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Jul 2019 · 90
How to be a single dad
Penmann Jul 2019
Take the silliest drawings and magnets,
Buy a big fridge, put them on.
They will remind you of who the ******* are
When he's out playing. When he's gone.

You should play too. Grab a toy soldier.
Give him a name. Who cares, throw fits.
If you want to food hack your kids,
Mash up two different kinds of cereals.
This will make your breakfast unique.

Just think. Use your head.
That's what a parent is about.
It's about not being dead.

Grab little color chalks.
Draw his life. Let him correct it too.
He's better at it than you.

It's about not acting plain,
You carry his story,
But let him explain.

Don't just be a simple dad.
Be the best. Be a mom.
He needs one.
Jul 2019 · 156
Writing against you
Penmann Jul 2019
I decided to break the flow and turn around,
The water hurts, knowing i'm falling apart.
The fish will have to feel it's charts
Shades of thousands came undone.
Swimming against your currents.
Now's the showdown, the waves collide
With me in between and my son.

No place to hide. Writing. Writing. Writing.
Silently writing your and my demise.

No space beneath the ground is now safe and sound
I know it will eventually break my body in tears
There is no subtle and defensive way to start;
I will write against you being smart, so smart it bleeds.
I'll write you out. Tear apart your Chanel 5 heart.

Fear me and every apologizing letter i convey,
Every song i might say...
I will be so glad to see you pay,
So happy for the rainy day.

Glasses shattered while shooting darts
No sacred grounds, a pound on your door.
There is no church to save you now, *****.
A bullet shot direct and scored.

Soliciting hate is the next big thing online
I guess i'm cutting slices this time.
A broken heart with nothing left to lose,
Is writing better stuff than yours.
I will cash out these goodbyes.
A Million screams to bathe in, but none is mine.
This is actually about traffic and evil. It is not aimed at anyone in particular, but aimed at everyone. I hate writers and liars right now and full of anguish. Can't think straight.
Jun 2019 · 270
Palestine Dream
Penmann Jun 2019
A wall will never stop the spread of disease;
Even if you are called the civilized west,
Banksy won't and can't make the cries to cease.
Cries from forefront clashes, from throwing rocks...
Hand over one's heart,
We all profit off; selling outdated Glocks.

Mapping out the labyrinth tale with a frag
Minotaur's keep the fight alive in this hell
A mechanic social manipulation
With hearts of Palestine in confiscation
Teenage angst never did pay off well.

One thing to comfort the Jew,
They're going to die anyway,
And so will you.

A sky full of sulfur
Coming down on little kids.
These aren't stars,
These are toxic tears.
These aren't stars,
You carry on your flags,
What shines are shells, grenades and frags.

Misuse of weaponry, a national trait;
Once second world war victims,
Now a first world charade.
Penmann Jun 2019
I actually don't.
I have a problem with spies.
They lie.
That's why i call myself sky.
I make them bleed. im like a reality turner
an actor
a burner,
i make them pay for the lies they did
i make them change opinions about me

so i guess soon i die
on a no note man
what is it
is it a plan
a scheme
a gangstalking dream
*** is this
5 secret services after me
for next to nothing
and me writing sonnets suddenly
*** man

i like this feeling,
tom cruise
im like an oceans 11
just without the briefings
but briefings are for babies
as are also dollar bills

i had no payment for what i did
i had no payment for what i didnt do
but i have a feeling they do
Jun 2019 · 429
Penmann Jun 2019
Just happened to glance a pretty girl out there,
Bathed in tattoos, sitting in my bookstore.
I loved the way she looked, knew that i adore
That blouse, the chest, stuck sadly in her wheelchair.

Was it her fragility that made her fair?
Her curly hair complexed and tied trojan war,
A warrior on wheels, stare full of ignore,
Her name came to me in the air, it was Claire.

So unfair, a devastating joke from god.
Beautiful despair, her hand clutching the steel,
As she reads some more titles that came off odd.

