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Love is not my reason
I don't believe in luck but love
Still love is not my reason
If I can't fall in love
Better still I make love
Create my own story
To tell love.
Precious Abraham Sep 2020
If there's one thing I know best
It's My obsession
Which lay deep down
In a room with shackles
Waiting for that uncontrollable period
To exhibit it shape
I know for sure
it changes shape
To be satisfied with figure
For obsession show's
With out knowing
It stain without showing
Just like a phone with password
I tell you it always a reminder
As date is.
It's certained that obsession leads to
Some can't be spoken of
Nor to be believed
For to know an individual
Know his obsession
And to know his desire
Hook up to his obsession
Like subscribing to YouTube...
Think deep and let me know what you think about this poem ... Thanks
Precious Abraham Sep 2020
What name do I give
Even I am not sure
Exposed to laughter
Endurance of pain
Torture with sadness
Qualified to hope
Love, peace and joy
Are life best options
But one must be given
To emotions like an
Artistic  status tell a story
It's just comes like
Bees attracted  to flowers
An open arm still alone
Helping heart making weapons
I find myself dripping
As I leave a message
See know notification
Yet notify by all
It just like the manifestation
Which the sun Carrie's
Invite with interested invoice.
Unique beauty that comes from the heart never ends but keeps showing
Precious Abraham Jul 2020
As I view my world
I stood from a far distance
Left to my unused Wisdom
With an open mind
Accessing the great treasure of this
Poetic picture
It worth is unknown
Clerify with deep peace
Which clear sorrow and give inner joy
Never the less I gain wisdom
Each time I view my poetic picture

Each time I view my poetic picture
Grace is made available
Like the blue sky mixed with white and gray clouds
Dew locating it resting place
As I allocate myself terms to it
Fruitful tresses beautify with drip of water
As it dirp down on green grass's
Finding it way on earth
Watering the earth
I could feel the air
powered with purity
The enrolling sound of each bird
Made substantial harmony
The sun rise
Titled with glorious ability
Edifying the field with enrich satisfaction
Each time I view my poetic picture

Each time I view my poetic picture
My poetic picture could be
Me, you, man, woman, words
Sure as I gain wisdom from it.
My poetic picture is the voice that address me in different picase for the moment of reality, existence and truth

Wisdom is profitable to direct
If I may ask
What is your poetic picture?
Precious Abraham Jul 2020
Why do you
Why did you
How could you
Why should you
Why did you say you love
When all you do is hate
Why did you say you care
When all you do is cause pain
Why do you chat me
When all you do is to go behind my back
You claim to trust me
When all I see fear
How do I believe what I feel
when all I feel is guilt and not relieved
How do I fill up the space
When I am not open
How do I tell you what I want
When you are never around
Why do you invite
When you are not up to it
How do I come through
If you are closed
You gave a limit
Why shouldn't I cross
You say you want me
When you have eyes for another
You promise
When you create problems
Precious Abraham Jul 2020
Now we see the moon
We see the star's
For when it Is night
We all notice the beauty of the moon
Never the less that beauty has a voice
That voice moves like wind that carry's message...
The whispers of the moon
cool, cold, calm and it claims
reading the moon is more like
Preparing for news
For we don't know the information it carry's
But when we listen we learn
For we all think that the moon is harmless, cool, gentle, humble
But the whispers are deadly
For it vengeance is a silent one
The cold wind that pass through you
Your home are whispers of the moon
Which strip off
Now you are naked with a humble shame
It comes like music to your ears
That allow it friend to rain
To rain down and wash all evil
Thou the moon show mercy
It never show mercy to those who show no mercy
The moon is calm
But the whispers is disaster
The king of the night!
The moon
And his rod his whisper..

— The End —