do your eyes looks like they mean something,
I ran to you and hold you tight.
This was the real happiness I was waiting; I thought myself.

We were up in the scarlet sky
with soft clouds surrounding us.
And the sneaking sun beams behind
We watched from above
the things ruin into pieces
Like pixels falling down
But I cannot hear anything
Nothing but the beat of my heart inside
Here in this heavenly place with you
I said I love you forever...
You replied the same and a tear rolled down your beautiful face
I caressed your cheeks,
I close my eyes and leaned to kiss you
I hope this isn't a goodbye

I know this is the end...
This is the time were about to escape.

Its getting brighter and brighter
as if the bright bright sun has made its way
to invade the whole place and take you away.

I feel oblivious
My body is senseless
So does my heart...
Then it blacks out!

I slowly open my heavy eyes and found myself in unfamiliar place.
Its suffocates me that you are not around,
Little by little I gain my consciousness,
I just hope I didn't,
Because you are the missing piece of me,
Without you I cannot live
It really hurts.

That place where you are beside me
It was a fool
It was just a dream

I hope I didn't wake up to the reality that you are gone...
SAO season 1's ending is really sad :'( so I make some poem.
Raindrops Mar 2016
Waking up of the roosters cry in the morning
Start to work until
you get tired and weary.
Every hardship has a purpose
on its own
A work is a goal to achieve and accomplish.

Men and women, old and young
must work their dreams to come true
And wash away the negative thoughts that grew
Nothing worth having comes easy

Don't ever think work is a punishment
Work without thinking the hours you had spent.
For it is a benefit of yourself not them,
To aim things with eagerness and happiness
not to condemn

Work is a progression,
To improve
So you must be wise
with every move
As they say; Life works on how you make it
Don't lose your way and quit.
Inspired by Kahlil Gibran's "On Work"
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