A goddess, half man - half machine, you're ideal,
My heroine handicapped and neatly flawed.
Claire made me forgot my own Achilles' heel.
Don't even know if this fully counts as a syllabic Italian sonnet, but i think it does, so boom. there. Very basic but it's a start.
Jun 2019 · 39
Hello Pony
Penmann Jun 2019
I finally got the pony my father deserved
He wanted one so bad
But it's a big red ****** pony
Sorry dad.
With eyes shooting lasers in the sky,
An animal from hell
Screaming a thousand goodbyes
To the quiet sheeple standing by

Its my inert decision to have a horse
A horse from hell instead of a friendly one
Because i got vile, sick, venomous, scarred
A horse bathed in divorce

For there is no ******* remorse
For little horseys you keep thrusting
The carriage of a thousand ponys
Little blind dumb fat *****, pulling a string to a storyless thread

All you need is one
A monster

Let's speak horoscope you little *****
What sign are you, oh thats so nice
My sign reads terror your eats spice
I'm a doberman, the stars spoke now
Born under a sign of dog, A killer  

I rise as you plummet kid
I burn flames when you're just a little spit
Penmann Jun 2019
Don't name the baby Arya.
It's such a lie to do that now.
Name her after pornstars.
Name your daughter Stoya.
That's named after a real influencer
Named after a somebody
Glittered name of shiny bodies
Named after the highest view count online and off.
A muse name, someone everybody wants.

Let us not let **** names die.
It's ok to breed a Rocco
A name that wears a jive
Keeps art of namegiving alive

Just dont name them after politicians
Prostitutes and Liars
Dont name your kid after journalists
Drug dealers or musicians.

Let's stop those names popping up
George, Michael, Paul.
Quit the whole Beatles charade
Never were someone to look up to afterall.

Stop this rain of assh**e names
Like Boris, Donald, David, Ian.
Give the kids a wider range.
Penmann Jun 2019
There are million reasons why you should hate me from above, mom.
But right now i can't think of one.
I call evil upon myself everyday since you left,
for what is evil is pure,
evil is profit
and catharsis.

How do i know when to smile dad?
If the default life is a disaster,
all the happenings went vile.

But sometimes i wonder,
do you quarrel up there with god?
Did you tell him what he did wrong?
I know my dad would smash his head against the wall,
tear his ligaments apart.
Shut up, be smart!
You're not a kid anymore, grow up.
Jun 2019 · 53
ME, 3.14
Penmann Jun 2019
Me, 3.14
Barely out of this terrible dream,
Writing a poem on how i beat death.

Just writing lines.
The world is mine.
And no regret.
best **** time i ever had.
I was writing about this dream i had, for an hour now or more and  i wrote these lines just to keep me occupied in between. Me 3.14
Jun 2019 · 898
Lunar Library
Penmann Jun 2019
A girl once told me
I should come over
to the sunny side of the moon
once in a while.

But the moon is not lit up by suns.
It's lit up by earth mostly.
We make it shine.

I light up moons and satellites.
And Elon Musk. How the f**k can one be so dumb
To send a car in outer space,
instead of words and letters? What a pun.

In space we can feel no pain, it gets better everyday
We can challenge steel horses and vast spaces
We can forget races, catch furthest bases.

I could challenge earth
all at once...

I'd like to crowdfund for fun
her first moon library
be lunar writer no. 1
Penmann Jun 2019
Kids playing, guys chatting, cars running.
There she goes.
An infinite scroll, it could last forever.
Who knows where the data heads?
CIA? China? Pentagon?
Your mom?

Flood of notifications on how pretty you are,
When not on the phone.
Jun 2019 · 525
Penmann Jun 2019
I am just like Robin Hood
Shooting an impossible shot
When everything is lost

To sling that arrow straight
through the arrow of opponent
in my own bullseye.

Kick inside the hornets nest.
Wave to the pretty heiress on the stool next by,
Knowing i'll never get her,
Still the greatest in her life.
Somebody stop me.
Jun 2019 · 200
Untitled #2
Penmann Jun 2019
I will not be at your wedding.
Have to wish you two all the best.
I just can't come.
i guess i used to
love you far too much
to give a **** now.
Inspired by you.
Jun 2019 · 42
I Won't Write For You
Penmann Jun 2019
I'm not writing for you-
I'd rather die.
I'll be forever silent in my grave,
Rather die private as a slave.

