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Jan 30 · 154
My Paradise?
Postal Leo Jan 30
Cutting and bruising,
Bleeding, while we drive, street cruising.
Live fast, die young,
All while trying to steal your tongue.

Your so cute when you blush,
And when you bleed just enough,
Do you trust me? Your forced to now….
I mean, your in love with me anyhow….

I’ll, treat you like in item, you just love being used!
Even though you you kick and scream, you want to be abused!
Call me a sadist, and we’ll get along just fine….
Just never ******* dare, touch what's mine!
Jan 30 · 72
To the Lovely You!
Postal Leo Jan 30
What's the point, of this huge cosmic joke,
Do you believe in magic? Type of **** that would make you croak!
Well, I’ve met the girl, who could probably fly to Saturn’s rings,
And believe me, she probably hates it when I sing!
But it’s so satisfying, feeling her in my head,
Maybe I’m crazy! **** it, maybe I'm already dead!
But i love her! And the choir, and me,
Hope there comes a day where i can set, her, free!
(Most people believe in magic.
In fact, there are more believers in magic then in love.)

It’s like falling, in a dream,
Ending up millions of miles, downstream.
Lost and can’t, talk or think,
Then waking up, doing dishes at the, kitchen sink.
Hands tied, behind my back,
Kicking and screaming, on the train track.
(It’s hard to be alone. One’s personal sanity is always at risk.
But being with someone taxes the human brain even more.)

In the darkness, so inferior,
Looking up to you, clearly superior.
Trapped as i am, i see the key,
Maybe you’ll be the one to set me free.
Because every-time i look to the future, i see you,
And let me just say its a ******* fantastic view!!!
(So many people question, whether to get into a new relationship, after a long time.
After all, commitment is scary, and many doubt themselves.)

— The End —