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Penmann Jun 25
A wall will never stop the spread of disease;
Even if you are called the civilized west,
Banksy won't and can't make the cries to cease.
Cries from forefront clashes, from throwing rocks...
Hand over one's heart,
We all profit off; selling outdated Glocks.

Mapping out the labyrinth tale with a frag
Minotaur's keep the fight alive in this hell
A mechanic social manipulation
With hearts of Palestine in confiscation
Teenage angst never did pay off well.

One thing to comfort the Jew,
They're going to die anyway,
And so will you.

A sky full of sulfur
Coming down on little kids.
These aren't stars,
These are toxic tears.
These aren't stars,
You carry on your flags,
What shines are shells, grenades and frags.

Misuse of weaponry, a national trait;
Once second world war victims,
Now a first world charade.
Nida Mahmoed May 2017
My dear world,
Your children's scream in pain,
But no one hearing,
In this ***** mans game,
The edge of the machine,
Cuts so deep,
An eye for an eye,
Makes the whole world blind,
Yet we think another bullet,
Will save us this time!

By; Nida Mahmoed

— The End —