Than be outed by corporate shadows.
Shadows who take money from fools.
I know what you want.
Coca-cola narration, to deflower my nation,
to make money in Peru.

Go on, go be violent.
I'm waiting for you.
I swear, better be fast.
I'm writing myself
And you're going down too.
Jun 2019 · 139
Deep State
Penmann Jun 2019
The Kekropolis you built.
Just thinking about you makes me feel odd.
You always come as a psyop,
implemented and fake.
I scream a thousand voices to you.
Every time i see you, my knees clutch.
You are not for real.
I mustn't speak.
There are others here, on my mind, on my paper.
Leaving behind a ****** trail of despair and sadness.
I won't let it affect me.

I'd scream again if i knew you were here.
Not involved in psyops.
Not connected to cops.
Not handling guys.
Not wearing disguise.

I'd care if it wasn't all artificially implemented,
I'd come hadn't you texted.
The deep state of a messed-up.
Jun 2019 · 121
I Follow No One
Penmann Jun 2019
I want out
Storage Kerning
Kerosene dream
Fried Philadelphia sunrise
Shine, shine nutrician
Jun 2019 · 107
Today Sucked
Penmann Jun 2019
My coffee tasted like ****
The playlist made me cry
Strangers gave me chills
Cold looks and hot grills

I'll get up tomorrow and change everything.

I don't need coffee anyway.
I turned on the radio today.
Jun 2019 · 66
Lost an Artist there
Penmann Jun 2019
The pictures you hang on walls
unseen by default
i'll love all of them
even if i don't see even one

i know there won't be me inside
winds threw me off
no reason to think low of me
as things spill without you

all over our ceramic floor
of dead turtles
holding together the world
Jun 2019 · 164
Killers Sky
Penmann Jun 2019
A killer spread his wings above my sky
Falcon from the top of the hill
Nested so close

I'm watching him soar
We are all prey

No one cares about the killers anymore
The silence is his gold
Speed in his blood

He keeps me doing what i want
Keeping my eye up in the sky
As he watches me
Jun 2019 · 552
A song for Politicians
Penmann Jun 2019
Do you realize you've been on TV every day since i was born?
Wonder what you wrote in your CV.
Or who wrote it for you.
You reek of secret service black ops.
You made press issues moot.

I'd send ten dobermans after you.
To protect you.
From yourself.
This is a politician in my country, who has been the most successful in obfuscations, lies and political interfering in the process of our nation. It is a kind of person no one wants at their dinner table and still gets the most invitations.
Jun 2019 · 38
Random Perfume
Penmann Jun 2019
I found out what you smell like.
It took years.
Fascinating and uplifting, kid.
You are a hurricane that carries happiness.
Your smile weighs a ton.
When you scream, accidents escape.
Noone knows.
You smell like a fresh packet of tennis *****.

Wear the DNA proud,
no matter how hard things go.
You are a monster and a perfect being.
A complete mess of stars and stardust.

I will never forget you.
Even if far away,
I won't let you down. I must not.

Live for the fight. Live for light.
Keep in mind, things aren't perfect and the road will be agonizing.
Rewards are not what they look like. Do not live for rewards.
Live for the swords.
Above all be alive and well.
You journey through hell.

Be strong and wise.
Discover lies. Cherish the truth. Even if it hurts, speak of it.
Be bold. Caps lock.
When the boats rock,
pick up the Glock.

Aim for the stars. You will pass Mars.
Others count in miles.
You count light years in paradise.

I'm always there. Forever inside,
The others made me hide. I escaped inside your soul.
The greatest story ever told.
Jun 2019 · 136
The Music
Penmann Jun 2019
I had a **** childhood
But at least the music was good
Jun 2019 · 247
Untitled #1
Penmann Jun 2019
My sky
Is my skin
I can't seem to
climb out
of it.

I for one
Am one

Reading books from the dead is certainly fun.

Upside down pen.

Also my nan,
Best thing in my life
Made me honest
A stand up guy.

Remember the 80's
She was funky back then.
about my adoption
Jun 2019 · 563
Death Effect
Penmann Jun 2019
Tell me please, why do you like death?
What is it about her?
Is she better than me?
Do you have a cemetery shortage?

This town is endless.
on death and the dead. We have a really weird correlation with them. I sometimes like dead people more than living. And also all the best men are dead, isn't that a cliche? Must be something to do with the fact we are all alive.
Jun 2019 · 24
Install You
Penmann Jun 2019
Sugar coned install
I'll find an app for that.
Will google it.
I can google anything.
Even you.
Written in 2014
Jun 2019 · 131
Marie Kondo
Penmann Jun 2019
Smile your Marie Kondo smile on me-
Just smile and pretend it can be done
She is a tank against common sense. Invasion of clear mind.
I never tidy up, my life's a mess.
Marie Kondo though makes me feel even less.
Completely disarmed my will to feel.
Jun 2019 · 118
Google, You Little Bitch
Penmann Jun 2019
Do you ever Google?
I heard they call you "USERS";
I mean, do you care?

Our lives are now viral,
a flush of the toilet,
a death-summoning spiral.

Funnels of sheer torment,
Kirsten Stewarts pretty hair,'s like noone's even really there.

All locked in a block of info,
only CIA's aware.
Some weird files to share, locked up in a cloud.

Do these clouds rain on men?
Do they make them run?
Summon a sea of umbrellas beneath?

It's a sea of despair,
and was meant to be fun, worthy of a stare, here and there.
Now all gone.

But to have lives abolished in shame...
Is it a game? A Facebook event?
Do we just pretend?
No way to explain,
Not even a gain.
Here, internet. My contribution. Play your part. It's a data war.
Jun 2019 · 648
Vegan Pancake
Penmann Jun 2019
I tore up the last pancake
it was made just for you
no milk attached
how vegan is that
no lactose for glue
the oil was all burnt up
are these pancakes or stew?

you never did care

for pancakes i made

now all in the air

the glasses thrown down and plates smashed up
you'll never again even drink from this cup

i won't bother to score with anyone more
i'll never again make this pancake for you,
i'd rather throw up
and you better grow up
You're not a kid anymore.
Jun 2019 · 437
Penmann Jun 2019
My brand new life and social game
forfeited in godawful shame
forgotten by default foreshadowed and defeated.
arise again.

Move mountains,
Move seas,
Spread peace,
Remain a friend.

Risen again i will fall
I will never stand tall
But i can rise up again.
Jun 2019 · 1.9k
Crying Addiction
Penmann Jun 2019
I ran crying the last 2 miles.
When i did sports, i always smiled.
My team never made me sad.
When i lost at sports, i'd just quit the game.

It didn't feel bad.

I can't just quit when i run. I have to go on.
Push my limits.
I do it for fun.
Screaming every step i cry,
i can't think of a better way to say what i'm doing the last few days
Jun 2019 · 216
A Cure For Gosling Ryan
Penmann Jun 2019
When you feel weak and powerless...
Think and act like Ryan Gosling.
Be smug
wear that snobbish smile
ignore the ambient.
You will prosper on the technique.

...and this way maybe,
for the sake of god,

finally someone outperforms him.
Penmann Jun 2019
Try not to cry.

It all happened before
we all know the story
while hiding undercover
you're also a *****.

Now chew on that you old piece of snitch.

V for Vendetta
Engulfing to play
Never forget those who can't die
D for Decay
Ether will swallow me
Terrible fate
This is my story
A faceless mirage

A black op scenario became a social cliche.
Jun 2019 · 148
Be With Me
Penmann Jun 2019
There is no exact
elaborate plan in place.
Only a more general one.

To sit on a rooftop
and cut the skyline,
talk all night about something good.

Stars shine
and with you, the whole
galaxy suddenly feels like
an emptied yogurt cup.
Jun 2019 · 1.0k
Helen Mirren online
Penmann Jun 2019
****** up by now?
I know exactly how you feel.
Visit our page and
become Helen Mirren
three simple steps.
No regrets.

— The End —